Movies Galore takes a look at director Jeremy Todd Morehead’s feature film “Easter Sunday” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


So Camp Motion Pictures decided to take and put director Jeremy Todd Morehead’s Easter related feature “Easter Sunday” from 2013.

Douglas Fisher was known as the Bunny Man Killer as he was executed on Easter night for running around killing his wife in a lighted up homemade bunny mask as he became the stuff of urban legend.


Fast forward 24 years With Jeremy as he’s bought a new phone to videotape his band, also supposed to be taking his wedding vows with his wife Amber who may kill him yet for buying something so expensive before their wedding date…


In any case turns out Jeremy’s Key Board player Ryan Tate just so happens to be the son of said Douglas Fisher after a practice Ryan’s girlfriend ends up with a spiritboard straight from a voodoo man of sorts to commune with the dead.


The freinds decide to call upon the spirit of Douglas Fisher… unbeknownst to them another man has called out to ressurect the man to wreak havoc once again.

We see some cool CGI effects as the spirit board lights up with a little bit of lightning… and then the spirit of Doaglas Fisher possess’ Ryan’s body…

Ultimately this film is a slasher where obviously no one gets out alive…. Jeremy and his freind Freddy make this film by their high pitched screams of girlish type screaming making them almost scream queens in their own Nature.


There are some majors actor appearances that also somewhat make the film enjoyable like Robert Z’Dar from Maniac Cop playing Sherrif Atkin, Ari Lehman who plays young Jason in Friday the 13th plays the Postman who called out for the Ressurection of Douglas Fisher, and Edward X. Young who normally acts in James Balsamo features, as the drunken sarcastic exorcist Priest Angus Bradley

Thing is the resurrected bunny man tries to be funny buts ends up spitting out half corny lines that even the Leprechaun “Warrwick Davies” could say better…

All in all I’d say it has a clever story line, great dress up with the grindhouse feel and some interesting character additions to the films portfolio but it slightly dragged and disappointed myself a bit was expecting more.

But if you enjoy this kind of storyline and a mask that’s so obviously fake a three year old could probably slap it together for ya great have at it… like I said there were parts that were somewhat entertaining but it failed to entertain me the entire way and I’m not picky when it comes to loving stupid films normally hehe

Starring Robert Z’Dar as Sheriff Arkin, Jeremy Todd Morehead as Jeremiah, Ari Lehman as The Postman, Jason Delgado as
Ryan Tate, Jon McKoy as Jacob, Travis Morton as James, Bryan Bohn as Frank, William L. Bozarth as Mancuso Vernon, Jon Dearth as Streaking man, Lelah Delgado as First trailer girl that dies, John Fabian as Squirrel watcher, Valerie Foos as Barbara, Christine Galbraith as Mrs. Fisher, Kim Gunzinger as Katie Vernon, Danielle Hansohn as Kristin, Jeff Howell as Jogging man, Anne Morehead as
Amber, Russell Ray as Ash Loomis, Angela Russell as Nancy, Paige Taylor as Devin, Edward X. Young as Angus Bradley.

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