Written by David Strege

2016-01-16-09-14-41--432971409Coming to us from 2008 is a Turning Point Productions directed by John Lechago which until I looked into doing this review is also the director of a film I recently funded Killjoy: Psycho Circus, as well as Killjoy Goes To Hell and Killjoy 3, Blood Gnome etc. So there is Charles Band relatedness to Lechago as well as myself far out!

In a world where magicians are real but only a few the Magus played by Ron Fitzgereld supreme master of the old order breaks the code to never use magic for the purpose of evil. Power hungry he must if he is to become the most evil wizard on earth he must relinquish the magic from each of the last surviving magicians.

Meanwhile the magus fernos has escaped the asylum he was once prisoner of with his most devoted disciple Zen….

Claudia Is studying black belt karate and for her one good deed she’s promised to help her Uncle Felix out who hasn’t really seen her or been involved in her life in years… not since her uncle Beths  death.

Claudia finds out her grandfather is really a healer and that the stories are true… Felix has also been consulting Madam Zelda played by Julie Strain of troma and the Devils Muse recognition, as to his future fate, the magus believes he’s crippled Felix For killing his wife.

Claudia decides decides to get her uncle back in shape by teaching him Jujitsu and learning that many things she believed about her uncle weren’t true to protect her from the truth that magic is real.

The magus has gone to clean house with Vinnie the Gangster and his gang with Zen.. first he proves himself but Vinnie thinks hell rat him out in the end so The magus through an act of God as Vinnie puts it over takes the crew and takes their money.

Meanwhile there is a connection between magus and Felix through dreams as he draws closer his nightmares begin to become more frequent and prophetical. Danger is soon upon them…

Felix knows what he has to do but he’s out of practice and getting old… he doesn’t want to involve Claudia anymore than he has to but he knows he will have to use magic against him even though he’s just a healer.  Will he learn the magic he has to before the magus finds out Claudia also inhabits magic? Will Claudia new boyfriend Jeff be able to protect her?

Master Helena appears to be the most powerful magi in play and in order to gather her power she must try but their is no negotiations with the Magus it’s total take over or not at all.  NO ONE WILL STAND IN HIS WAY!

I enjoyed this movie emencely there are not exactly a lot of movies involving magicians that I’ve seen among indie film making that have as great of special effects like the lightning and the dreams of the exoskeleton of Claudia that Felix has before the final battle between The Magus and this healer.  It is a coming of age and the dawn of a new Era with fresh characters. Plus there was a little scene where you can definitely see Zen have an orgasm from the magus powers hint hint! I give this film a 5 out of 5 Star rating and recommend this for horror and sci-fi fans alike!

Starring Ron Fitzgerald as The Magus, Lizzy Strain as Claudia, Bill Steele as Uncle Felix, Eva Derrek as Sen, Michael Antonacci as Jeff, Vinnie Bilancio as Will the Gangster, Al Burke as Python, Julie Strain as Madame Zelda, Lisa Pedace as Mom, Bart Shattuck as Dad, Lou Briggs as Uncle Benny, Bobby Dixon as Officer #1, Dan Olivo as Officer #2, Randy Mermell as the Abusive Orderly, Maria Turnhout as Master Helena, Val Hill as Martial Arts Instructor, Will N. Austin II as Henchman #1 (as Will Austin), Lea Downy as Bikini Moll, Mike Stanley as Goon, Ted Hemming as Frog, Tom Bosack as Thug, Randall Yarbrough as Repentant Dealer, Tai Chan Ngo as Master Bedlow, Allesandra Assad as Beth and Demon Beth, Tony Spatafora as Motel Clerk, Shavaun Avila as Party Lady #1, Ernie Avila as Party Lady’s Guy, Pia Garcia as Party Lady #2, Marisa Zocco as Party Girl, Autumn Garcia as Little Kid #1, Isabella Garcia as Little Kid #2, Jordan Funk as Party Guy, Wendy Phillips as Party Guy’s Date, Zelda Lin as Martial Arts Class, Beth Cheng as Martial Arts Class, Allison Kelly as Martial Arts Class, Daniel Shepard as Martial Arts Class (as Dan Shepard), Brian Turk as Martial Arts Class, John Lechago as Martial Arts Class, Lisa Zocco as Martial Arts Class, Regis Cadeña as Martial Arts Class.


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