Nocturna – 2014


Directed by Buz Alexander starring Estella Warren as Belinda Moldero, Massimo Dobrovic as Carlo, Johnathon Schaech as Brisbane, Billy Blair as Mauricio Moldero, Mariana Paola Vicente as Lydia Sonata, the film is done quite well, however, I think they need to work on their sound setup a bit. It seems like they just use one sound source in the entire room they’re filming instead of having it near the various actors for their dialogue.  The film is about two new Orleans detectives as they become embroiled in a centuries-long feud between two secretive factions of vampires while investigating a runaway child’s case. The child has a mark marking her as the property of the vampire faction she belongs to. Torn between their everyday lives and the dangerous lure of immortality, the detectives must race to destroy the evil Moldero clan. As they take the marked child to the faction she belongs to on Christmas eve they have a run in with the moldero clan they are offered protection by the opposite vampire clan to find out where the rival clan sleeps, hunt and destroy since the marked girl is in danger of being turned immortal being a blood child to be sucked off of for vampire survival.  As the plot thickens Brisbane tells the detectives Wingage a man in a wheelchair shot himself after giving the detectives information to find the hive of the Molderos.  Through out the film wolves seem to be the on the prowl to guard over the detectives. One partner wants out so he visits a strip club to clear his head… while apparently drugged he has vivid dreams of both clans along with the little girl being taken away along with vision involving Brisbane.  Now the main detectives wife was supposedly killed by the creatures… they find the hive on the property of a Deadman found in the trunk of the car given to find the Molderos by the other clan. 

Inside they find them sleeping in darkness along with the children being kept as blood banks leaving the beautiful Belinda Moldero the beautiful Estella Warren from Planet of the Apes 2005 to burn.  Out for revenge the Molderos are angry… Brisbane tells them burning their queen is the ultimate mistake which could start open war.  The faction helping is ready to be rid of the now useless duo but now the lead detective is turning into what his wife was killed by.

In order to save Kristina and the woman Brisbane made Harry Ganet played by Mike Doyle must become the monster he so despised in order to stop the ultimate battle between an age old battle.

As far as the make up its pretty cool the effects of the vampires when they use mind control is great but I find myself wishing more of the vampires from the clans were used than just those that were in power was looking for more action than a political vampire film not what I expected.  It’s also very slow in parts but the character of Brisbane was well likable especially when The he warns Harry that the Molderos will hunt Lydia and use her to get to him. Altogether I liked it but it almost lost me along the way…