Movies Galore takes a look at “Streamlette” run by CEO Tanner Wadsworth, a rising streaming company…

Written by David Strege


Hello My Galorians,

I know I haven’t written any reviews in awhile but that’s because my focus has been more in building our Inside Movies Galore YouTube channel where we have been uploading video reviews by the plenty but I’d like to tak a moment to talk about “Streamlette” as it provides an avenue for film makers that you would normally just get in a film festival.

”Streamlette” launched their open beta website in May of 2018 and has been running strong since.  What it really is, is just an America’s Got Talent vibe using Audience votes and likes giving them that laurel and stamp of brand to take that “Streamlette” Laurel where the audience of the “Streamlette” community has given it the exact amount of credible Aidience spins to kinda take that as a reference to your distributors as well as making some cash on the side with how many times the film has been watched.

From what I understand the upload is free, the account is free if you are a film maker intended on uploading and you can choose to pull the film out at any point in time that you like but as with anything you upload there is a contract now as to the specifics CEO Tanner Wadsworth is very personable in explaining away the specific deatails so if I don’t know about you but if I was a film maker I’d read all the small print and being your choice, you decide you don’t want to sign up or upload your film you don’t have to.

There was a man I remember who was very irritant and how he thought the rules about the fact that “Streamlette” could step in and correct the uploaded information if the film maker had got their information wrong and was insistent that “Streamlette” had the rights to edit their film too which was nuts and not how it reads hehe.

Film makers that have their films streaming on “Streamlette” are some of the following…

Open Sign Productions: The Storch Brothers, Cam Clark, Sam Kelley-Mills and Sam Salerno who now not only has his film “The Dark Side of The Womb” not only on and streaming on “Streamlette” but now has a release in Finland with rising indie distributer “Troceleng Studios” run by “Dataman” an animated artist of his own with dreams of raising his own animation studio…

Each week I’ll be reviewing a film with a code on our Inside Movies Galore page so I hope that you will be the next film maker inspired to upload its fast, easy and doesn’t hurt to take that leap…. think about it…

Here’s and interview with Tanner Wadsworth… We did on Inside Movies Galore if you aren’t convinced…

Best reguards,

David Strege/producer/writer

Movies Galore of Milwaukee

Inside Movies Galore

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