Movies Galore takes a look at director Guillermo Martinez’s feature “When Your Flesh Screams” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Vindicta Films in association with Vista Previa produccionetWith Punto Media Studio but distributed by Legless Corpse Films And directed by Guillermo Martinez from Argentina is a film called When Your Flesh Screams filmed in 2015.Now I love that this director has a connection as the writer of the novel behind the Oxford Murders film in 2008 and that this is the first directorial film as a director for this man so I am looking forward to describing the film.


The film begins as the actress Victoria Witemberg who plays Martina A young woman who was apparently a student wakes up and begins to get ready for the day apparently she is doing some research in a new apartment or house as she mentions that she misses her own bed as she speaks to her mother.   At first she appears to be younger when we see her waking up but when she puts on those glasses it kind of makes her looks a little older.


Meanwhile a man Rocco waits in a vehicle for another man Willy as we see an image of a young girl  lying somewhere covered with blood… once Willy gets into the vehicle with Rocco the two Converse about what Willy did, about what he has to do which is tell no one and then it appears that Willy spins a tale of securing a place that used to be a sawmill and someone who couldn’t deliver probably a drug of choice,  but in so saying that he took and killed a man’s wife to put another man in his place so that the man that this man was speaking to could take over operations so I’m getting a mob kind of feeling of these two men Rocco being a boss and Willy his Enforcer.


As the film goes on we find out that Martina I was actually studying for biology as she sets out down a long road to look for a certain plant called the Belladonna… after quite a bit of ways of  walking she ends up running into Rocco and Willy on their way back from getting rid of the body that I had aforementioned. When Willy notices Martina on the side of the road Rocco stops the car just a little bit past and Willy explains To Rocco about how Martina had not too long ago moved here and how it seems that apparently she was waiting for a man but he doesn’t understand why a woman would move out here in the middle of nowhere and be alone…

So they back the car up and  Martina friendly and open begins  to chat with Willy as she explained She is looking for a plant.  Willy tells Martina that there is a Belladonna Forest not 10 km up the road and in so saying convinces her to come with them.  

It is at this point that Oscar Molinari begins to put on a performance of crazy that sets the tone for the film for a while the two men put on an act that the car has broken down Rocco offhandedly remarks how much she smells like dogs fucking so when she asks why he would tell her such a thing,  he maniacally laughs and tells her that she told her that so that she could choose to run, but she ran straight into Willy…


While Martina was out like a light the two men drove her to that old saw mill that they had been talking about where on the grounds it appears that there is another man with an eye patch by the name of Villalobos which in Spanish means town of wolves has he has another man pretty much naked tied and blindfolded in the middle of a hollowed-out swimming pool. At this moment Villalobos is questioning the man about what he does for a living,  when Rocco and Willy bring Martina out of their vehicle Rocco demands that she be taken inside with the other that is apparently over at the Mill…

Villalobos slaps her awake and begins to lick her face and when Rocco comes in after he has shot the man in the swimming pool by making him run he holds Martina’s face as he makes her watch Villalobos take the other victim who was a man and watches as she is told that she has a front row seat to this man’s rape and murder… After the men appear to have a meal they are told to dispose of the body of the man that Villalobos had just killed and I like this moment to because In This Moment Rocco and Villalobos pull their guns on each other which means that Rocco does not have as much of a tight grip over his men as you would like to think.  After Willy and Villalobos are sent to take care of the bodies of the two men and dispose of them it is then that Rocco goes up to his room where Martina has been put and it is here that he puts on the performance of crazy that makes me like him as an actor even though he sets about to act as brutal as he can as we watch him strip Martina and rape her but before he fully does he tells her about what his mother did and how when his father beat him she would take it out on him and not only just beat him she would touch him sexually…


Let me first begin by saying that I feel like this is a heavily influenced film that is kind of a send-up two films like Day of the Woman directed by Meir Zarchi filmed in 1978.  For after he has finished and Willie and Villalobos have come back from disposing of the bodies Rocco tells the two men that they can do as they please with Martina as long as they get her out of his room and make her disappear so that he may never a strand of her hair again.. so that is only is she taking out to the middle of the Woods to be left for dead but she is raped again… after being rescued by a good samaritan and when she has regain her strength She searches for weapon and goes after the men responsible for her situation…

I think that there were some slow moments in this film but I think that everyone that was an actor involved with this film were really good in their roles especially Oscar  Molinari as Rocco though you really feel sorry for Martina and I have to give her credit during that rape scene for Molinari was on top of her for quite some time you have to give her credit for being able to stay in one position for the entire time. I think that this film is very believable and I like films like this who are the women that no longer are these week vessels and they are able to become in a sense this Angel of Death to her captors. I think the surroundings and the location were kind of almost everything because if the place had not looked as abandoned as it did it might not have offset the storyline.  I think the film is gritty I think that Martinez definitely made us hate the characters although I wish that they had been just a tad bit more brutal I think I feel that this was meant to be more of a psychological all of the brutality was more suggestive then it was carried out I am not saying by any means that I did not like the way that the film was portrayed it is fairly brutal to the Mind’s Eye but because I have seen things more brutal I was expecting that Martina was going to end up more hurt than she was… Nevertheless if this is a film that you would definitely watch I suggest that you find the film for your own amusement.   I think that if you enjoy films like this I would definitely recommend that you see this film if you have not for I am sorry that I have not watched this beforehand I really like this film even though I know the storyline is of a kidnapping, a rape, and woman’s vengeance I was entertained extremely. There was a violence to the film that I will remember.

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Victoria Witemburg as Martina, Magali Lanziano as Cadavered Woman, Oscar Molinari as Rocco, Javier Batic as Willy, Ricardo Marchioni as Villalobos, Martin Espindola as Dealer, Andres Mazzoni as Novio de Martina, Alicia Julianez as Mama de Martina, Omar Musa as Lieutenant, Horacio Martinez as Narcotics Trafficker, Alexia Muriel Encalada as Prostitute.

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