Movies Galore takes a look at director Joseph McGovern’s short film “All Over Again” from 2017!

Written by David Strege

All Over Again

Brought To Us by Jam Productions and director Joseph McGovern Is a 2017 short film by the name of All Over Again that I thought I would veer off into reviewing because I don’t just always review horror films. Plus it gives me a chance to describe something different and I love it when people request reviews from me it means that people have heard of me and I feel like I’m making history.

The film begins while an older struggling musician who seems to hang out in a coffee shop called the Bus Stop Music Cafe And this film is kind of inspiring. Greg Played by Joseph Fuoco is trying to finish the song which looks like he’s been working on his entire life and it looks like  as he listens to the other artists that come up and speak their poems and play their songs at the open mic in New Jersey that he seems to reminisce on his life through their words, and there are many walks of life that stand the stage at that bus Cafe.


It would appear that Greg has that semi-charmed life where he has a wife and a son but never seems to find the time to finish his passion.   finally when he gets a chance to sit down and have some time he figures out the way that he wants the song to go which I believe is where the title of this short film comes from.

I imagine that there are many struggling musicians out there that never fully achieve what they would have wanted to accomplish in life I know because I am one of them for I myself have dabbled in the Music Arts I’ve written many poems and songs but I have never quite learned how to play the guitar the way that my songs would have danced to.  For music is a way of Dance It often has a rhythm and a tune and a jive that sometimes it’s made for others and sometimes it’s made for the mood of the person that made the song and you either love it or despise it but however it sounds No matter how bad music is always created with a passion.

Sean Ryan

I think that Greg at least his character was surrounded with people that were there to encourage him and obviously he found himself to a place where other people felt comfortable to no matter whether their  poems or songs sounded terrible but they were comfortable enough to get up in front of a mic just to feel like themselves. It takes a lot of courage to be you and as a musician finding your voice and your passion in what you do can be inspiring to other people. I think that was what this short film was all about inspiration and finding your dream.

I think that McGovern found the exact amount of people that were real and down-to-earth to act in the short film that I just saw.   I guarantee you if I knew where this music place was I probably would stop in because you never know exactly what kind of talent you might be missing. I think the film had the right kind of atmosphere and being a past musician myself I find films like this inspiring. I think Greg’s wife or at least her character seems like she was very supportive along with his son.  

I enjoyed the films execution so if this sounds like a film that you would definitely like to watch then I suggest that you seek the film out for your own amusement.   I think I would definitely recommend that this film for those who have not seen the film. Well done and well shot.’

Here is the the trailer:

Starring Joseph Fuoco as Gregory, Constance Reshey as Victoria, Vincent Primavera as Kenny Diggs, Mahdi Shaji as Adam, David Andro as Luis, Joseph McGovern as MC, Sean Ryan as Daryl, Vic Martinson as Older MC, Amber Matalucci as Female Poet, Robert Armentani as Male Poet, Kerrie Enberg as Trish, Aubrie Babb as Young Victoria, Eric Johnston as Young Gregory, Benjamin Stevens as Baby Adam, David Amadio as Young Gregory (voice), Cheryl Amadio as Young Victoria (voice).

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