Movies Galore takes a look at Richard Marr-Griffen’s “Raving Maniacs” from Brain Damage Films of 2005!

Written by David Strege

raving Maniacs

Brought To Us by Conniption Films and associated with Scorpion Film Releasing director Richard Griffin is a film from 2005 that was originally  distributed by Brain Damage Films re-released under pendulum pictures a subsidiary company with Mill Creek entertainment first on a hundred film set then broken down into four 50  pack sets with Raving Maniacs being on the Catacomb of Creepshows box set. there were a lot of independent filmmakers that were able to get their work out on the sets that I speak of Todd Sheets,  John Johnson, Jeff Leroy and some of the many earlier efforts produced by David Sterling. I admit to first being introduced to many of these directors and filmmakers through these sets alone and had I not been introduced to the sets on my own I probably would not have been able to follow along with some of these directors later campaigns for I believe that I have contributed to the last five Productions that Richard Griffin has put out.This being said I will describe Raving Maniacs the best that I can and if I have something to say are there negative or positive I will. I always bear in mind that many of these films are lower-budget and the question is always whether the film held enough attention for me to watch the film all the way through.   


The beginning of this film starts out very mysterious where are young man is gone to make a drug deal with a man who claims that he has a new drug that is roaming the streets HDD otherwise known as Los huevos Del Diablo meaning “the eggs of the devil.” This glowing substance supposedly came from a small Mexican fishing Village by the name of Invoca Evidently the village was very religious and one day the sky darkens and thousands of these glowing pills rain from the heavens and the people consumed at them like communion wafers and disappeared leaving behind many of these glowing substances.

Meanwhile Tuesday and her boyfriend JT along with their friend Katie and her brother Jake are getting ready to go to the biggest Rave in Providence Rhode Island at a place called The Strand Hosted by Tuesday’s ex-boyfriend The Dorfner for an event called From Dusk Till Dawn:  Rave to the Grave.


Before the Rave is to begin we are introduced to some of the characters running the party where we have Edward and Lauren as well as Keith and Benny and of course there is the man that is running the whole show behind the scenes since Dorfner is the face of this party being Davis Callahan who is given Dorfner 24 hours to find this new glowing drugand who is behind selling this HDD that is out on the street because it’s the party favors that he hired him for.

I’m kind of really digging this Benny character he reminds me of an army officer that was been too long with his Platoon as he is reliving his last moments with his dead army Buddies the way he says it so seriously and talks about the Dachsun sunset being What happiness is it’s kind of priceless.  Not to mention the Tokyo porn video game that it sounds like Keith has got a hard-on for as it seems like this kid is a little bit of a nerd and a little bit of a slacker.


In any case the group on the way to the rave once they got there realize that there hitchhiker passenger had left them a few gifts from heaven or so-called party favors of the so-called Los huevos Del Diablo.  Another thing that I am also digging from this film is Dorfner’s welcome introduction to the party I can very much imagine being down at the Milwaukee rave and someone with a fun attitude exactly like this guy’s sending off the party that is about to go down.

So the next few scenes in the film are  of the dancing and the partying itself and as the night goes on and the pills are passed Jake starts to trip balls and ends up having an incestual relationship,  Tuesday’s boyfriend starts to get jealous of her ex, Edward Kellogg a kind of uptight supervisor who thinks he’s in competition with Dorfner ends up relaxing his uptight self and that’s about when the power goes outand when the partygoers start acting weird and showing signs of  rotting flesh on the outside of their bodies Can the few people that did not partake of these glowing substances figure out what is happening before it is too late…

I like that this was not your typical zombie film as they were a little bit in between flesh eating zombies and cannibals I also like that there was a little bit of Madness what these creatures did there was definitely a lot of blood and definitely some suggestive moments of flesh eating Along with some offbeat in comedy which was rather weird but then again Griffin’s films are always weird.  


I think I also enjoyed that this film didn’t exactly end on a  happy note there are too many films that try to make it seem like everyone will make it out okay and instead the film ends in a half.thought.   I know that this feature isn’t exactly when it Richard Griffin’s favorites that he had made but I can definitely see how he can take a feature and bring it into that dark place and keep a sense of humor Wiley takes us through the Labyrinth at the end of his own Maze of his own making.   I like that there is a dreamlike quality too many of his features. I thought the acting was definitely decent as well as the effects I was definitely entertained. If this film sounds like something that you would definitely watch I suggest that you check it out like I said it was on that Pendulum Pictures 50 pack as well as it was on Brain Damage Films so it is relatively easy to find.

Here is the trailer:


Starring Patrick Cohen as Jessie Dorfner, Emily Morettini as Tuesday, Andrew Vellenoweth as JT Laurel, Christine Peltier as Katie, Ryan Patrick Kenny as Jacob, Jennifer Zigler as Lauren, V. Orion Delwaterman as Edward, Edwin Cottle asThe Dealer, Patrick Pitu as Keith, William DeCoff as Benny, Salvatore Marchese as
First Dealer, Caleb Emerson as Davis Callahan, Ricky Spriano as Doorman, Topher Matthews as Army Helmet Raver, Eric Vidal as Big Haired Raver, Scott Foley as Go Go Boy, Milo Nera as Sleazy Raver, Izzy Kunkle as Cannibal Lesbian 1, Alexandra Johnson as Cannibal Lesbian 2, Hanna Wolf as Angel of Death Raver, Aurora Grabill as Hallway Raver Ghoul, DJ Venom as Club DJ (as DJ Venom), Alan Campbell as Bathroom Ghoul 1, Joshua James Baker as Bathroom Ghoul 2, Jeffrey T. Euangelista as Bathroom Ghoul 3 (as Jeffrey T Euangelista), Gary Perez as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Danielle Richards as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Lauren Rhodes as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Sharon Farrar as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Carol Royal as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Half Head as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Reno Marino as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Sara Herman as
Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Jeannie Divozzi as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Aryk Olson as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Jeremy Boudreau as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Nick Lordi as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Josh Lawton as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Meg Maxwell as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Chris Beaudette as
Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Ian Matthew Harrington as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Adam Wascholl as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Jason McCormick as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Jessica Donofrio as
Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Lisa Nelson as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Kenneth Radzimon as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Kristen Snelling as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Jon Dunn as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Melissa Stanziale as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Joseph Turchetta as
Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Scott Ennis as Club Raver (uncredited).

Movies Galore takes a look at director James Balsamo’s anthology “Hack Job” From 2011!

Written by David Strege

Hack Job

Brought To Us by Acid Bath Productions director James Balsamo I haven’t gone back and reviewed some of his earlier films since I started with Bite School which was in fact his fourth film but his first film it’s called Hack Job from 2011 and it is kind of an anthology film but it starts off kind of weird.

We have an actress speaking a poem and shortly after that we have supposedly a French director speaking in subtitles about his newest masterpiece while James BalsamoPlays a TV host by the name of James Argento  while some guy with a knife ends up beating up the French director whilel it looks like he pulls out a chainsaw and slices through his face. now the face looks slightly fake and starts to speak as the credits roll in…

So as the film begins truthfully we see that this French director has ended up in hell and we are introduced to Beelzebub who has said to call himself Bub (Youngren) as he is apparently the producer of the stories… Next to him as a character called Hunchy the Hunchback and a topless female victim hanging in the background…

So Bub says that he has made a script and he’s going to give them to two idiots and those two idiots just so happened to be Michael Shershenovich  and James Balsamo. Now the film goes to present-day Germany in a strip club where it looks like an older man is waving a gun talking about wishing that he was between a pair of tits….

So the first story in this anthology is called Tomb of the SS, Allen after getting drunk gets wrapped in toilet paper like a mummy by his mother and I believe his brother  or friend Steve as a joke. For some reason both Allen and a Professor Heart are on their way to Mumbai, I don’t know why Allen’s father has died but apparently there is a dig site in Mumbai where there has been discovered a tomb of some sort and there is a young lady An archaeologist by the name of Mindy Winters.  Meanwhile Soldier has crash-landed from the sound of his language he sounds Russian but looks like he is wearing an Israeli uniform.


While Allen is visiting with Mindy he is attacked by a mummy and after having been attacked and realizing that it is strange that Professor Heart is alive and his father is dead something strange is going on. As it turns out his father’s warning about Professor heart wasn’t wrong as Mindy, Allen and another digger  were waylaid by the same Marauders that had apparently made his father Allen’s, meet with untimely death and not only were they just Marauders they were Nazis to boot. The professor forces Alan to go into the tomb only they run into the curse set upon the place to protect its treasure can Allen get out alive and save his precious Mindy from the toilet paper wrapped Undead…

In Earth is on the Menu, We have a restaurant run by a sleazy owner Duke, some employees that just can’t keep from  having sex in the back, Betty who was late for work who has to wait on a group of young men wear the leader Slick of the gnarly looking group seems to have the hots for her. Betty bumps into Butch Knocking something into the owner Duke and she’s fired.  Slick and his Goons go after Butch and try to scare him into not hanging around Betty but Betty jumps in and threaten Slick with a knife which helps Butch get away for the time being. meanwhile back at the restaurant a meteorite looking substance lands in a bathroom toilet somewhere near Duke and that’s when these green looking tentacles seemed to take over his body.   Butch on the other hand is going to the same Battle of the Bands That Slick and his goons are going to but beforehand he gets to spend time with Betty. the possessed Duke runs into a patron of the restaurant and the green tentacles end up taking over this large man’s body and shortly after this Patron who has been overtaken by this creature runs into a couple that is in a car the female giving the guy a blowjob and the creature seems to come out of the patron into the guy’s body and through the guy’s penis to the girls body and the guy gets out of the car and stumbles around in a daze.


Later at the Battle of the Bands which is being held in a strip club a creature that looks like a large sandwich starts attacking the audience.   this part is hilarious because you can definitely see the strings working on these creatures tentacles but suddenly and alien creature who seems to be there to destroy the creature doesn’t seem to care about the human beings that he  Hurts in the process, ends up getting eaten anyways but there is a hilarious moment where before he gets swallowed he wipes his ass like he had forgotten to the last time he was in the bathroom. Betty is just about to get eaten when Butch gets up from being knocked over and somehow the sound of distortion seems to destroy the creature…

In between all of this is where Lynn Lowry shows up as  a talent agent, Or she is talking to another writer by the name of Giorgio she knows that he is a terrible  writer but evidently he is hot looking and she fantasizes about him well ridiculing James and Michael which is when the to show up and show her the script of Hack Job. Now her character Raves about the script and after James and Michael leave she thinks she knows exactly who she can show the script to  which I believe is the one and only Lloyd Kaufman. Now Lloyd Kaufman does not like the title of the script and instead shows us a fake trailer with a movie starring Toxie and Sergeant Kabukiman called Tromaville PD Spew.


In The Mark, It starts out showing one of those  Street Preachers trying to gather change in front of a train terminal  who ends up trying to see Jesus a different way through the eye of a syringe needle. Which we then see him  get killed by his own Bible. next we are introduced to a TV evangelist selling his message Claiming that he was going to make a miracle happen by turning Johnny Walker a boy who had Polio since the day he was born and make him walk instead he does not and the priest just shoots him… We are then introduced to Mark who was dumped by his girlfriend who seems to have met someone else and got weirded out because of his obsession with astral projection and yet appears to be doing it with all kinds of guys…

The next morning after the rejection Mark wakes up with a priest collar in his hand and to a news report that a priest have been killed.  So Mark goes to the only person that he can talk to which is his sister. Lloyd Kaufman also returns as a rabbi in this story, The legendary and beautiful Debbie Rochon Shows up as an astral angel.  As it turns out the TV evangelist Theodore Halo is running the local drug ring pushing a drug called Crystal Christ and Mark is marked by the Beast for some unknown reason will he be able to find out what that Mark is before he is used for his divinely  evil purpose. And what do you know the infamous Fright Rags known for their cool memorabilia horror shirts gets a TV spot as a commercial in this film. Ultimately this mark that Mark has been given leads him to fight against the forces of evil will he be able to beat the Altar Boys and the evangelist drug lord and be able to meditate the message from the Japanese Jesus Christ…

You know for some reason I enjoy James Balsamo’s films but I suppose being his first effort out there in the film world from fan to director this wasn’t a bad first feature the special effects sucked balls but the cameos were awesome there was definitely a lot of nudity but I think that just adds to the atmosphere I will have to say that my favorite story in this anthology was Earth is on the Menu for it was a truly awesome paper mache monster on strings even though you could tell it was fake it was hilarious as hell,   on a side note though I understand the wraparound where James was given a script by the devil to help sell his script into the world and understand that there needed to be a few names to get his film out there but there was definitely a lot going on. I do understand that there was a metaphor in the third story about how selling Christianity like it was crystal meth maybe from a Catholic School point of view where people can get the wrong idea of Christ I can understand he was trying to portray a sort of anti-religious idea So I got what was trying to be portrayed at least.   Because the film was all over the place I don’t think this would be a film that everyone would like but I enjoyed the film for what it was. I do think that it was different that Balsamo shaved his goatee for that last story that almost didn’t look like a wig to me. If this sounds like a film that you would definitely watch and I suggest that you try to find the film on your own to watch. There was a lot of bad acting throughout the film but one of my favorite cameos in here was Lynn Lowery’s she played her part with over-the-top acting the way that I think that she was meant to and though I think that Debbie Rochon’s  character was a little disjointed I liked her character to even though it was short. I have to admit that you can’t miss Lloyd Kaufman in his cameos as well he definitely enjoys helping out independent filmmakers from time to time and he must have really enjoyed James Balsamo for he definitely had a lot of screen time. This anthology had a lot to take in and process but you can’t take films like this seriously you just have to enjoy the ride. I was entertained at but I suggest that you watch this film in stages to be entertained. I enjoyed it and will continue to watch Acid Bath Productions.

Here is the trailer:

Starring James Balsamo as James Argento / Allen / Butch / Mark, Michael Shershenovich asMike Fulci / The Russian / Pete, Dave Brockie as Duke / Defendor, Lynn Lowry as Talent Agent, Debbie Rochon as Astral Angel, Lloyd Kaufman as Rabbi Lloyd / Himself, Haroon Ahmad as Raja, Michael Balsamo as Steve / Johnny Walker, Christine Brulotte as Victim #1 Battle of the Banxs, Veronika Brussmannova as Betty, Keith J. Crocker as Himself, Dan E. Danger as Danny Danger / Mummy / Ronnie, Melissa Davanzo as Cowgirl / Domanatrix / shower girl, Fatt Dave as Fluffer, Dominae Drakonis as Monster Victim, Sparky Drakonis as Himself, Thomas Kyle Fiorillo as Altar Boy Leader, Sasha Gaulin as Ring Girl #3, Sasha ‘Fire Gypsy’ Gaulin as Round Three Girl, Brittany Guagneur as Archaeologist, Jarrell Jones as Darnell, Danny Karron as Pretentious Director / Harvy, Jon Keller as Lester, Michael Martinez as Giorgio, Michael Matteo as Ben, Keith Matturro as Himself, Kerri McConnell as Mindy / Donna / Angel, Chainsaw Mike as Slick, Cathy Nardone as Round two girl, Michael Perillo as Demon / Dave, Nicole Romanelli as Big Mouth Whore, Matt Routzahn as Rumble, Steven Schooley as Subway Junkie, Bob Socci as Gunther / Hunchy the Hunchback, Lucas Steffens as Disemboweled Donut Lover, Jeremy Sunderland as Raa the Pharaoh, James Terriaca as Jedediah, Angela Thompson as Machete Mama, Daniel Underhill as Hanz, Jennifer Valdes as Battle of the bands crowd victim, Robert Youngren as Professor Heart / Bub.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Derek Braasch’s film “Murder For Pleasure” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Cheevies Film Productions director Derek Braasch  is his second feature But I believe is his first lengthy film Murder For Pleasure into the horror genre from 2015.

The film begins with a young lady leaving a bar and as she’s putting her key in her car it appears to look like she is strangled to death… We are then introduced to Victor played by Nick Bender as his character is telling us about the nightmare that he keeps having about his  family’s murder and how it was his birthday and his family was at a restaurant where he was given a couple of gifts and shortly after a group of bikers sat down and began making trouble for his family as his father stabbed one of the guys with a fork and Victor washed his mother die in front of him…

I like that it is a little foggy instead of just the normal black and white Even though I like the use of black and white sometimes it can be overused and this fogginess gives it kind of a dreamlike quality.  But the character Victor is relating all of this history with a therapist of some kind as he begins to tell of what happened after his parents death with that in mind he tells about the times that he was bullied on the playground,  and the begins to tell about his earlier times spent with women that he went out with where it seems that he describes that he woke up and she was gone when the film portrays that he while giving it to her doggie style he took a bag and suffocated her to death…

You know I’m starting to really like this film because even though it’s partly a narrative you get to see the action behind the narrative And sometimes the describing of the actions while the actions are happening in the moment can sometimes bring to light more of a response because the narrative is stating all of this so matter-of-factly that you almost believe that the actions are just a natural way that the man behind the narrative meaning Victor behaves.

We see that the character of Victor has a girlfriend from a diner and when she asks him to meet her parents,  the father doesn’t give him a very good response so we see him as he’s driving his car away as the father is getting into the shower and it looks like he kills the father and drags his body off to  somewhere… And it looks like he hammers his member you know the one down there… And the things that we are seeing are supposedly dreams that this Victor is having that he is retelling For as the film goes on Victor’s mind starts getting religious as it seems that he starts killing because he thinks that the victims are sinners.   one of the female victims that it seems that he dreams that he killed had left her child in the car while she went and suck the guy’s dick off…

M I’ll let you know what’s up as I know it if the interviews are for go I’ll let you knoweanwhile Victor’s girlfriend Max is worried and concerned that her father hasn’t shown up for work.   when Max wants to take things a little bit more seriously Victor ends up telling her no to an invite two coming in for a little bit inside her apartment. so Victor ends up going to a bar and getting hit on by another guy named Curtis and get ready for full frontal nudity as Victor kidnaps the man after he gets drunk and take  him home to what looks like a homemade snuff film.

I can’t even count how many victims were involved in the dreams that he was in I would have to say that this is the first time I’ve seen multiple snuff like material where it is just pure rage killing just because he could.

I also have to say that is one fucked-up  ending and when he found out that it was a close relation that had orchestrated The Killing of his parents that had to suck… and then to make me think that it was all still a dream come on man that was unnecessary hehe.  In the end I think I enjoyed seeing the many different ways that Victor could kill each victim and some of them work almost Justified I mean the one went after his girlfriend Max. I thought the acting was brilliant maybe not at first because It seemed like the actor was just getting into his role but as the film played out he really took the role and owned it I kid you not I could actually see him as this killer who was avenging sins and acted upon his family or those that were sinning in his eyes.  

I should probably not like I felt like this but I enjoyed it for it’s perspective even though it had an Overkill you just have to enjoy the ride. I mean there were parts that you could definitely tell we’re fake but for the most part there were some pretty grotesque scenes in fact there was not just one penis mutilated there were several penis mutilations I think one of the more grosser scenes was where this one chick had an eye dangling from her eye socket which okay that looked slightly thick but when it’s zoomed in to her half cut off foot that was unnerving.   if this sounds like a film that you would seek out and watch then I would definitely say try to find the film for yourself and watch it. I enjoyed the film for what it was it’s not going to be for everyone but it definitely was a mind trip.

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Nick Bender as Victor, Andrea Iazzetto as Maxi, Brian Broscoe as Dr. Jason Lee, Becky Crawford as Victor’s Mom, Lukas Matusny as Victor’s Dad, Matthew Bender as Officer Danielson, Jack Treadway as Bully 1, Jeff Harrigan as
Bully 2, Jimmy Shay as Bully 3, Dagoberto Zolio Soto as Rude Patron, A. Monnie Aleahmad as Necro Guy, Steven Shaffer as
Curtis, Joanne Dubach as Nicole, Tina Kalavity as Maxi’s Mom, Bill H. Bailey as
Main Trucker (as Bill Bailey), Jessica Beans as First Victim, Quin Biedakiewicz as Boy in Back Seat, Tim Biedakiewicz as
Motel Pimp, Julie Braasch as Elderly Woman, Steve Broumas as Main Rocker, Kelly Carevic as Lollipop Girl, Cristal Cepeda as Main Goth Rocker, Sharon Dalla Costa as Nurse, Monique Dauzvardis as Estelle, Shannon Edwards as Bar Patron, Jacob Frederick as Young Victor, Artemio Gonzalez as Cook, Charlotte Graham as Nikki, Lindsay Graham as
Young Maxi, Andrea Iazzetto as Maxi, Breugelmans Kristel as Slit Throat Victim (as DeAnna Frost), Darius Leaks as Bartender, Garrett LeGrand as Liquor Store Patron, Richard Michael as Bruce, Mike Miller as Victor’s Spirit, Jessica Morrison as Chrysti, Levi Pack as Rude Patron’s Friend, Travis Pardue as Pitchfork Victim, Chris Pasco Jr. as Gutted Victim, Anthony Michael Pellizzeri as
Masturbating Monkey, Tony Pepper as
Derek’s Friend, Tommy Philbin as Wrestler, Mark Sartain as Foster Care Worker, Ashley Sokolowski as Kelly, Dave Sylvester as Derek, Roger O. Trier as Horny Truck Driver (as Roger Trier), Anthony Ugalde as Bob Merchant, Phaedra Wells as Trucker’s Wife.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Domiziano Christopharo’s feature “Doll Syndrome” From 2014!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by The Enchanted Architect is a film distruted by Wildeye Releasing  in their new raw and extreme series of films which kind of reminds me of Dimensions extreme collection so I figure it’s their own series of films that is more intense so that maybe they can release some of the more hardcore films under pretense. the name of the film that I am about to describe is called Doll Syndrome and it is written and directed by Domiziano Christopharo.

The film begins with some depictions of men in art in captivity some being naked  and caged or imprisoned and looking like sodomization is being depicted.

So here we have the acting talents of Tiziana Cella (Subject 0: Shattered Memories, Red Net, Smoking Tar)  an actor and director himself, Doll Syndrome really seems to showcase what Tiziano can really do. There are no names to describe whom he plays but he plays a man who wakes up and self-awareness,  naked and it appears that he watches himself walk out the door all dressed up and yet he himself walks over to the window and masturbates to the world.


everything this man does is methodical,  when he eats he throws up what he eats and then he himself get stressed and goes out into the world.   It appears that this character, this man has a job as a person who cleans public Sanitation, meaning some kind of a janitor.   Like I said everything he does is methodical so when he takes his lunch and there is a woman reading a book he watches her reaction and she sees him watching her.


Tiziano’s  expressions are motionless as it appears that is character  is in a dream-like state. almost like each experience that this character is going through is a new experience because it seems the character responds like one that hasn’t gone through the experience of taste.   even when the character needs to take care of bodily functions the character does not seem aware that he is supposed to use the bathroom and not his clothing. There is a sense of Metro sexuality about the character of him when he looks in the mirror and masturbates to himself.



This is where the film gets  weird where the man meaning him,  is dreaming and there’s some stop animation or something like a bug  comes out of the ashes of his cigarettes and crawls up into his nose… There’s definitely some full frontal nudity in here of Tiziano so he is definitely not afraid to  shed his clothes for the sake of the film.

As the film goes on and it goes through the daily routines of going out and  in a sense using voyeurism techniques of constant staring at the same woman every day,  it would appear on the home front that the man meaning him has taken his fantasies of his sexual desires of a woman that he has fixated his attentions on and there are some very good visuals of Tiziano’s  character making love to a blow up doll while fantasizing that this woman is actually the doll. There are mutilations on his body that look like they’ve been put there to harm himself but when a man shows up and starts to spend time with the woman that he fantasizes about there are stages of self-mutilation that Tiziano puts himself through there quite visual to watch you almost have to turn your head away from as he cuts into his sexual member… And then it’s like some of the film makes sense when the character is lying in his bed and he is watching himself clean around himself like he is just going through the motions since his infatuation is now taken.

And when  this other has come into the picture it is like the character went into kind of a mental relapse about how to channel his sexual frustrations.  For when this other man appears to hurt his infatuation, at least from the Outlook he decides to take measures into his own hands.


I can see why this is in the extreme section a Wild Eye Releasing for this is definitely a visual experience,  as a border lines on the grotesque but there is a calculated order to the way the sickening scenes are played out.   whoever is behind the camera definitely knows how to capture the right angles to express some of the sexual stress that this man goes through  on his day to day routines as the man grows his infatuation and obsession with one woman in particular played by the beautiful Aurora Kostova. as for Tiziano’s character he plays a very disjointed an abstract role  in one as the Observer as well as the fanatic and sexually exploring his basic needs to exist. When you grow up without relationships and people treating you differently you can imagine that there are moments of loneliness that are not too far from the truth.   For this film stated that it was based on inspired events, meaning that it was based on something that actually happened.


I admit the film was intense in spots,  it was paste very slow and it had zero words so it was a film that based itself expressly on its visuals and is a perfect example of how a film can be put together with the  expressions that it emits to its audience. I suppose that I enjoyed the film for what it was. I am not sure that it would be everyone’s cup of tea but if this definitely sounds like something that you would totally check out I suggest that you seek the film out for yourself and gain whether you enjoyed it for yourself.  What I do say is that it took a long time for this film to find prper distribution as it was filmed in 2014 but came out to the US in 2018.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Yuri Antonosante as The other, Tiziano Cella as Him, Aurora Kostova as Her.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Christopher Nash’s feature “Made Guys” from 2016!

Written by David Strege

Made Guys

Brought To Us by Open Sign Productions director Christian Nash is a film by the name of Made Guys from 2016.
Now I wish that I had seen Phantom of the Woods before I had watched this film for as a reviewer digital really does nothing for me I like to have a film if I want to review a film in hand I like to have a physical copy. But from what I hear Phantom of the Woods directed by Michael Storch the first film from Open Sign Productions is getting a reprint an update in transfer so I hope that I am not passing up a chance to see the film in its original element that went out to the public before this new copy. That being said that my review of that film will have to come later.
I shall do my best to try to describe Christian Nash’s film to the best of my ability so here we go.

The film begins when two guys are driving a vehicle on what looks like some kind of a road one of them being injured and they get out and open up their trunk as we see that there was someone in the trunk so they both pull out guns on this person but then it goes back to 2 weeks before in Chicago, Illinois.
As we discovered there is a family by the name of Clemento that apparently have come under investigation because of a shipment that wasn’t being watched in a milk packing plant in their name so they go about and hatch a plan to send a guy by the name of Bobby the butcher to Fort Wayne Indiana to scare up some local talent And turn a profit in some way shape or form.

So this is where we meet two enforcers One by the name of Anthony ‘Tony’ Demarco played by Cam Clark And Edward ‘Eddie’ Thompson played by Ryan Woebbeking.
So essentially these two bumbling idiots are in the process of running someone out of town for a local Crime Boss that they work for. Eddie is married to Tony’s sister and Tony is secretly starting to have a relationship with Eddie’s. Meanwhile instead of just roughing up and scaring the guy that they were told to deal with Eddie shoots the guy’s dick off and seems to get a boner every time he shoots someone.
After being told an exact address that someone that their Crime Boss Larry is looking for and they shoot a gay couple instead they are stuck being back up for Vicki who supposedly has slept with Tony who is obviously overweight and you would almost think that no one would want to sleep with him because he is just that a big guy… so Vicky is not angry but more flirtatious she is often and making comments about how sexy he is and throwing insults into the mix.

As the film goes on we meet another character in their Crime Boss syndicate by the name of Frankie who is a character in his own right for when they go to his house for the job that they are supposed to do he’s dressed up like a doctor and is wearing gloves and yet you hear sounds of him role playing like he’s having sex and he tells them to wait…
I love how these two Goons are told to just rough someone up and they just go over the top and seem to off everyone that they are just told to negotiate or try to find information about what is going on. I was laughing hysterically at some of the commentary that the two of them seem to go back and forward about but one of my favorite moments in the film is when they take one of the Chicago syndicates men that they send head and place it in one of those large clamps and threaten to squash his head if he doesn’t tell them the information that he knows and they accidentally do it anyways.

I’m the one hand the pacing for the film was set really slow, there were parts of the film that were filmed in black and white but that was the show what was happening in the past. I also kind of like that it was set in chapters like it was kind of a story about their life. For some reason I like that neither of these two whatever seem like they would ever get anything accomplished and yet they said about and literally destroy the men that were sent to basically over take the outfit that these two hillbilly like Hitman seem to be in charge of that they have a kind of I don’t give a fuck attitude. the way these two react to each other makes me feel like they have been best friends in real life for a long time which ended up making the situations that they wood fuckup all the more hilarious. I thought the acting between these two were brilliant, I thought the actor playing Frankie was quite hilarious as well.


When I’d seen and heard about this film and this company I just didn’t have the money at the time to pick it up now I wish that I had, had the money to pick it up because I just couldn’t quit laughing and every once in awhile you just want that plain stupidity that you just want to laugh at. I’m not going to lie I really enjoyed this phone and if this sounds like something that you would watch then have at it and find the film to watch for yourself. It definitely has some older humor and has a Godfather type feel to it and it was entertaining. I’m going to recommend this film for all of you independent film lovers out there.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Cam Clark as Anthony ‘Tony’ DeMarco, Ryan Woebbeking as Edward ‘Eddie’ Thompson, Nathaniel E. Barr as Frankie Carr, Ryan Bozell as Palmy Schmitt, Mark S. Esch as Salvatore DeMarco, Bindi Ftg as Vickie Carr, Delaney Hathaway as Gwen Thompson, Troy Koch as Larry ‘Lazy Eyes’ Schwarts, Mark Larimer as Paolo Clemento, Joe Leatherman as Aubrey Vincent, Brian Lovelady as Paul Clemento, Austin Mason as Gregg, Kelron Mixon as Lawrence ‘Rollo’ Brown III, James Mount as Bobby the Butcher, Christian Nash as Joey Clemento, Dan Parks as Dead Biker, Tony Schafer as Johnny ‘The Joker’ Palomino, Jordan Schmell as Lisp, Robert Shuster as Gerry Carr, J.R.S. Storch as Marcus ‘Markie’ Amato, Laura Woebbeking as Gina DeMarco-Thompson.