Movies Galore takes a look at director John Johnson’s short films from Dark Stone Entertainment and Red Army Films 2003-2017!

Written by David Strege

Darkstone Entertainment

Brought To Us By Darkstone Entertainment director John Johnson who eventually became known for the Skeleton Key franchise as well as the Plan 9 remake which I have yet to review I have decided to do a huge retrospective on the short films that Mr. Johnson has directed overtime from early on on forward as in a sense  writing up more than one film or at least more than one short film has become somewhat up my trademark because I believe that I can relate exactly what I want to for each short film and keep each separate in my mind even though you readers out there may not want to be sitting there forever to read my novel of a review. I do this for me not for you,  even though I want you to know about the films as well. Remember not everyone will have the same opinion this I and you could like or dislike these films or not care but I’m going to write them up anyways. There is also a company call Red Army Films that he is associated with that I am also reviewing that he may or may not have directed so bare wit me…


In this short film called Wish two gentlemen are walking out of what looks like a curiosity shop when one of the gentlemen seems to notice a young lady who is looking in the shop window… Next two scenes we are taking to a Lakeside place where an older man sits across from what looks like an 6 year old child and a chess board sits between them.  The older man says something to the child about a wish that is about to begin and asks is she ready so it appears that the child and the older man are about to have a battle of the minds…


After it appears that the two have begun their game of strategy the young man that we had seen stopped to take a look Bethany young girl looking in the shop window seems to have been taken to another dimension where he is in Gladiator type clothing something that you would probably see in Jason and the Argonauts as he hears some kind of us swordplay going on metal clashing in the background… It would appear that well the pieces are being played that they make this young man go through a series of tests or tasks in his mind one is a battle of strength,  another seems to be a battle of knowledge, another appears to be how far and how much he is willing to go and still a fourth task of Temptation.


Ultimately in the end it would appear that in reality the younger of the two players was actually evil even though she was a child…  I enjoyed that this film was kind of more in the Fantasy Realm it was kind of mystical and Whimsical at the same time. there really wasn’t a lot of talking and more of a visual experience.  I think the characters were very well-thought-out I thought the Wardrobe of each character was actually relatively pretty good for a low budget and they also thought the place where the young man was supposed to fight for the young girls life where it looks like he went through a crevice of water in a cave and then when he had to climb up to her on a cliff these were very pretty places so I thought for a low-budget short film the scenery was actually relatively mean unique.  If this sounds like a short film that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you see the film out on your own I thought that this film was entertaining and I would definitely recommend that you see it if you have not. I was entertained and I will probably watch it again.


Starring in Wish: Srinivasan as Hero, Rebecca Taylor as Damsel, David Harscheid as Zeus, Alexis Dixon as Satan, David Simmons as Amigo, Mariah Smith as Seductress, William G. Smith as Little Bro (as Liam Smith), John Johnson as King Ogre.


In this short film called Yesterday from 2004 Involves a man who is standing on the side of the road and which a terrible accident had taken place which had killed the woman that he loved… No I think that this film kind of showcases actor David Harscheid’s whimsical character acting which it was interesting to find out that he played Grandpa Yoder in the Tim Allen comedy For Richer or For Poorer.   I am glad that I watched Wish before this because David played the old man who was playing chess against the younger child in that short film where is here in a sense he plays a man who can give someone a second chance even though you can’t change the events that have already happened.


I think that the short film has to do with fate and what it throws at us. I think that it was an interesting take on a possible glimpse into the extraordinary I think that it is unique, definitely stands out and I think holds up in the end and I didn’t find anything wrong with the acting at all the only thing I can say is that there was a moment where there was a light shining behind the young actor as he was going to step into the elevator that could have been a little dimmer,  other than that I thought they flashbacks in the very beginning to show the level of sadness that the young man had gone through was put together rather well… If this sounds like a film that you would definitely like to check out I would suggest that you seek it out for your own amusement I was Entertained and I’m sure that others will be too if they have not seen this film.


Starring in Yesterday:Hans David Moore as Man (as John David), Francesca Forte as Woman, David Harscheid as Stranger, Brian Cartwright as Driver, Codi-Innianna Micelli as Dog.


In 2005 we have the short film Cryptic which involves John Johnson not only in the director’s chair but also acting as the main man who wakes up not knowing who he is but somehow he knows how to walk to a place where he thinks he lives and there is a man that shows up by his mailbox and in his mailbox is what looks like an older BlackBerry phone you know one of those video  phones that flip up with the small keyboard?


Well just like in Wish and in Yesterday  David Harscheid Plays the voice of the man sending cryptic messages that lead the man that we eventually learn to be Clark played by Johnson to begin to remember bits and pieces of his life as he is drawn to a house with objects that the riddles of this voice which has started this game with him wants him to figure out…

As Clark figures out each object he begins to unravel his life with his  girlfriend Sara and when we believe that it would be his life at stake as it turns out the voice on the message isn’t fact a man called Lucif as there is a woman being held by the man who was let him to a place where her lover has come to save her…  given the option to run to save himself Clark does not….


As I am finding out at least with these three short films they have moralistic endings and in a sense this film was in fact somewhat about cell phones like whatever is going on in your life pay attention to the life that you have with whomever that you fall in love with and the choices that you make.   There wasn’t a lot of words except for those that were spoken by David for The Riddles In which led Clark on whatever path that could have led elsewhere but I will say one thing about something that I noticed about the soundtrack of the film. I don’t think that some of the beat behind the film went along with the subject matter and ultimately I think I recognize something that was mixed into the scene where apparently Clark and his girlfriend Sarah where in a pool I swear to God that the sounds of the humpback whale from Star Trek 5: the Voyage Home where remixed just for the sounds behind the scene in which I speak…

I think that this was a creative experiment that turned out to be relatively different and I liked seeing that the actor David Harscheid once again had a role  that he could portray so if this sounds like a film that you would definitely enjoy I suggest that you seek the film out for your own amusement though I was not impressed with the soundtrack entirely,  I was entertained and enjoyed the film for what it was.


Starring in Cryptic: John Johnson as Clark, Laura Holmes as Sarah, David Harscheid as Lucif, Rebecca Taylor as Lady Ghost, Claude Stark as Manly Ghost, Drew Shawver as Ex-Boyfriend, Shana Taylor as Waitress, Cynthia Shope as Cry Lady, Charles Taylor as Dark Man, Mark Wagner as Cook, Adam Sweeney as King of Burgers, David Simmons as Business Mofo, Jim  McMillian as Hungry Boy, Gabe Taylor as Hungry little Shite.


In the short film Darkness from 2006, It would seem that the camera is floating around the room that we see we’re at first we see him Angelic figurine which then it goes to show some dolls on a Shelf or a chair and we hear in the background some haunting sounds,  as there is a man in the middle of the floor apparently trying to spell out something with spelling blocks. There is Blood On this man’s face and then blood shows up on some of the toys surrounding the room as well as the Angelic figurine…


The short film ended up being more complicated as I watched it There was a child in a crib not too far from the man trying to smell a message in the blocks and some kind of a man in a robe.   and then there were a series of disjointed images of a young woman running through Christmas decorations and then suddenly the man was in a bathroom where it looked like he was seeing an image of himself in the tub covered in blood and then suddenly a demonic woman was screaming at him and then he saw himself in the mirror and His Image started screaming as well.   the screaming went on and on and became quite annoying and still yet another figure who kind of looked like a clown appeared and began laughing at him the gun appeared on the sink any shot at the image of himself in the mirror. a message that was scrawled in blood that said Save Your Love ultimately became a message that came across while he was watching himself in front of the blocks with that man in the Robe  to save his daughter…


I have to say it at the short film was very disjointed and getting its message across was very slow it was definitely very weird and strange but in some way I liked it there was definitely a Darkness as it is told in the title and I like that it went to a place where it didn’t leave us satisfied.


It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the film it’s definitely intriguing and interesting kind of its own animal though if I listen to the screaming that happened over and over again I think I would drive myself mad.   The film was entertaining to a point so if you like how this film sounds then I suggest that you seek them out for your own amusement. as far as the acting goes they were definitely a lot of characters that portrayed different forms of Madness I thought the makeup was definitely cool and creepy looking.   I enjoyed it for what it was…


Starring in Darkness: Bill Jolloff as Father, E. Danny Murphy as Angel, Rebecca Taylor as Mother, Kayley Hebron as Daughter, Gabe Taylor as Slit Boy, Christian Gillette as Banshee, Larry Goldstein as Klown.


In the short film  filmed in 2007 called The Last One we have the first from what I understand film that John Johnson seems to set the town of Nilbog  which if anyone remembers Trolls 2 that’s where that bad but good B-Movie had taken place and though it didn’t do very good at the box office at the time or was liked by anyone at the moments that that film had come out is now considered to be a cult classic and one of the best of the really bad movies…  and I think that many of the films that John Johnson has directed down the road were influenced since ultimately Nilbog becomes the setting for his Skeleton Key franchise.


In a sense the characters in here are related to Shadowhunters was the first film  that I ended up reviewing because I love to start at the beginning of a director’s career before I move forward I like to get caught up.   John Johnson play as a hunter as him and his partner hunting down a man in some kind of a hallway his partner is a female. his partner gets shot but he continues to chase after the man that they are hunting down and when he gets away almost the hunter goes to what looks like a local bar where he puts his gun on the table…


Ultimately there is a showdown and there is a conversation where the man makes a statement saying that he is the last one, the last one of his kind and that he doesn’t understand if he kills him what he is killing off… the Hunter gets shot But he fires back and kills the man anyways… underneath the Hunter’s bullet  wound we see that he is not human and when he gets back to whatever station that he is part of the hunter gets told that even though he killed the last one that the war is over because there is a resistance in his own kind…


I thought that this was a great Little peek into what the world could turn into if technology has ever Advanced that far.   I think the acting on John Johnson’s heart was brilliant in a sense this was part Noir because it was in a sense played out like Dragnet.   I think that this film could definitely happen and I almost wonder if this was inspired by Terminator as well… there really was not a lot to this film  but it packed a little bit of a punch. I was entertained I wouldn’t have minded seeing more. If this film sounds like something that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you find it for your own amusement. I think I would definitely recommend this for you to see if you are a fan of his films.


Starring in The Last One: John Johnson as Hunter, Eleanor Drew as Hunter’s Partner, Chris J. Duncan as The Last One, Ben Church as Trent, John R. Price II as Chief, David Simmons as Scientist, Mariah Smith as Patient.


Filmed in 2008 the short film called Atone is director John Johnson’s first attempt at any kind of a western film.  John Johnson acts as a man by the name of Cliff Faust a man who was with his wife Claudia when Four Brothers by the name of Barlow attack them both killing her and leaving him for dead.   an older man played by David Harscheid Hatches him up and warned him that going after the Barlow Brothers is a suicide mission and it won’t bring his girlfriend back..


He does anyways And after killing each member of the Gang he leaves  one Arrow with each body as Claudia is half-black foot on her mother’s side and she only hunts with arrows… having the film have a copper color to it made it feel like it was older,  the costume design of each of the characters was definitely of the period in which he was trying to portray, I just don’t think that the feel of the film was as dark as you was trying to portray it especially with the music behind the film because the music was more light-hearted it was hard to take the story seriously so to me it had a more light-heartedness to the tone but that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the film.   


To each his own and if you like the sound of how this film was just seek the film out for yourself and your own amusement. I was entertained that I thought that for going in the direction that he did since he has more of a horror filmmaker it’s not bad for what it is but I think with darker music behind the film it might have set the tone a little bit more…

For being a low budget film it wasn’t bad.


Starring in Atone: Jonathan Shea as Luke Barlow (as Shea Jameson), John Johnson as Cliff Faust, Walt Winfrey as Lonely Cowboy, Leslie Anne Valenza as Claudia Faust (as Leslie Valenza), Mark Wagner as Slyvester Barlow, Chris J. Duncan as Poker Gent, Matt Cloude as Sneaky Deeky, David Harscheid as Doc, Eryka Soleil as Wench, Mariah Smith as Madam, Jeannie Franciscy as Wench, Karen Kettells as Wench.

7 26

Filmed in 2008 this short film called 7 26 has John Johnson as Mr. Bloody apparently an agent for the CIA who is trying to save the world and run from other agents around the world carrying a case that has a secret combination.  Cliff Faust the same name used for the character in the short film Atone mind you Is a historian who is handed the case and told to run. he gets home and his apparent girlfriend is already half naked so they make love and then he gets a phone call tell him and him that they have found where he is and to run and he apparently was prepared for he killed the agents and the third one that was sent after him and then he was told by another agent that he had a tracking device on him which is how they found him  so quickly…


I like the film  it had a faster pace and it had a Twist on the ending that I didn’t expect.   I happen to like the actor who played the historian I believe his name was William G Smith as I believe that he played in Shadowhunters as one of the guys named Ray that got possessed by the demon In the film. I think that I probably would have liked to see it more from the storyline because it was brief so if the sounds like a film that you would definitely like to see then I would suggest that you check the film out for your own abusement.  I was entertained that I wasn’t disappointed. I also think the longer scene with the girlfriend wouldn’t have been a bad idea…


Starring in 7 26: William G. Smith as Cliff Faust (as Liam Smith), John Johnson as Mr. Bloody, Mariah Smith as Miss Boiling Water, Chris J. Duncan as Mr. Boiling Water, David Simmons as Mr. Double Agent, Karen Kettells as Miss Love Interest, Johnny Sullivan as Mr. Fire, Ben Church as Mr. Computer, John R. Price II as Mr. Machine Gun, Jay Barber as Mr. Boss (as Jay F. Barber), Bruce Sanborn as The Voice.


Filmed in 2009 this next short film has got to be my favorite out of all of the short films that I’ve watched so far and it is called Bayne. In a sense it is part Western and a shot on video in black and white and I’m not sure whether it’s 35 mm 16 mm or the Super 8 but it goes back and forth between black and white and color and uses a red screen for when the creature that Bayne  played by Kevyn Settle who is a hunter not that unlike of the Winchester Brothers on Supernatural who speaks of something that was following him that he did not know was human in the end.


Having most of the film a narration while it appears that he goes from town to town trying to hunt the creature and follow the deaths which in the red screens we hear screaming… but I like the build-up to the realization of who he really was Hunting and I like that he narrated it in a way that was similar to that app like Sin City.   I like the look of me colorization of the film that was used because it made it look like a film that was filmed in the 70s so it had that kind of grindhouse feel.



Again I think that this film is very unique it was a different take on the werewolf legend it was a very different look it was a darker film than his normal comedic approach so I think well done and I think you should do more films down this line. I was very entertained and I would definitely recommend that you see this film if you have not.   I think that it showed a ferocious intensity in the mildest of manners. If this sounds like a film that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you seek the film out for your own amusement.


Starring in Bayne: Pamela Davis as Diner Patron, Kevyn Settle as Bayne, Brian Hall as Lone Gunman, Christin Meador as Lost Woman, John R. Price II as Wolf Tracker, Leo Rogstad as Male Food (as Michael Leo Rogstad), Mariah Smith as Female Food, Kimberlee Davis as Angry Server, Jason Dempsey as Disgusted Man, Jessica Wood as Disgusted Woman, Phil Duffy as Angry Townsperson, Bill Brown as Werewolf Survivor, Tiffany Gricher as Townsperson, John Johnson as Mental Townie, Bill Williamson as The Mind Of Bayne,Codi-Innianna Micelli as Wolf.


Directed by Delawanda DeCrusio  is a short film That involves John Johnson with Red Army Films I’m not sure if he co-wrote it but had a huge involvement with the film called Solitaire filmed in 2010.

John Johnson once again stars as a man by the name of Samuel Marten who has been locked up for god-knows-how-long in a mental facility who has nightly visits with a nurse that is only in his mind.  with only rats to eat and a chess board for entertainment it appears that the staff at the hospital have not been there in months. When we think that he is not alone and that there is a roommate next door the Next Room we find out in the end the Samuel is entirely alone but has created a world in which helps him with his sanity.


As we begin to see the hospital staff and some of the other patients they are not entirely alive for they are walking  around slowly… I’m not sure what to think of this phone the only thing that I could say that I entirely enjoyed was the nightly visits of the nurse and his whacking off and when he realizes that she wasn’t real… I guess that it was slightly freaky that if the zombie apocalypse had happened while I was locked up this is probably exactly what I wouldn’t be going through myself so In a sense I would probably go All Cast Away myself… I think that John Johnson was trying to be humorous I think one thing that was kind of hilarious when we saw through the whole where his supposed roommate is there was a skeleton… The short film was slow moving but was entertaining in its own way.   If this short film sounds Like something that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you seek the film out for your own amusement. it was certainly different I’ll give him that much. I was fairly entertained.


Starring in Solitaire: John Johnson as Samuel Marten, Ryan Kaufman as Marten, Chelle Fire as Nurse / Zombie Visitor, James Baisden as Zombie Patient, Nicole O’Hearn as Zombie Patient, Ben Church as Zombie Doctor.


In the short film Capture and Kill filmed in 2010 Jennifer and Heather  look like they have picked up a young man named Donny with an arrow in his stomach as this seems like they are running from someone to begin with.  

So they stopped the car or vehicle or whatever they were driving to try to see if they can help him pull the arrow out suddenly in the background they hear a siren go off kinda like the ones that you that you would hear during wartime if there were airplanes coming over head.   Fairly soon after they were traveling in the woods so in a sense this kind of feels like a wrong turn kind of movie and to Country bumpkins I would almost say rednecks came along and captured young Donny and the two women ran.


When Donny Awoke he was sitting at a table around party decorations in a cabin of sorts and he was introduced to one of the Rednecks being by the name of Dwight Williams who called himself a party planner and it seems that he was supposed to be the meal… meanwhile wealthy women had run off I’m not sure whether it was Heather or Jennifer but they both decided to stick together and when they came across the cabin they found weapons outside a bow and arrow and a shotgun and proceeded to go inside….


I thought that was kind of comical and I wouldn’t have minded seeing more from the story behind it, it was quite amusing to figure out who exactly was doing the capturing  and who was doing The Killing. I’m fairly intrigued about the what happened before the film started and what happened after it’s like John Johnson left it open to the viewer like this was like the middle of the entire thought process.   I thought the acting was great and this could have been very easily been a very cool splatter and Gore type of film so I wouldn’t mind it seen more of Dwight he seemed like he was a character. I thought the effects we’re pretty good too.  Is this is a film that you would like to see if so I suggest that you check it out for your own amusement I was very entertained and believe this to be my second favorite film that I have seen so far and I think that wish and yesterday are quite close behind.


Starring in Capture and Kill: Eleanor Drew as Jennifer, Jesalyn White as Heather, Chris J. Duncan as Donny (as Christopher J. Duncan), Mikiah Umbertis as Dwight Williams, Daniel Taraschke as Guile.


This is another short film from Red Army Films  director Delawanda DeCrusio with an association with John Johnson and his Dark Stone Entertainment called Deep Purple Which I am now starting to wonder if it is a  female pseudonym for John Johnson what was filmed in 2010.

A young girl by the name of Percy seems to be enough therapy appointment after an incident that happened at the Winthrop place with her lover Ellie.   This film is filmed in black and white up until the point in her tail where she says that she saw the colors of the deepest purple and then these colors she met Miss Winthrop who at one point had inhabited the place in which they were going to try to spend the night.   


As she was telling what was going on it seemed the creatures both male and female seem to be showing up only to Percy and the mail had sharp long claws… but she told the doctor that she had been given a list of all the naughty girls….

I thought that this was a well-put-together tale  definitely very colorful. I think All the actresses in here were very pretty but played their parts very much to the T.   I think that Ellie played two different parts at least the girl who played her I think she also played MIss Winthrop. Very witchy and entertaining.   I enjoyed it and I think that others would too I will even go as far as saying that I would definitely recommend that if you have not seen this film that you would seek it out for your own amusement.I would have to say that I do this at least worth a one-time watch.


Starring in Deep Purple: BeBe Bellamont and Percy, Terry Chandeline Nicole Westfall as Doctor (as Chandeline Nicole), Megan Braithwaite as Ellie / Dolls, Joni Lee See as Ms. Wendelette (as Joni See), Izzi Moore-Stall as Child, Mariah Smith as Child (voice).

2 Guns a grenade and a Pizza Guy

This was a short film presented by the Virginia Film Festival and apparently with something called the Adrenaline Project but it was directed by John Johnson and it is called 2 Guns, A Grenade and a Pizza Guy filmed in 2010.

So what it looks like is the film starts out with a pizza guy is about to deliver a pizza when he stops by an old man’s home who apparently is Neighbors with a family that has been killed by a group of people associated with what looks like a criminal character kind of like the mob.   in order to The pizza guy in check he hands him a live grenade without the PIN as it goes in and shoots up the guys to get a name.


James Ike Eichling  plays Tango who seems to be a retired army guy with a penchant for Jolene out Justice to those that He considers criminals and I think he enjoys using his pizza guy as the getaway driver I thought this film was hilarious and shows that John Johnson has a sense of humor.   I thought the acting was brilliant, I thought the situation was comical I think that he was inspired by Bad Grandpa possibly but I know that I wouldn’t mind seeing a definite sequel or a feature from Jay Barber as the pizza guy and Tango kind of like a spin off of Tango & Cash.


if this sounds like  something that you would definitely watch then I would suggest that you find it for yourself for your own amusement.   I was entertained extremely by the film and recommend that if you have not seen it at least see it once you are bound to laugh out loud.

Starring in 2 Guns, A Grenade and A Pizza Guy: James ‘Ike’ Eichling as Tango (as Underground Ike), Jay Barber as Pizza Guy (as Jay F. Barber), Kurt Skarstedt as Mr. Clayborne, Dan Shutte as Newscaster, Kathryn Squires as Pizza Cashier, Lee Washington as Clark, Monique Dupree as Sheila, Joey Belcher as Charlie, Talon Borrelli as Donald, Gary Carper as Kent (as Gary Z. Carper Jr.), Elle Clark as Mom, Kerry James as Dad, Emily Gillispie as Daughter, Mikiah Umbertis as Vincent, Mariah Smith as Barista, Tracy Lee Staton as House Victim, Jason van Gumster as Knife Victim (as Jason Gumster).

ShadowHunters Lost

This short film was done in association with Filmmakers Republik but directed by John Johnson I believe that this is a further film in The Shadowhunters world that Johnson has created stemming from his first  feature filmed in 2011 called shadowhunters: Lost.


Here we have a hundred by the name of Wash who is female for a change.  The film begins in a cemetery and I swear to God this woman Wash is dressed up just like Carmen Sandiego from Where in the World is….


Wash gather together with three other men Mardagan, Kimble a mute  who has seen the death of a Demonite, and Mccoy All men and women of the order The mission is to track down a Demonite from hell called Orion who wants to become a mortal on Earth And can only be brought down buy broken flesh.   simply and extermination mission. Soon we meet a mortal by the name of Lania who has gathered a group of women to protect this so-called Demonite that has possessed a mortal here on Earth.

I suppose it helps that the town of Nilbog  is tied to this Shadowhunters film as it seems many films are related or at least involving the town but it seems that this Lania and her Gemini demons lead a group of sorority girls Kim, Valerie, Tracy, and Susie who have been tricked Into attending Nilbog’s haunted horror house where I am deeply surprised about the Showmanship of the host of the house his character is definitely entertaining not to mention the creepy Jester that chases after the girls… Can The Shadowhunters overtake these freaks in their Horror Show with vampires and clowns abound…

This short film was almost a perfect horror short film because all of the actors actresses were extremely good the costumes were fantastic and it seems that even the locations were picked properly.  


And whether that this was scripted or not it certainly seem that each character had their part to play and to me each character  was defined extremely well. I think above Bayne this has become my new favorite of his I loved each of the characters of the Gemini I loved the story and I extremely loved the bad guy in here you could tell that he was an Entertainer and is diction was really good.   there are some characters meant to be bad people in films and John Johnson chose well in the short film that I just watched. I was very much entertained and I will probably enjoy watching the short film again. if this sounds like something that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you find it for your own amusement and I will recommend that you seek this film out for it was extremely good maybe I over use the word extremely but I cannot say how much praise that I have for this little bit of Madness.

Starring in Shadowhunters Lost: Shannon DeSalvo as Wash (as Shannon Lawrence), Jarod Kearney as Mardagan, Mikiah Umbertis as McCoy, Ryan Kaufman as Kimble, Eric Hart as Manuel (as T. Eric Hart), Monique Dupree as Lania, Amy Hart as Kim, Tracy Lee Staton as Valerie, Lakshmi Bertram as Tracy, Brandy Mason as Susie, Rod Kelly as Store Clerk, Kerry James as Haunted Trail Host, Jason Hatfield as Riddle Man (as J Jay Hatfield), Kat Beall as Saloon Bartender, Melissa Renee Neeley as Store Clerk’s Wife, Jen Hines as Vampire Lady (as Jen Hines Hall), Cameron Lee as Coffin Clown, Dennis Lilly as Cigar Baby, Vivekan Bertram as Clown Boy, Megan Ulan as Saloon Ax Gal, Elissa Lauer as The Ghastly Woman, Madhuri Bertram as Jill, Matt Rain Eberle, Rani Bertram, Lalita Bertram, Dot Gregory.


Brought To Us by Red Army Films directors Angela Pritchett and Mariah Smith but Associated producer wise with John Johnson we have a short film called Milton filmed in 2010.

Okay so this was pretty short the film begins when actor Ben Church play is a distraught man named Milton who seems to get upset with a woman before he leaves a house.


Next we see that he is driving in a car apologizing for the way that he had acted before to a woman that seems to be laying her head against the window as we can only see her from behind.   Milton then while driving saw the same woman on the side of the road, which then caused him to have flashes or start to have flashes of things that he had done with the woman that he had forgot had happened and what follows Is the appearance of the young woman who he does not remember hurting in the form of an entity that is not happy with what has happened to her… the first thing that I think of is that this film was very short and it was half of a thought I would have liked to have seen more just for the sake of knowing what happens to the man afterwards… and possibly what happened before but I  suppose that there wasn’t probably a lot of time to come up with a lot at the time and this was probably a first film for these two ladies and it is not the last so I think that the film did the job that it was supposed to.


I think that this film was supposed to only give you a snippet into the life of this man since much of what he was seeing and whom he was talking to was not real so in a sense was actually quite mad.   if this sounds like something that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you find it for your own amusement for I think that it is at least worth a one time watch. I enjoyed the film for what it was and you have to bear in mind that this was the first effort from these two ladies. So not bad…

Starring Ben Church as Milton, Angela Pritchett as Ghost.


Here we have another short film From the production company Red Army Films in association with Gypsy Films which also is directed by Delawanda DelCrusio which is a pseudonym for John Johnson Short film is called Hunting Chupacabra from 2011.

All right so the film begins where we apparently see that four people Are about to set out on a  expedition to hunt down the Mexican Chupacabra the Mexican Bigfoot so to speak we have General Chow played by Jay Barber, Dimitri Brockovich played by Christopher J Duncan, Brutus played by John Johnson and Ike Chow played by Monique Dupree the so-called wife of General Chow.


At first I thought that this was a found on footage film but it’s more set up like a reality show like Bridal Wars or something like elimidate where they discuss exactly how they attempt to hunt and cheer on their team members innocence like Office Space so it’s kind of slight handedly Goofy with enough sense of humor to carry their own weight on the hunt.   I mean we have the wife all fascinated about her body and her boobs, we have the Russian that seems to be so serious about his techniques, we have Brutus who seems to just have a serious humor thing going about him and of course we have our general Chow who just seems so over-the-top and nauseating Lee inexperienced and all talk. Without actually having doing any kind of hunting so in a sense it’s like watching Reno nine-one-one except with Monster hunting…   I thought that this film was different I mean it had different characters it was humorous and entertaining I wouldn’t entirely recommended this film because it is just that odd but it is unique and if you like this kind of film and if it sounds like something that you would watch then I suggest that you seek it out for your own amusement.


Starring in Hunting Chupacabra: Jay Barber as General Chow (as Jay F. Barber), Chris J. Duncan as Dimitri Brocovich (as Christopher J. Duncan), John Johnson as Brutus, Monique Dupree as Ike Chow, Gary Carper as Professor Isaac Katsmut, Liberty Dupree as Abused girl, Allison Kempe as School girl, Julia Kempe as Lonely woman, Mariah Smith as Rednecker.

Dante's Inferno

Next we have a short film called Dante’s Inferno films in 2012.  The film begins as it seems a group of satanists are sacrificing a female that is tied up and bound to Lucifer for some reason.


Well this has happened Dante Alighieri from The Divine Comedy has somehow been transported to the town in which Virgil the guide and the gatekeeper to the 9 levels of hell Where he has apparently stayed to be there at the Awakening of Beatrice another guide where he says that not only Dante is there but the Beowulf as well.


While this is going on a man by the name of William Lockwood calls upon his friend Catherine because he has seen the murders of his friends by a creature by the name of Slithe That he is supposed to be in this town that is not on a map and he needs help to hunt down and kill this creature for what he has done. Virgil on the other hand explains that there is no Heaven There is no hell and Lucifer is in fact the one that wrote the Bible… When William and Catherine join forces with Dante and his spectral entities that he sees will they be able to take down this creature slithe  and will Virgil and Beatrice be able to hold back the forces of hell and keep the world from knowing the Divine Secret…


I have always found the Divine Comedy a fascinating work of material where he was actually able to depict a world within the levels of hell where there were nine levels fraught with demons and guided by The Poets of his days of recollection for it was so vividly imagined that he wrote his nightmare down.   I thought the acting was really great In this film. I found the characters unique and interesting I could very much see a possible feature film in this storyline. I was impressed by the way that John Johnson was able to portray some of the characters involved in The Divine Comedy. I can definitely see that he was definitely influence to by fantasy and to have a modern-day twist on the legend and the tale  is fascinating as well. I think that if this sounds like a film that you would definitely want to see I suggest that you seek it out for your own amusement. I most assuredly was entertained by this film and wouldn’t mind seeing more filmed in this storyline.


Starring in Dante’s Inferno: Jay Barber as Dante Alighieri (as Jay F. Barber), Amy Hart as Beatrice Craven, Matthew Ewald as William Lockwood, Megan Braithwaite as Catherine (as Megan Harper). John Johnson as Vergil, John R. Price II as Slith, Ben Church as Head Cultist, Brandy Mason as Anna, Shannon DeSalvo as Jennifer (as Shannon Lawrence), Robert Rydland as Richard, Martyn Kyle as Maurice, Lila Mundie as Cultist #1, Chris Masill as Cultist #2, Gary Carper as Cultist #3 (as Gary Z. Carper Jr.), Chris Alimenti as Cultist #4, Tracy Lee Staton as Spectrum, Dennis Lilly as Ludwig, Elissa Lauer as Betsy, Jarod Kearney as Charon, Mr. Cat as Cat.


In the short film Slayground filmed in 2012 first of all I love the Darkstone Entertainment intro to the short film it kind of looks like the caption is actually swaying in a body of water.

The film begins as six strangers end up in a house on a stormy night one of them being chased but other not sure where he is and the others just kind of coming in and out of the storm,  and one small girl that was hiding underneath the table.

Fairly soon after the little girl ran away from the party the guess start exhibiting signs of blood or wounds upon their persons that don’t exactly hurt them but one of them shoots up blood,  another has a ring around her neck as if she had hung herself, another looks like he has a bullet wound to the chest… And still another a head wound.

As the film went on there was a realization that there were two other women that had come into the house while each was experiencing one another’s inflicted wounds.   the two women seemed like they were walking through the entire house until they walked into certain rooms donned a couple of robes and put on these masks that I believe enabled them to see the party of guests that had arrived not knowing each other for each stranger seem to be from a different era.

These women seem to have some kind of power For once they killed each stranger one by one they took from them what looked like their soul and in the end,  there was a disturbance called upon the house… which one one of the officers happened upon the mask it was the worst thing that they could do… it wasn’t exactly  apparent that these two women were witches write off because they could have been some kind of magical beings of sorts knowing the films that I have seen so far of John Johnson’s.

I think in retrospective that this short  film had a hidden meaning in which there were different times that were portrayed in the characters and I wonder if it’s in a sense trying to explain away that’s some of the times of the past have died off.   I thought the acting was pretty good on all accounts for I definitely could see characters that could have acted like this my only thought is that this is only half of a thought and I wonder about the before and the after.  This definitely had a old dark house kind of feeling about it so I was definitely intrigued and entertained. If this film sounds like something that you would definitely check out then definitely find it for your own amusement.

Starring in Slaygrounds: Elissa Lauer as Mamma Witch, Addy Miller as 80’s Girl ‘Tina’, Matthew Ewald as 50’s Guy, Jarod Kearney as 40’s Gent ‘Mr. Chapel’, Ryan Kaufman as 70’s Dude, Mariah Smith as 20’s Woman (as Mariah Johnson), Brandy Mason as Daughter Witch, Andrea Marie as Officer Carlette, John Johnson as Patrolman Kelton, Ashley Reed as 90’s Chick ‘Amanda’.

Croatoan Origins


In association with Lluminati Films is a short film called Croatoan Origins filmed in 2015.  The film begins when Carter Vash a man who has been squatting on what looks to be a state prison ground that has been deserted but when he wakes he finds a whole bunch of dead bodies of people that might have been Wizards at least in his mind,  when in fact it was a makeshift cult that evidently two of them took seriously enough to perform some kind of ceremony in the grounds of this facility that Carter had been squatting on.

A dying man had told this to him slightly after he had seen the Miss Shiloh that the man had spoken of snap the neck of a young woman In Cold Blood.  

The same woman that plays Miss Shiloh the woman that seems to have lead this makeshift cult played the Mother witch in Slayground and I believe also uses the same mask in which she had used there in this film quite possibly. But where she had played alongside the young lady who has been her sidekick which in the previous short film in this particular origin tale  the young lady happened to be a neighbor that Miss Shiloh ended up crashing in a pond and Sledgehammering to death. I remember where I’ve seen Carter Vash or at least the actor who played in he played in the short film Bayne that I liked so well, but here I think we see some of his comedic talents where his accent and his character slightly reminded me of That’ll be acting talents of Dudley Moore  or Russell Brand on their performances of Arthur in a sense. I thought that the short-term wasn’t bad at all.

The story of Roanoke has always been an unsolved mystery where are the people of the first settlement  disappeared all for the word Croatoan… I think the women in here are very beautiful probably a lot better looking than they needed to be but you really can’t change how beautiful a woman can be  for I believe that those that played in here or acted in here we’re very good actors and actresses. I think that this short film could be built up upon. this was a very good starter film that could definitely be turned into a slasher feature if someone gave it some notice. I was very much entertained and if this sounds like something that you would definitely watch that I suggest that you seek the film out for your own amusement.

Starring in Croatoan Origins: Royce Hobson as Carter Vash, Elissa Lauer as Ms. Shilo, Brandy Mason as Nancy, Monique Dupree as Sally, Emily Malloch as Alice, Genni Pratt as Laurie, Jonathan Moody as Andy, Mariah Smith as Kristy, Donnie Sturges as Kenboy.

The Sandmen

So next is this short film filmed in 2016 about these two best friends who seem like Danger Seekers as they track down the story of a real mythical creature called “The Sandman” also the title of the short film itself.

So Actor Royce Hobson returns from Bayne and Croatoan Origins as Xavior, Frederick Cowie as Odell as we see these two screaming their heads off in a green screen when suddenly a woman in a nighty ran towards them…

So after the credits roll in Xavior seems to be the freind that cons his best manfreind into cross country driving eight hours only to pass themselves off as a working crew that fixes homes up for sale, on the way the two tell eachother sandman tales to best eachother.  Odell begins a story of two brothers Mitch and Troy who set about to check a place out of where their mother spent her last remaining hours So they came to find evidence of what really happened to their mother since they know that there is a story that goes along with this old folks home about a doctor Hood found a gateway to Hell and then had found the  center point of hell and since he wanted to control the power of hell he sent to all his patients to their doom,Sacrificing all of their souls so when the police came and they found all of the bodies they didn’t find any blood in them just sand. Ever since supposedly he’s been hunting the place…

Xavier interrupts Odell with his own story About a man and a woman who are so  thick in betrayal and yet appear to be in love with each other when all of a sudden The chick starts to give birth to her husband that had died was his face in the sand meaning a Sandman…

 Will Xavier and Odell Be able to catch and record a possible Sandman and survive the night well telling each other their stories? I think that this film was supposed to be slightly comedy as well as horror for the commentary back and forth between the two friends was slightly funny so it was different.  I thought the make up for the different sand men was pretty unique and both stories kind of showed exactly what kind of characters each of the friends were. I didn’t think the acting was bad. So I think the film was fairly enjoyable and entertaining. I’m not sure if I would exactly recommend this short film to everyone but it have a different way of Storytelling that I thought was humorous since they kept interrupting each other… So if this film sounds like something that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you seek the film out for your own Amusement in some way shape or form.

Starring in The Sandman: Jay Barber as Mitch, Cody Bowman as Sand baby, Megan Braithwaite as Vivian collins, Frederick Cowie as Odell, Chris J. Duncan as Dr. Steven Tanner, Royce Hobson as Xavier, Chris Jenkins as Bogeyman (voice), Jarod Kearney as Calvin, Brandy Mason as Gabby, Whisper Nicole as Tiffany, Mariah Smith as Nurse sandman, William G. Smith as Troy (as liam smith), Eryka Soleil as Nurse sandman, Megan Ulan as Burnt woman sandman.

Spook Detail

Next I’m not sure if this film was supposed to be part of a web series I believe that it was but it is once again set in Nilbog and there is a team assembled of sorts Which seems to be led by John Johnson’s character Officer Kelton which I believe was a character that was in the short film Slayground But I believe it is now just a short film and it is called The Case of the Witches Three from either a web series called  The Spook Detail from 2017.

The beginning of the episode begins with a ritual or a group of women who are witches are sacrificing a young woman in the ritual what’s the funny thing is when she was stabbed the young woman said that it tickled…

Meanwhile Officer Kelton Along with Vance play by Monique Dupree have tracked down a pair of Woodland creatures that look like a pair of topless babes dressed up like clowns but sounding like pigs.   apparently using walkie talkies they are able to talk to a young woman named Raven Play by Angela Pritchett who is this pretty looking blond Named Sasha who just so happens to be Kelton’s second wife And kelton’s first wife Barbara has never really left so he has two wives, but research the ways to kill each of the creatures that they hunt and it just so happens that they send the Baron along with some  pies which is apparently what kills them…

The baron has named The Duke who just so happens to be the town of Nilbog’s  only bum as his arch nemesis So the to appear to always be fighting. So that when they get a call about some girls from a club that have gone missing overtime buy these three girls who are supposedly witches they go and investigate the baron, Lori Vance and Officer Kelton So when they go visit these three women they say that they are expecting them and apparently the way to destroy their magic is to know the symbols that are tattooed on their bodies  for Sasha and Raven know a spell but meanwhile it would appear that they have used Sex Magic against the three hunters will they be able to escape…

I think that if this was an episode for a TV series that either might have appeared online or on TV itself I know that I would have definitely watched this show.   I thought the acting was great the production value was definitely not as low as I’ve seen some of the films that John Johnson has directed so I think very much that if people Had actually seen this it wouldn’t have been a bad show I could have seen watching it.  I think that John Johnson by now works with Some very seasoned actors and actresses by now where I don’t think that he has chosen anyone who has not know know how to act in some way shape or form. I mean it wasn’t like he just picked his neighbors who didn’t know how to act. The effects were not CGI so I rather enjoyed this episode.   If this sounds like something that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you seek the film out for your own Amusement to entertain yourself. I think I really enjoyed this little bit of Madness I’m intrigued if John Johnson ever direct any more episodes… If I had a favorite spot I enjoyed when the baron was under his magic spell and he was singing sailor songs while he was fucking his witch…

Starring Terri Martin Baltz as Witch #3 (1 episode, 2017), Megan Braithwaite as Witch victim (1 episode, 2017), Teale Davies as Naughtly Clown #1 (1 episode, 2017), Monique Dupree as Vance (1 episode, 2017), Crystal Gregg as Barbara (1 episode, 2017), Mel Heflin as Witch #2 (1 episode, 2017), Royce Hobson as The Baron (1 episode, 2017), Crystal Howell as Suzette (1 episode, 2017), Eliza Jayne as Sasha (1 episode, 2017), John Johnson as Officer Kelton (1 episode, 2017), Jessica Korczynski as Naughtly Clown #2 (1 episode, 2017), Elissa Lauer as Headless Hunter (1 episode, 2017), Emily Malloch as Witch #1 (1 episode, 2017), Brandy Mason as Strawberry Tart (1 episode, 2017), Diva Raiven Moore as The Witness (1 episode, 2017), Angela Pritchett as Raven (1 episode, 2017), Donnie Sturges as The Duke (1 episode, 2017), Bruce Whited as Chief Talbot (1 episode, 2017).


Directed by Angela Pritchett and Mariah Smith with Bio Duck Films but in association with Darkstone Entertainment is a short film called The Gnome Before Christmas from 2012.

So we have Barbara, Hazel,  Veronica, and Ingrid Living in a house as roommates or something as it appears that they are gathering around the holidays while preparing for another John Johnson horror film when Barbara comes in and doesn’t realize how a lawn gnome had got into the stuff that she had bought to decorate the place for Christmas…

so the girls order some pizza while they are decorating the place and the tree for the season and Barbara decorates the lawn gnome figurine as a Christmas elf and stick some outside.  

Meanwhile the pizza guy is kind of weird and keeps sniffing the pizza like he will have an orgasm anytime soon and insulting the lawn gnome as he approached the door… as he turns around he gets spaded… And then one after the other The Gnome begins to kill one girl after another until the last two girls realize that the other two girls are dead will they be able to find out exactly why they shouldn’t decorate for Christmas and  who the culprit was before they themselves are dead too?
I think that this film was kind of comical and cute,  for such a low budget for making us believe that a small little statue like that killed at least three people it wasn’t too terribly bad project now I think that when the chick that got choked with Christmas lights which I believe was Ingrid the one with the bad attitude,  I think that she should have been choking a little bit longer to make us believe that she was dead and I think that when the girl was slashed while she was trying to make something I think the cut was smaller when it first appeared before we saw her being dragged away and her neck was entirely sliced but if you just watch the film and enjoy the ride the normal movie Watcher would probably enjoy the short film.   if this sounds like a film that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you seek the film out for your own enjoyment it’s not that hard to find. I was entertained and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The actors and actresses were pretty decent so it was a well-rounded cast for a Christmas themed horror short.


Starring Mariah Smith as Barbara (as Mariah Johnson), Angela Pritchett as

Hazel, Amanda Jo Liscouski as

Veronica, Kristen Spatz as Ingrid, Jarod Kearney as Pizza Guy.



I am assuming that this is a short film that was filmed in about 2007 by Brian Cartwright who played a driver in the short film Yesterday in 2004 and Suds in the feature Darken from 2006 which I have not as yet reviewed since I am reviewing the short films separately that have to do with John Johnson in some way shape or form but this short is called Ed’s Story and is brought To Us by Red Army Films and though produced by the director is also executively produced by John Johnson. Now remember I do not know the exact year but I am just assuming that it is around this time period And I am putting this after all of these short notice because I do not know the exact year but I wanted to talk about it anyways.


So apparently Ed played by Jay Barber who has been a recurring actor overtime for John Johnson is some kind of plumber or maintenance guy who was screwing in a lightbulb and had died for some reason so death played by David Simmons III also an actor In recurring roles with director John Johnson has tried to tell Ed that he has appeared to take him over to the other side,  but at is having none of that as he punches death in the balls and runs from him. as he runs from him we hear music it sounds like we’re listening to the background music of the Pee-wee’s Playhouse except put on fast mode.


This was a slightly goofy film, an off sense of humor where a plumber cheated death. I guess I enjoy the fact that it was somewhat narrated by Jay Barber since it seemed like he was more of a redneck and just wanted to continue his life and he beat the odds that were against him.  I think the acting was totally hokie and over-the-top but I enjoyed the film for some reason even though I know the music it didn’t entirely go with the chase scene. It was amusing to say the least. If this sounds like a film that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you seek it out for your own amusement. I was entertained.

Starring Jay F. Barberas Ed, David Simmons III as Death

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