Movies Galore takes a look at director Heidi Moore’s newest documentary “More Blood!” from 2018!

Written by David Strege

More Blood

Brought To Us By Wretched Productions associated with Charlie Pennel Productions director Heidi Moore who has already directed three different documentaries in the burlesque territory…  as well as several short films and features… including Dolly Deadly and it’s equal which was picked up by troma… comes a new documentary involving quite a few people in the horror film industry about why they love certain films and love to see death Gore and violence and more of it.

The film Begins by interviewing each of these filmmakers and special effex  makers as well as YouTube reviewers at least newer film reviewers in the horror business so I like that there are some of the all walks of life.  


We start out with hearing from Robert Soffian Who I believe is a college professor as well as a writer and a 30 year career at Shasta College in Redding, CA as a professor of theater, directing and lighting countless productions as well as a painter in art.He tells us about the first film that got him into her and that would be Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. That shower scene with the camera movements… Next we are introduced to an unknown horror analyst at least unknown to me where I’ve been reviewing films for quite some time and figuring out exactly who is who from each blog place, by the name of Chelsea Opperman Where she describes a scene from Poltergeist where one of the Ghost Hunters looks in the mirror and his face just starts to deteriorate and at the time it scared the shit out of her but now to her it’s kind of corny but the adrenaline was rushing through her At that moment in time being so young And probably knowing that you shouldn’t be watching the film…


Next we have an author of a book called Our Lady Of The Inferno, Preston Fassel Who talks about predator and how when he finally saw it how they were shooting off arms and limbs which was quite violent for what he was used to and it left him with a memory… Jason Thompson  Bad Seed FX guy from Atlanta Speaks on the film called Squirm which was about a bunch of worms that would eat people that came from the ground… And now we are getting into the interesting personalities on here where we have Cassandra Sechler (Wireboy) known for her experimental and colorful films where she talks about how one of the films that she was brought up on was Night of the Living Dead directed by George Romero, Then we are brought into what I thought was the UK scenery but is in fact Swedish from Sweden of film reviewers by  the Bitches of Horror young lady Jasmine Martinez Who often partners with actress and director Sara Giercksky In doing online film analysis reviews together… where she talks about the guinea pig series Flower of Flesh and Blood which I agree with her on was quite gory where we have a young woman naked and drugged as her limbs are being cut off she is still alive and it looks very real…


Next we are introduced to the guys from the Thirteenth Floor blog Jeremiah Rosario and David Wronski Which I believe that these guys are fairly new Since I’ve been writing for The Last five years but I have heard of them each of us bloggers arnone on different sides of the horror Spectrum but Jeremiah like Jasmine was speaking about the guinea pig film where is David his partner brought up Evil Dead….


Then we have Jay Kay  apparently YouTube or podcast host of some sort at Horror Happens Radio Show where he mentions the Faces of Death series of films the part where they monkeys had is taken apart and how it looks so real and life like and it did at least to me anyways.. We have Chainsaw Sally Who in real life is April Burril She talks to  about her experience Watching John Carpenter’s The Thing which innocence was a creature that kept changing and the effects that we’re used we’re just phenomenal and scary to her… next we have two characters who are favorites of mine Tom Komissar and Daniel Murphy of HM&M Productions where Tom Talks about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Directed by Tobe Hooper and how he had rented a copy of the film and his animations of how he was putting the VHS in the machine it’s kind of comical because I remember only in that kind of a machine… So basically this documentary is a run-through of these people’s top favorites and then it looks like some of the films that some of the others had his favorites others chimed in on their thoughts on how gory or how scary each of the moments were The Exorcist was brought up where the moment of the head spinning around in the puke projectile which has evidently been a big deal at that time it’s not a whole lot of people at the time seeing that type of thing in a horror film before.What’s interesting is that John Waters was mentioned in the same sentence as nudie cuties hehe.


Whether it’s talking about Peter Jackson’s Brain Dead or talking about Cannibal Holocaust and it’s Serene Beauty and it’s violence and the Beauty  in its soundtrack to talking about the character Jigsaw the main focal points that I think that this documentary what’s across is that there is no idea of extremism that goes on in horror everybody’s always trying to out scare the next person whether it’s films being gory for gore’s sake Or even Beyond for anyone who is a horror film fan  is always trying to show the next person then hey did you see this pill I bet you you can’t see ten minutes of this. there is a boundary that horror crosses it all the time and whether they are going to go to that Darkness waiting Beyond from these directors and film reviewers are all saying they just want more of it. One of the things that I’d like to underline  is that you must be original you can’t just keep making the same thing over and over you would lose your audience and as long as it’s different and unique… After a little while we are introduced to Kim Culpepper from Femme Creatif Productions Where she touches on the subject that you almost get desensitized from seeing a lot of power and being a horror Watcher I myself have been desensitized  so I know the feeling But you mentioned a newer film called The Belko Experiment which I have not seen myself so I can’t exactly say yay or nay… Many of these horror fans are saying that they want to see that next level thing they want to see more fucked up shit and to be disgusted… Even the legendary Lloyd Kaufman shows up to talk about freak shows how rich the freaks really were…. during the Barnum & Bailey days…


I don’t want to tell everything I just wanted to tell him extended extension of some of the things that were talked about in this documentary I thought that this was very well thought out,  it was definitely a great mix of different characters and I’m sure that there were other characters that showed up to tell their little bit too but I found this retrospective fascinating I’ve seen various films dealing with horror and I think that this is a very coming of age humanitarian effort to show a little bit into the extreme Gore lovers at least of this day and age and talk about the reasons why and the reasons behind why they want to See what they want to see.   I thoroughly enjoyed the way that at everyone that was involved with this documentary we’re able to get a retrospective of what they thought and think and express the reasons why some of us might watch some of the more extreme films so I want to say that I will recommend this documentary for all horror film lovers I think it comes out the horror perspective from a different angle of some of the more modern Indy reviewer and podcasters along with some various directors that have not been heard  before that are very in at this Day and age. if this documentary sounds like something that you would definitely like to see then I would suggest that you seek it out in your own matter to watch it yourself I’m sure that it will eventually be making its circuit in festivals and then eventually it might be released to the public but I certainly was entertained by the different personalities and horror that were interviewed And I think that Heidi Moore really does know how to inspire someone who is not an entire pan of documentaries into liking hers.

Here is the trailer:

Starring April Monique Burril as Herself, Kim Culpepper as Herself, Preston Fassel as Himself, Lloyd Kaufman as Himself, Jason Kolucki as Himself, Tom Komisar as Himself, Jasmine Martinez as Herself, Daniel Murphy as Himself, Chelsea Opperman as Herself, Jacob Samedi as Himself, Cassandra Sechler as Herself.

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