Movies Galore takes a look at director Nigel Cheeseball’s feature “Bloody Red Lips of Blood” from 2012!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us By Cheeseball Video, Inc. a made-up production company name for a pseudonym director by the name of Nigel Cheeseball and distributed by Chris Seaver in 2012 this feature was a shot on video film made to look like it was from the late 80s to early 90s which was kind of exactly what Warlock Home Video at the time would do which is say that he’d found a lost 80’s gem but this feature is called Bloody Red Lips Of Blood.

The film revolves around two lesbian vampires by the name of Karen and Lisa Who go and pick up unsuspecting victims At the Rock Headz Club somewhere in the downtown of wherever they are. What I’ve said before is that Joe Sherlock is very diverse for I don’t know a lot of independent features that involved as many actresses that are a little bit larger in size that doesn’t mean that they are not beautiful in their own way but they are no skinny Minis,  which is the Hollywood Norm they tend to pick actresses and actors that are often in relatively decent shape. this being said I didn’t want to be rude because I think that is a great thing all people of all sizes should have a chance to act in films.

The reason why I mention the size of the actresses is that I believe it is Karen  one of the lesbian vampires it goes down to this club in the very beginning and picks up a larger size woman than herself with a larger breast size so there is definitely nudity in the film  and I don’t even want this to sound like I’m a jerk or anything but it is what it is. so she brings this chick home and they do some making out and then when she gets the chick in the shower she bites and drinks her blood when Lisa comes home the other Lesbian Vampire Apparently she is late to the action of drinking the blood but then they both end up in towels playing Nintendo.

Next we are introduced to a Professor Bartel who is mourning the death of his daughter Jennifer, We are introduced to him as he is visiting her graveside as he is still having trouble sleeping over the death  that the police cannot still find anything out about or her killer.

I do notice that the room in which Professor Bartel lives looks a lot like one of the kitchens that was used in Odd Noggins.  So while the Professor is bugging the local police about a new body that has shown up Karen and Lisa have picked up another victim and drugged her with some wine someone in their gym or yoga class or some such nature… Meanwhile Bartel goes to speak with his daughter Jennifer’s best friend Amy and that’s when she talks to him about the club that she had been hanging out at Rock Headz that swinging club in the downtown area that the rock and rollers and the metalheads hang out otherwise known as wastoids…

 Bloody Red

So next we are introduced to the wastoids as they are watching an afternoon movie which stars Tanjia Atomic the now director of Manos Returns as a Scream Queen who arrives home and dances and plays with her hair unsuspecting that a killer with a knife is about to slash her throat…  After talking to the two dudes that hang out down at the club the professor went to stake out the place while back at home while his wife was showering A giant bug like creature with pincers started to come towards her so she shooed it out the house which is apparently a scientific experiment of the Professors’…Will professor Bartel  be able to figure out what happened to his daughter before the detective Jackson figures out that they have a vampire infestation on their hands? is the professor a little mad himself since we don’t know what kind of creature is he has created in his laboratory…

Now there was some good acting and there was some really bad acting like the main character Tom Schaffer he kept screwing up his lines and I think he knows he did but he did get the bugging of the police down.   You could tell that this was done on a really low budget and you could definitely tell that this was trying to be a campy late 80s too early 90s shot on video slasher film with a blood Drinker twist I thought the two ladies playing the vampires were two of the better actresses and I think the man playing the detective in charge but the rest of them needed a little bit of work…   This being said I did enjoy and was entertained if you sit back and watch you can laugh a little it’s a perfect example of a Cheesy bad movie and it’s definitely out there. I definitely love the title and the artwork for the film. My only thing is I wish that the creature that the professor had worked on that looks like a bug with pinchers could have looked a little better other than that you just have to enjoy the ride.   If this feature sounds like something that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you seek the film out for yourself it was Entertaining to a point and if you like bad movies then it’s up your alley.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Tiffany Cameron, Sabrina Larivee, Tom Shaffer, Librace Van Pelt, Morgan Mayhem, Erika Brunson, Cassidy Daveed, Sophia Maria, Shamus Popatopolis, Madge Kawalski, George Garbonzo, Laurie Tom McElmurry, Tonjia Atomic, Kendra Redd, Joshua .Allen, Josh Phenicie, Ranger Cody.

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