Movies Galore takes a look at director Chris Wykes’ short film “Corpse: A Killer’s Revenge” From 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by F and F Productions which is Matt Freck’s Company and if you remember the short film Turn Heel from about that time I am assuming that because the film that I am about to describe was the second film on the Turn Heel release which I had picked up and bought the Turn Heel UK release and I had turned around and reviewed the film not too long after that even though the director had shared my review of the film for no particular reason at all he unfriended me this Freck so in my experience he isn’t exactly fan-friendly of course this was when I was first starting out and writing my reviews so unfriending me along the way wasn’t exactly very business like  especially since I supported and buying his film,to me if a director unfriends me and maybe that’s a little harsh, but that reflects who he is as a filmmaker His films just won’t be worth my time or my money and that’s a lot for me to say especially since I try to help everyone that I can in the Independent field, but at least I’m still friends with Jason Impey who was the other director behind that short film. This being said The film that I am about to describe is called Corpse: A Killer’s Revenge directed by Chris Wykes, and I am not fully sure exactly the year that this was filmed but I am going to assume that it was 2016 the same year as the short film that came along with. By the way here’s my review on Turn Heel for those who haven’t read it.   enjoy!


I like the beginning of this credit scene where much of the film does look like it was shot on VHS but the camera is going through some Woods there’s just something retro about the sequence as the credits roll. In the first scene we have some funky music as we are led to meet three young men who are about to go off on a camping trip Adam, James, and Drake.  So as the men are driving along they are talking about each others Dramatics in between the drive to where they were going will you see a young woman skipping along with some flowers as she is attacked buy a figure with some kind of a weapon that looks like a overgrown caveman with a Howard Stern wig this young woman screams and we see disfigure start to slash at her with whatever weapon that he or she has in his hand.


Well the friends  arrive at the start of the wood where they are to begin the trick to where they are to camp for the night and we hear the same funky music that is starting to sound like it came from the Oregon Trail you know that old PC game we used to play on a Mac. As the film filmed on I realized that the Killer that is going around killing people in the woods while these three campers set up camp he is not wearing a caveman outfit but he is wearing a gas mask and a vest.   He also seems to have an assortment of homemade weapons two different types of axes, a machete, a knife There are also some really cool effects if you can look past all the duct taped weapons and tinfoil… I believe one of my favorite scenes was where the killer took off a guy’s head and the blood was just squirting up in the air from his neck.


I feel like this film was trying to be a serious slasher flick but the death scenes were just too comical and the weapons weren’t exactly entirely real looking but as far as Gore and splatter it definitely had that over the top B-movie atmosphere.   If you wanted to look at it as good cheesy fun I guess you can do that and if this sounds like a film that you could definitely watch then once again this was on the UK Turn Heel release as a bonus extra film. I guess I found this film entertaining… and weird…

Starring Dan Grainger as Adam, Matt Biggs as James, Chris Wykes as Drake, Jonathon S. Wood as Ray Cameron, Sam Ashby as Tree Erotic Girl, Jon Perkins as Tree Erotic Boy, Lauri McGrath as Flower Girl, Button as Dork, Matt Grainger as Violent Shit.

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