Movies Galore takes a look at director Lawrie Brewster’s feature “Lord of Tears” from 2013!

Written by David Strege

Lord of Tears

Brought To Us by Dark Dunes Entertainment in association with Hex Media Productions Director Lawrie Brewster went about and created A creature called the Owlman in his 2013 arthouse feature Lord of Tears from the UK.

since I have already visited The Unkindness of Ravens feature which I helped back on its Kickstarter which was a phenomenal film and definitely very visual I decided to go back and visit his first  feature so I can move forward and properly review the black gloves and when it comes out his fourth feature Automata for 2019. see what what Lawrie has done is a phenomenal marketing campaign for each of his films when he was doing the kickstarter for The Unkindness of Ravens he funded both Lord of Tears and Unkindness into having these really nice 3-disc sets with really cool art involving having a Blu-ray a DVD and a soundtrack to each of these releases to the point where at least the first two films are out of print on these 3 disc sets.

 now all of this being said I will try to describe Lord of Tears to the best of my ability and I hope that you enjoy my review of the film.

The film begins with the reading of a will left to James Finley by his dearly departed mother who is left him her  ancestral home of which when he was very young he remembers that his mother went mad and what he remembers is that she rescued him from drowning. In a series of imagery while the reading of the will takes place we see a woman that is supposed to represent his mother standing at the edge of somewhere gazing out in the distance as well as  seeing James at the graveside of his mother and the way that images present the way that her death took place is by hanging as we see a rope and we hear what sounds like the crack of the neck breaking…

In a letter given to James after the reading of the will is Mother warns him about not going to the house call Baldurrock and excuse me if I misspelled the name of the house but this is what it sounded like,  where when he was a child he thought that there was a monster that lurked on the property that had elongated arms and large eyes…

That night James had dreams of that same creature a staircase in which he was running up out of breath on and  seeing papers strewn about along with someone in Shadow swinging an axe…

So after reminiscing from his childhood with his friend Alan, James decided to return to the estate that was once his childhood home to face his demons.   when he arrives my God what a home when it comes to locations this is a very beautiful location I love how Vines look on older mansions and the inside of this place holds many twists and turns as well as a beautiful ornate staircase which if I say nicely enough this location was used throughout at least the first three films from hex media.

James arrival to his ancestral home reminds me a lot like Jonathan Parker’s  arrival to Castle Dracula in Bram Stoker’s novel. A mysterious woman who sat reading a book on the outside of the grounds showed him that there was a key under the mat.   after doing a walk-through of the home the only thing strange is that there was a chair leaning up against one of the doors which I am assuming leads to the basement, as he continues to walk through he hears a noise a picture has crashed upstairs in the bedroom that he has chosen to sleep in and behind this picture hangs a key….

The key opens up a locked trunk in one of the rooms  where he finds an old book that tells the history of the house.  The book mentions murder, mythology something buried in the cellar and while he is reading he hears a knock on the door it is the woman from before she has brought over a dinner that she has prepared.  she calls herself Eve or Eevee and when asked she explains that she comes from the south in a small town that has no room for a personality like hers that is she is studying French and lives right next door in the converted stable house as she dreams of traveling to Paris.  The extended this encounter with this woman is that he tells her that his mother has died and he has come here to figure out why this home has made such an impact on his life and he feels like being here could impact his future so she says that she will help in whatever way that she can.

After another night of dreams and images we seem to give a face to the ax wielder like he was Alan his friend from back home he awoke to find a tub nearby filling with water which somewhat reminded him of his experience when he was a child,  he goes out for a morning walk and see his first real vision of this Owlman in the shadows of the trees just about when Eevee shows up to interrupt his thoughts… we are entertained with How fanciful of a dancer that actress Alexandra Hulme gracefully presents a somewhat dance routine as she appears to bring a little happiness into James life and enjoyment which appears to be distracting him just a little enough to deal with the historical meanings behind the creature that has manifested in his life since a very young age.  Can James find out the secrets of Balderrock before he falls in love with the woman that seems to appear to him. will he have enough strength to face down the demon that has resurfaced in the manifestation of the Owlman before his soul is damned for eternity. is it possible his friend Alan is going through turmoil of his own with his father’s sickness?

I thought that this was a very beautiful and very thought-provoking film mixed with very abstract imagery that is almost dreamlike in quality.   this is a spiritual and haunting tale of sadness mixed with Madness as a man goes through the Labyrinth of his mind and deals with the Forgotten memory, a memory that was so horrible that his  family made him leave to keep him from knowing the darkness that had infested the mind of his mother and the memory of his father. I thought the acting was brilliant, loved it the soundtrack I’m in love with the Serene surroundings of this mansion that was used.  

it was just an  awe-inspiring masterpiece that I believe paved the way for him as a filmmaker for there is a Madness in his vision and a beauty in the writing that Sarah Daly has created for this film for there is a very old soul seen in the breath of this very well shot independent film.   If this sounds like a film that you would definitely check out then I suggest that you seek the film out on your own and watch it yourself. I know it seems like a lot of praise for a film but the Praises well deserved the storytelling was intense, the imagery is Unforgettable and I can’t entirely say that about a lot of films entirely I have not been disappointed yet with this film maker let’s just say that.  having seen the 2nd and the 3rd films directed by Lawrie Brewster all written by screenwriter Sarah Daly… there are bits and pieces of each film in one another even though that they are different animals so to speak. I was very entertained by this film and sincerely recommend that if you have not seen this feature go see it.

Here is the trailer:

Starring David Schofield as Owl Man, Alexandra Hulme as Eve Turner (as Lexy Hulme), Euan Douglas as James Findlay, Jamie Scott Gordon as Allen Milton (as Jamie Gordon), Alan Ireby as Solicitor, Neil Cooper as Michael Milton, Nancy Joy Page as Flora May Findlay, Graham Robertson as Henry Findlay, Jock Ferguson as Taxi Driver.

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