Movies Galore takes a look at Richard Marr-Griffen’s “Raving Maniacs” from Brain Damage Films of 2005!

Written by David Strege

raving Maniacs

Brought To Us by Conniption Films and associated with Scorpion Film Releasing director Richard Griffin is a film from 2005 that was originally  distributed by Brain Damage Films re-released under pendulum pictures a subsidiary company with Mill Creek entertainment first on a hundred film set then broken down into four 50  pack sets with Raving Maniacs being on the Catacomb of Creepshows box set. there were a lot of independent filmmakers that were able to get their work out on the sets that I speak of Todd Sheets,  John Johnson, Jeff Leroy and some of the many earlier efforts produced by David Sterling. I admit to first being introduced to many of these directors and filmmakers through these sets alone and had I not been introduced to the sets on my own I probably would not have been able to follow along with some of these directors later campaigns for I believe that I have contributed to the last five Productions that Richard Griffin has put out.This being said I will describe Raving Maniacs the best that I can and if I have something to say are there negative or positive I will. I always bear in mind that many of these films are lower-budget and the question is always whether the film held enough attention for me to watch the film all the way through.   


The beginning of this film starts out very mysterious where are young man is gone to make a drug deal with a man who claims that he has a new drug that is roaming the streets HDD otherwise known as Los huevos Del Diablo meaning “the eggs of the devil.” This glowing substance supposedly came from a small Mexican fishing Village by the name of Invoca Evidently the village was very religious and one day the sky darkens and thousands of these glowing pills rain from the heavens and the people consumed at them like communion wafers and disappeared leaving behind many of these glowing substances.

Meanwhile Tuesday and her boyfriend JT along with their friend Katie and her brother Jake are getting ready to go to the biggest Rave in Providence Rhode Island at a place called The Strand Hosted by Tuesday’s ex-boyfriend The Dorfner for an event called From Dusk Till Dawn:  Rave to the Grave.


Before the Rave is to begin we are introduced to some of the characters running the party where we have Edward and Lauren as well as Keith and Benny and of course there is the man that is running the whole show behind the scenes since Dorfner is the face of this party being Davis Callahan who is given Dorfner 24 hours to find this new glowing drugand who is behind selling this HDD that is out on the street because it’s the party favors that he hired him for.

I’m kind of really digging this Benny character he reminds me of an army officer that was been too long with his Platoon as he is reliving his last moments with his dead army Buddies the way he says it so seriously and talks about the Dachsun sunset being What happiness is it’s kind of priceless.  Not to mention the Tokyo porn video game that it sounds like Keith has got a hard-on for as it seems like this kid is a little bit of a nerd and a little bit of a slacker.


In any case the group on the way to the rave once they got there realize that there hitchhiker passenger had left them a few gifts from heaven or so-called party favors of the so-called Los huevos Del Diablo.  Another thing that I am also digging from this film is Dorfner’s welcome introduction to the party I can very much imagine being down at the Milwaukee rave and someone with a fun attitude exactly like this guy’s sending off the party that is about to go down.

So the next few scenes in the film are  of the dancing and the partying itself and as the night goes on and the pills are passed Jake starts to trip balls and ends up having an incestual relationship,  Tuesday’s boyfriend starts to get jealous of her ex, Edward Kellogg a kind of uptight supervisor who thinks he’s in competition with Dorfner ends up relaxing his uptight self and that’s about when the power goes outand when the partygoers start acting weird and showing signs of  rotting flesh on the outside of their bodies Can the few people that did not partake of these glowing substances figure out what is happening before it is too late…

I like that this was not your typical zombie film as they were a little bit in between flesh eating zombies and cannibals I also like that there was a little bit of Madness what these creatures did there was definitely a lot of blood and definitely some suggestive moments of flesh eating Along with some offbeat in comedy which was rather weird but then again Griffin’s films are always weird.  


I think I also enjoyed that this film didn’t exactly end on a  happy note there are too many films that try to make it seem like everyone will make it out okay and instead the film ends in a half.thought.   I know that this feature isn’t exactly when it Richard Griffin’s favorites that he had made but I can definitely see how he can take a feature and bring it into that dark place and keep a sense of humor Wiley takes us through the Labyrinth at the end of his own Maze of his own making.   I like that there is a dreamlike quality too many of his features. I thought the acting was definitely decent as well as the effects I was definitely entertained. If this film sounds like something that you would definitely watch I suggest that you check it out like I said it was on that Pendulum Pictures 50 pack as well as it was on Brain Damage Films so it is relatively easy to find.

Here is the trailer:


Starring Patrick Cohen as Jessie Dorfner, Emily Morettini as Tuesday, Andrew Vellenoweth as JT Laurel, Christine Peltier as Katie, Ryan Patrick Kenny as Jacob, Jennifer Zigler as Lauren, V. Orion Delwaterman as Edward, Edwin Cottle asThe Dealer, Patrick Pitu as Keith, William DeCoff as Benny, Salvatore Marchese as
First Dealer, Caleb Emerson as Davis Callahan, Ricky Spriano as Doorman, Topher Matthews as Army Helmet Raver, Eric Vidal as Big Haired Raver, Scott Foley as Go Go Boy, Milo Nera as Sleazy Raver, Izzy Kunkle as Cannibal Lesbian 1, Alexandra Johnson as Cannibal Lesbian 2, Hanna Wolf as Angel of Death Raver, Aurora Grabill as Hallway Raver Ghoul, DJ Venom as Club DJ (as DJ Venom), Alan Campbell as Bathroom Ghoul 1, Joshua James Baker as Bathroom Ghoul 2, Jeffrey T. Euangelista as Bathroom Ghoul 3 (as Jeffrey T Euangelista), Gary Perez as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Danielle Richards as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Lauren Rhodes as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Sharon Farrar as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Carol Royal as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Half Head as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Reno Marino as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Sara Herman as
Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Jeannie Divozzi as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Aryk Olson as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Jeremy Boudreau as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Nick Lordi as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Josh Lawton as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Meg Maxwell as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Chris Beaudette as
Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Ian Matthew Harrington as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Adam Wascholl as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Jason McCormick as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Jessica Donofrio as
Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Lisa Nelson as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Kenneth Radzimon as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Kristen Snelling as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Jon Dunn as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Melissa Stanziale as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Joseph Turchetta as
Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Scott Ennis as Club Raver (uncredited).

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