Movies Galore takes a look at director Derek Braasch’s film “Murder For Pleasure” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Cheevies Film Productions director Derek Braasch  is his second feature But I believe is his first lengthy film Murder For Pleasure into the horror genre from 2015.

The film begins with a young lady leaving a bar and as she’s putting her key in her car it appears to look like she is strangled to death… We are then introduced to Victor played by Nick Bender as his character is telling us about the nightmare that he keeps having about his  family’s murder and how it was his birthday and his family was at a restaurant where he was given a couple of gifts and shortly after a group of bikers sat down and began making trouble for his family as his father stabbed one of the guys with a fork and Victor washed his mother die in front of him…

I like that it is a little foggy instead of just the normal black and white Even though I like the use of black and white sometimes it can be overused and this fogginess gives it kind of a dreamlike quality.  But the character Victor is relating all of this history with a therapist of some kind as he begins to tell of what happened after his parents death with that in mind he tells about the times that he was bullied on the playground,  and the begins to tell about his earlier times spent with women that he went out with where it seems that he describes that he woke up and she was gone when the film portrays that he while giving it to her doggie style he took a bag and suffocated her to death…

You know I’m starting to really like this film because even though it’s partly a narrative you get to see the action behind the narrative And sometimes the describing of the actions while the actions are happening in the moment can sometimes bring to light more of a response because the narrative is stating all of this so matter-of-factly that you almost believe that the actions are just a natural way that the man behind the narrative meaning Victor behaves.

We see that the character of Victor has a girlfriend from a diner and when she asks him to meet her parents,  the father doesn’t give him a very good response so we see him as he’s driving his car away as the father is getting into the shower and it looks like he kills the father and drags his body off to  somewhere… And it looks like he hammers his member you know the one down there… And the things that we are seeing are supposedly dreams that this Victor is having that he is retelling For as the film goes on Victor’s mind starts getting religious as it seems that he starts killing because he thinks that the victims are sinners.   one of the female victims that it seems that he dreams that he killed had left her child in the car while she went and suck the guy’s dick off…

M I’ll let you know what’s up as I know it if the interviews are for go I’ll let you knoweanwhile Victor’s girlfriend Max is worried and concerned that her father hasn’t shown up for work.   when Max wants to take things a little bit more seriously Victor ends up telling her no to an invite two coming in for a little bit inside her apartment. so Victor ends up going to a bar and getting hit on by another guy named Curtis and get ready for full frontal nudity as Victor kidnaps the man after he gets drunk and take  him home to what looks like a homemade snuff film.

I can’t even count how many victims were involved in the dreams that he was in I would have to say that this is the first time I’ve seen multiple snuff like material where it is just pure rage killing just because he could.

I also have to say that is one fucked-up  ending and when he found out that it was a close relation that had orchestrated The Killing of his parents that had to suck… and then to make me think that it was all still a dream come on man that was unnecessary hehe.  In the end I think I enjoyed seeing the many different ways that Victor could kill each victim and some of them work almost Justified I mean the one went after his girlfriend Max. I thought the acting was brilliant maybe not at first because It seemed like the actor was just getting into his role but as the film played out he really took the role and owned it I kid you not I could actually see him as this killer who was avenging sins and acted upon his family or those that were sinning in his eyes.  

I should probably not like I felt like this but I enjoyed it for it’s perspective even though it had an Overkill you just have to enjoy the ride. I mean there were parts that you could definitely tell we’re fake but for the most part there were some pretty grotesque scenes in fact there was not just one penis mutilated there were several penis mutilations I think one of the more grosser scenes was where this one chick had an eye dangling from her eye socket which okay that looked slightly thick but when it’s zoomed in to her half cut off foot that was unnerving.   if this sounds like a film that you would seek out and watch then I would definitely say try to find the film for yourself and watch it. I enjoyed the film for what it was it’s not going to be for everyone but it definitely was a mind trip.

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Nick Bender as Victor, Andrea Iazzetto as Maxi, Brian Broscoe as Dr. Jason Lee, Becky Crawford as Victor’s Mom, Lukas Matusny as Victor’s Dad, Matthew Bender as Officer Danielson, Jack Treadway as Bully 1, Jeff Harrigan as
Bully 2, Jimmy Shay as Bully 3, Dagoberto Zolio Soto as Rude Patron, A. Monnie Aleahmad as Necro Guy, Steven Shaffer as
Curtis, Joanne Dubach as Nicole, Tina Kalavity as Maxi’s Mom, Bill H. Bailey as
Main Trucker (as Bill Bailey), Jessica Beans as First Victim, Quin Biedakiewicz as Boy in Back Seat, Tim Biedakiewicz as
Motel Pimp, Julie Braasch as Elderly Woman, Steve Broumas as Main Rocker, Kelly Carevic as Lollipop Girl, Cristal Cepeda as Main Goth Rocker, Sharon Dalla Costa as Nurse, Monique Dauzvardis as Estelle, Shannon Edwards as Bar Patron, Jacob Frederick as Young Victor, Artemio Gonzalez as Cook, Charlotte Graham as Nikki, Lindsay Graham as
Young Maxi, Andrea Iazzetto as Maxi, Breugelmans Kristel as Slit Throat Victim (as DeAnna Frost), Darius Leaks as Bartender, Garrett LeGrand as Liquor Store Patron, Richard Michael as Bruce, Mike Miller as Victor’s Spirit, Jessica Morrison as Chrysti, Levi Pack as Rude Patron’s Friend, Travis Pardue as Pitchfork Victim, Chris Pasco Jr. as Gutted Victim, Anthony Michael Pellizzeri as
Masturbating Monkey, Tony Pepper as
Derek’s Friend, Tommy Philbin as Wrestler, Mark Sartain as Foster Care Worker, Ashley Sokolowski as Kelly, Dave Sylvester as Derek, Roger O. Trier as Horny Truck Driver (as Roger Trier), Anthony Ugalde as Bob Merchant, Phaedra Wells as Trucker’s Wife.


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