Movies Galore takes a look at director Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein’s feature “Ten” from 2014!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Launch Over Productions Sophia Caccioli and Michael J. Epstein And distributed by Brinkvision  comes their first feature film together from 2014 called Ten.

The film begins as we see a young woman we don’t know her name but she is being chased by a Character With what looks like an old-school butchers uniform and ultimately off a cliff.. What is strange here is that right before she falls off the cliff it looks like she’s been made to put a pig’s mask on…


Next apparently on Spektor Island piece of land off in Massachusetts we are hearing the recollection of this woman who had been found by fishermen and brought to her Hospital in Sandwich the year is 1972 and it appears that ten women arrive to the same house on the same island for different reasons after the recollection another woman shows up thinking that she’s  there for a photoshoot…


What I’m getting is an Agatha Christie vibe  as a kind of and then there were none kind of a situation. So it seems like we happen to start and end of characters we have a religious woman, doctor,  someone who seems to be new age, a thief, a college student and her hippie sister, a sailor, a nerdy looking wine and historian lover and hard to describe some of the others but you get the gist.   I like that some of the film is filmed in a way that it’s like you’re looking through a window. During the night it appears that one of the young ladies has been visited by someone who’s left a pig on her pillow…and entranced with someone starting to sing a nursery rhyme dealing with ten little piggies only heightens my Agatha Christie vibe that I have been getting.


Someone slipped something into a glass of wine and the model walks by and drinks it and while the hippie sing the nursery rhyme of the ten little piggies this woman strips herself of all of her clothing and in her delirium calls out each of the women present basically telling each one  that not one of them is innocent what only right before this an offhand comment was said about the model that for being a model she certainly stuffs herself like a stuck pig.

Shortly after we see the original girl that was telling the story about how she had somehow falling off the cliff accept money from the masked butcher that we saw chasing her… hmmm…


Some of the women go up and check on me model that had after her public display got upstairs,  when they found her around it in a tub still naked with a pig mask on the three women the doctor, the cheerleader, and the religious woman told what they had found.  suddenly an image appeared in the room an almost ghostly visage That made a claim that each of them harbors a secret to helping shape Humanity And before the night is over each of them will be exposed…


I have to say that this was a really good felt with a really good subplot and I feel like it definitely was a variation of the Ten Little Indians story , but was spies and a philosophy of what people have become. There was definitely a lot of weird dialogue and I like that it was somewhat set in a wartime setting. The location at Beach house seem to be a perfect location as there were specific room and specific doors that needed to be used for each of the scenes,  I’ve always enjoyed a Whodunnit kind of atmosphere where you don’t exactly know what’s going on and who is exactly behind what is going on from one moment to the next. I felt like the acting was definitely theatrical and feel like the film had a very old soul. This could have very much been an act it out on a stage in front of a public audience but because of the gore where we see the bodies of the victims dripped In Blood I can see how this could be taken to a more horrific level. because of the artistic value of the camera movement especially in the first half of the film like my favorite part of the film is the films intro, for I very much felt like it had a hitchcockian-like atmosphere there were a lot of thee and thous  in the dialogue as much as there were nursery rhymes mixed with religious lines from the Bible all to portray the animal of the pig… with various references to how pig meat is very much that much closer to human flesh.


I definitely felt like there were some very Wicked scenes, I think one of the smartest was when one of the killers was hanging upside down and you could see through the two holes in her mask as she slit one of the victims throats. Though there was definitely a lot of overacting that doesn’t mean that the acting was not good I thought that each actress played her part to a T and I didn’t realize how many perpetrators were there in the end so the plot twist definitely did surprise me. If you enjoy this kind of a film I would definitely say check it out if you can it was definitely entertaining and I will recommend that those of you who that to have not seen this film definitely go and see it.   I would also like to say that I think of film totally comprised women and very strong roles of women is kind of a rare thing to see and like I said I definitely got A Feeling that it’s like Agatha Christie had a love child in an Old Dark House on a Honeymoon. And if you can recognize Lloyd Kaufman voice showing up in the film you’re even smarter than I am…

Here is the trailer:

Starring Jade Sylvan as The renegade, Molly Carlisle as The religious fanatic, Molly Devon as The real-estate investor, Karin Webb as The medium, Kerri Lynch as The actress, Leah Principe as The model, Rachel Leah Blumenthal as The historian, Susannah Plaster as The doctor, Porcelain Dalya as The coed, Sophia Cacciola as The folk singer, Richard Bouchard as Condottiero Seltzman (voice), Phillip Boz as Dinner Guest, Seth Chatfield as Soldier of Fortune #1 (voice), David Joseph Clarke as The Butcher, Glenn di Benedetto as Helicopter pilot (voice), Michael J. Epstein as Subject of painting, Mervin Fly as Fly, Tj Horn as Number 2 (voice) (as T.J. Horn), Lloyd Kaufman as Briggs Phelps (voice), Tad Mckitterick as Soldier of Fortune #3 (voice), Phil Opitz as The Butcher, Douglas Allan Sherman as Soldier of Fortune #2 (voice), Katherine Anne True as Ami Manussk, Sasha Wait Zaranek as Stierlitz Semyonov (voice).

Movies Galore takes look at director Ron Bonk’s feature “House Shark” from 2018!

Written by David Strege

house shark

Brought To Us by Sub Rosa Cinema director Ron Bonk (Strawberry Estates, She Kills)Is his new independent horror film comedy that has to do with, that’s right,  a shark but not just any shark, one that services and swims and houses.

Returning actor Trey Harrison plays Frank a bumbling father who used to be on the force probably a detective Having lost his job and his wife in the same sentence Frank is getting back on the dating a horse. Being a single father isn’t always easy but Frank must force himself to try so he leaves his son Theodore home with the babysitter to go out with a woman that looks like something you’d pick up from a shipwreck Harbor you know the kind of woman I speak of the easy kind open legs 24/7.


Meanwhile back at their house Theodore is left in the company of the hot babysitter Betsy as he tells her that he’s been hearing breathing in the walls,  she she joked with him that it was just a Texas Chainsaw man underneath his bed but Right after she tucks him into bed is when the fun begins there’s a real cool jump start of a fin moving by right behind Betsy…

After settling down to read a book Betsy begins to feel as if something is watching her so she looks upstairs to make sure everything is okay but soon has to make a pit stop in the bathroom… The funny thing is that the book that she had been reading is actually some pretty heavy stuff it is the one and only Grace Herman Melville novel Moby Dick and the reason why I think it is funny is the film thought it was a similar story line …


Another thing is that she gets completely naked to go sit on the toilet and again she is reading a book at this time it’s one of those Cliff notebooks for Moby Dick which being a blonde  is kind of funny. Why would you have to get totally naked to go to the bathroom in a house where you’re babysitting a child… In any case prank arrives home from estate just in time to hear Betsy screaming from the bathroom while his son Theodore is coming down the stairs saying something is wrong and Frank running to the bathroom See’s Betsy totally naked on the toilet covered in blood as she is being sucked down the toilet…

So because of this incident Frank must sell the house, so it goes with a realtor and puts it on the market but he has a stipulation no one must set foot in the house.  This is not selling the property and if they do not sell the house the bank will take over the house and take it off both Frank’s hands and the realtor’s hands and there won’t be a sale.


So the realtor’s boss gets on his employees case to have it open house,  while in the meantime Frank tracks down an expert in the field of studying sharks who turns out to be a german-speaking man in lederhosen, A tall Warrior like man that has been sent by the realtor called Darth Squanto (Johnson) and when all hell breaks loose a realtor by the name of Abraham (Reid) who dealt with the shark 10 years ago steps up to the plate to join forces with frank  and the German in order to track down this great white of a shark.

I feel like this film is mixed with the Mythos of both Moby Dick and films like Jaws I mean you can definitely tell that the shark once you get to see it is totally fake but the characters Army what makes this entirely fun.  The thing about this film is even though there are bits and pieces of it that are laugh out hilarious there is an odd dialogue wish you can notice that has taken place in She Kills, and Night of Something Strange I’m not sure about Strawberry Estates and that features dialogue not that there is any repetition of dialog but there is certainly a back-and-forth of conversation that is just off key enough to be somewhat distracting so I think they could have cut out some of the dialogue especially in between a part where you see a dead body in the window and then the part where they end up going up against the shark to begin with.


Now Frank still has some kind of a relationship with his ex-wife during the film and for some reason I enjoy the part where Abraham kind of just ignores his wife or ex-wife as she were but if Frank doesn’t do something about their situation and have a proper home for Theodore did she threatens to go for full custody. My biggest problem with the film is Abraham’s character although I kind of grew used to the way he spoke I kind of wish that his beard was actually real because seeing that fake beard on his face did not make me take his character seriously even though I know his character is not supposed to be taken seriously but I kind of like how he has this Abraham Lincoln thing going on even though the story line is somewhat Captain Ahabish.

As far as the marketing that went behind the film  I just love how back in November of last year I wasn’t able to get in on me Indiegogo campaign at the time and then suddenly in March or was it April he opened back up the Indiegogo campaign and allowed more people to get in on getting a copy of the film. Not only did it come with trading cards and stickers and posters but there was a giant poster that came separately that’s slightly surprised me and all of it was signed so I have to applaud the director and how much he put into the merchandise and the extras.

Besides the bathroom scene there is a really cool underwater effect that I think goes on in the  film that is absolutely hilarious. Being that this is an independent film I don’t think it was that bad,  though it was definitely a longer cut than it needed to be I had fun and was entertained with the characters involved there was definitely some overacting I think for their budget they did decently well trying to put the story together, in fact for some reason and don’t ask me why I wouldn’t mind a sequel just to see where it they would take the storyline no I’m not sure how or where they would take it I would definitely enjoy seemly attempt.  Ron I want to thank you for letting me get involved with this film it was a pleasure I think I will definitely recommend that if you haven’t seen the film see it was definitely strange and unusual.

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Here is the Trailer:

Starring Collin Reed as Kid, Aiden Tetro as Kid, Nathan Bonk as Theo, Trey Harrison as Frank, Jeanne Russo as Eleonor, Samantha Varga as Betsy, Brett Jannesq as George, Melissa Lamartina as Lady Bird, Mary Snell as Secretary, Nathan Hine as Bodyguard, Edward Mastin as Ronald, John Krenrich as Ulysses, Sara Noelle as Nancy, Stacy M. Underwood as Dolly, David Royal as John, Zilla as Checkers, Greta Volkova as Hippy, Alan Doshna as Police Officer, CJ Mashaw as Diner Customer, Andrea Colabufo as Diner Customer, Jamie Morgan as Waitress, Wes Reid as Abraham, Wayne W. Johnson as Darth Squanto, Ava Torrence as Abigail, Natalie Torrence as Kid on Bike, Jackson Bufort as Kid on Bike, Cameron Spagnola as Kid on Bike, Michael Merchant as Zachery, Judy Pucello as Bar Wench, theo Martins as Squatter.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Dataman’s “Lin! Forest of the Hatred” animated short film from 2016!

Lin Forest of Hatred

Brought To Us by Troceleng Studios director Dataman  also known as Joona Kopperoinen Has rallied together a rather unique style of Animation from Finland that was brought to my attention when I saw a post of his films being sold on kunaki.

The first of these films is called Lin! Forest of Hatred from 2016 Where the animation starts out in an irrigation type of a field and a man who is drunk tries to escape his Past in the liquid that he drinks and the secluded cabin made of logs that he has brought himself to.


What I thought was an irrigated field is actually a road so I see a vehicle drive up the road and then we see a silhouette of a man who bites into a burger or a sandwich of some sort and whether it’s ketchup or blood that squirts out doesn’t really matter but I imagine that the reason why  is that the man can’t hold any food down. I got a really dark feeling during this beginning sequence. There is a book whether it be photographs or some kind of a wedding history or a journal of his life I don’t know yet but we get a sense that his past is painful so the man drinks himself to sleep.


The next sequence or set of sequences portray that day turns into night and night turns into day and the bottles of the liquid that he is drinking multiplies on a table nearby… The man has clearly not showered or shaven and is in a darkened state.. I like how a story can be told without words in animation for in the next set of sequences we hear what sounds like laughter and a little bit of music as we see pictures of a woman where it looks like she is an artist or was on a beach  Just signs of a life being loved a possible birth of a child… But when the man tries to burn the memories away he is still haunted by imagery of his past…


And the past is what I thought it would be, not that it was a surprise or anything like that but as it turns out the man was in love with a woman by the name of Lin  from what I gather she was a wood nymth, and as that is a spirit from what I understand the drunken man had fallen in love with this woman they were about to have a child when she aborted it and the reason why he keeps getting haunted with these images is because she wants his forgiveness but this is something you cannot forgive not at the life means something to the man,  and what happens next is the consequence of a spirit with unfinished business.


I felt like this was a very cool story I think it definitely has some horror background… I like that there was a friend that was trying to be there for the dude it is unfortunate the circumstances but sometimes things can’t be forgiven and even though there is a spiritual cost there is really nothing to do about the choices that people make.   I do like that there was no real happy ending in the tale. I think I will recommend this short though for others to see you should at least check it out at least once, it has a feeling, an emotion I can’t fully describe that I believe was captured in the art of the way that it was told that I think some people would be able to find solace as I’m sure that some couples that have gone through similar circumstances have felt.  I was impressed with this short I don’t know about you but I enjoyed it. 

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Tyler Armstrong as Matt Jones, Louis Badalament as Samurais, Jakob Dillon as Tommy Cross, Silent Jo as Lin Cross, Skini Mini as Ruby Jones.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Hyroyuki Imaishi’s animated Manga “Dead Leaves” from 2004!

Written by David Strege

Dead Leaves

Brought To Us by I. G. Productions director Hyoruki Imaishi Who brought us such animations as Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann among others. In 2003 And distributed in the US in 2004 buy Manga Entertainment is the animated film or feature that is so crazy that you cannot take seriously called Dead Leaves.

Dead Leaves3

So I’m not even sure where I can begin as I’m not used to reviewing animated films or shorts films or anything of this nature for I feel that animated films and television series that are cartoonish are really hard to describe as I’m not really a artist I’m more of a live action film reviewer,  I absolutely do not and cannot respect CGI in any way shape or form and that’s what animated features remind me of but that’s not to say that I haven’t seen animated films overtime. like I am fairly fascinated with the Vampire D films as well as the adventures of Unico, I have gotten into several animated shows overtime such as Dragon Ball,  Dragon Ball Z, Broken Saints, Elvin Lied and other various animations Including you Looney Tunes, tripping the rift, Danger Mouse I know these aren’t Japanese animations but these are animations in and out their own selves.

Dead Leaves2

At least fascinated by the world of manga a friend of mine told me about this film so I decided to check it out.  so we have two characters that are called Retro and Pandy and then wake up naked with amnesia somewhere on planet Earth.  Retro has a TV for a head and Pandy well according to Retro she looks like a panda bear so he begins calling her panndy, and even though they don’t remember exactly what happened they don’t seem to care so what they do is they end up going on a rampage killing things and destroying pieces of earth when the earth cops surround them and send them to a prison on the Moon called Dead Leaves where you can look at the guards funny and they could kill you.

Dead Leaves4

What’s funny about this prison is that at mealtimes,  all the prisoners are zipped up into these body bag like straight jackets and from what I understand the way that Retro and Pandy Escape is actually by having  kinky weird sex which brings them into a god-like perspective for the other prisoners, so what other mentally retarded prisoners including one with a drill for a penis and one with a pair of balls for forehead they go up against the prison guards,  robots that have been made specifically to keep the prisoners from getting out and eventually Going up against the insane man behind the operation of the prison on the Moon called Dead Leaves which ultimately they find out and they remember exactly why they were and had ended up on Earth to begin with, along with a really fast pregnancy and being part of a secret experiment that had actually gone wrong to begin with.  I’m not even sure if this was actually good but it was certainly a lot of fun. definitely some blood, some over-the-top acting since it had a comic book like feel there was definitely not a slow moment.

Dead Leaves5

I have to Say that this is one of the animated films that the music and the soundtrack behind the film is kind of what sets the mood for the entire film each scene builds up to each beat.  where I’m normally not really into techno you can definitely feel a lot of energy Behind the Music that flows well with the action in this animation. although there is no particular seen that I could definitely pinpoint that I would want to see again per se I did like and enjoy this phone and I had fun with it.  in fact if this wasn’t an animation I would probably put it and compare it to films like Shoot’Em Up, Crank and Hardcore Henry. I would certainly recommend this film to anyone willing to enjoy a ride of comedic action on a totally weird level of craziness.

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Kappei Yamaguchi as Retro (voice), Takako Honda as Pandy (voice), Yûko Mizutani as Galactica (voice), Mitsuo Iwata as 666 (voice), Kiyoyuki Yanada as 777 (voice), Nobuo Tobita as Drill (voice), Wataru Takagi as Dr. Yabu (voice), Masami Iwasaki as Sergeant (voice), Yasuyuki Kase as Train Driver (voice), Eiji Takemoto as Tank Driver (voice), Hidenobu Kiuchi as Guard A (voice), Takeshi Maeda as Guard B (voice), Masakazu Suzuki as Guard C (voice), Tarusuke Shingaki as Guard D (voice), Hiroshi Shimozaki as Inmate Next Door (voice), Mika Otake as Gaya (voice), Yumiko Nakajima as Gaya (voice), Kerry Anderson as Galactica (voice), Keith Burgess as Chinko Doll (voice), Chad Fifer as 666 (voice), Stephen Kruiser as 931 / Engineer / Ponytail Guy / Sergeant (voice), Jason Lee as Retro (voice), Hal Lublin as Blue Elephant / Mini Bluto / Mr. Coffee / Offspring / Pedestrian / Ship Computer / Testicle Head (voice), Jason Miller as 777 / Bearded Old Man (voice), Stephen Millunzi as Curly Haired Freak / Cyclops / Dispatcher / Grey Robot / Guards / Gunner / Old Puffy / Purple Turnip (voice) (as Steve Millunzi), Michael Ross as Hippopotabull / Judge / Looneytuner / Shirley / Strawberry Robot / Tank Commander (voice) (as Michael Paul Ross), Douglas Rye as Boba Fett Guy / Caterpillar / Dr. Yabu / Easter Island Guy / White Haired Guy (voice), Amanda Winn Lee as Pandy (voice) (as Amanda Winn).

Movies Galore takes a look at director John Johnson’s feature “Skeleton Key” from 2006!

Written by David Strege

Sle;eton Key

Brought To Us by Darkstone Entertainment director John Johnson and distributed by Brain Damage Films not the First film that he has directed but definitely  one of the first in the franchise that he is most known for called Skeleton Key which is not to be confused with Ian Softly’s thriller from 2005 which there is a difference As the film series is heavily influenced by Trolls 2. From what I understand this film was already remade twice the first in a short film which is now called Skeleton Key 0, the second was made On VHS into a feature and now this film Which is a remake to itself.


The film is introduced by Conrad Brooks who was an actor who starred in Plan 9 from Outer Space who else has directed and starred in many B films to carry on the legacy of Ed Wood and introduces the story of Skeleton Key…  we then are introduced to a young man Neil played by William G. Smith whom I found annoying throughout, but who speaks with a high-pitched squeal of a voice as he speaks as if to someone behind the camera that appears to be us so does the Tabloid journalist Howard who has been sent in search of the story behind a five-legged two-headed goat,  what he finds is the city of Nilbog with his Asian counterpart who doesn’t speak English, Cornelius.


When their boss makes them go out to find this creature,  the find a box that says from Nilbog Virginia and the audience here’s what it  sounds like chanting as some kind of creature pops out of the box and Howard ends up putting his hand into the creatures face as he fights it off,  killing whatever it was. since the search was a bust Howard decides that Cornelius and himself must read group Andre clean but as they arrived at the hotel in which they were to stay  Howard begins to hear voices and someone who keeps whispering Skeleton Key… Which turns out to be a character named Evil his darker side of humanity and a trickster painted all in red.


Next we are introduced to a taxi driver By the name of Nicopernicus and his Haitian dog Toto  as he takes the Tabloid journalist and his Asian counterpart to Nilbog where they have to cross this really long Covered Bridge and once they do they get out and are met with a welcoming party of a zombies. So running away seems the best option although Nicopernicus their cab driver decides to run off Howard amd Cornelius end up running into a house where a witch wants them for a meal. Meanwhile Nicopernicus ran into a house of vampiress only to run back and into Howard and his non-english-speaking photographer once again.


Howard Bumbles himself into a basement  filled with spider webs only to get his penis bitten buy a character by the name of Spiderella played by the lovely Brinke Stevens kind of a Gothic role.. And then they run into a character played by Jay Barber called Dr. Noches which is probably my favorite character but after the group runs into a bunch of kids who were dressed up as Halloween characters in another house where Howard finds a young girl by the name of Sandy as a love interest which comes into play later on.


As Dr. Noches kidnaps Sandy after the group has a run-in with a king holding a big rubber dick Howard and his group of miscreants runaway only to grab our narrator and watcher of the film and go up against the evil characters in town,  all created by Dr. Noches All because his partner got destroyed by a meteor in the town. and as there was a prophesied Hero to save the town not only does Howard set out to save Sandy, band together with the most awkward team, but also to kill off the evil hunting him in order to stay sane. What I find quirky about the film is that every so often there is a musical number which makes this feature kind of a mix between horror-comedy and being slightly Musical.

Not to mention an appearance by Debbie Rochon playing the bloucher lady,  meaning I believe that she was the lead lesbian vampire that the boys had run into who had turned two of the Halloween party guests into her servants.


There is a creature that tries to attack Howard when they meet the witch with the Boiling Pot that wants to make them her meal that could have had some better facial features but because of the noises that it makes I think that makes up for the imagination of the concept.  For the regular film watcher I do not think that you would be able to get through half of the film but if you are of lover of film that is indie and enjoy this kind of film you have just got to be able to give it a chance and enjoy the ride. My favorite part and I did laugh at least once was when he was given a potion by Dr. Qubert a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde type of character to cure him of his evil I had to laugh at the comments that Evil was making.  I enjoy the film for what it is and I look forward to watching the rest of the film franchise. If you’re willing to watch something Goofy which doesn’t exactly stick to the norm this is your film.


The problem that most would probably see and this is just describing it from an outsider is that there is a lot going on there are vampires and witches and zombies along with a Revenge plot with musical numbers and random references to horror films and God willing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory it has a little bit of everything… I leave it up to you if you want to enjoy this film.  Trust me it’s not that I didn’t enjoy the film, I did but I can see how it wouldn’t be everyone’s enjoyment.  Definitely different and had it’s moments of seeming to be an acid trip… of lunacy…

Here is the trailer:

Starring John Johnson as Howard, Karthik Srinivasan as Cornelius, David Simmons as Nicopernicus, William G. Smith as Neil (as Liam Smith), Paul Stark as Evil, Jay Barber as Dr. Noches, Denise Shrader as Sandy, Hans David Moore as Leprechaun Stowaway, Mark Wagner as Mr. Harvey, Debbie Rochon as The Bloufer Lady, Brinke Stevens as Spiderella, Jimmy Belcher as Howard’s Head Voices (voice), Chris Jenkins as Dr. Qubert / Mr. Sniffles, Lincoln L. Lilley as The King, Vicki Taylor as Witch, Codi-Innianna Micelli as Codo, Mariah Smith as Nurse Stowaway, Lindsey Welch as School Girl Stowaway, Elizabeth Domin as Mr. Harvey’s Playmate, Jason Whisman as Wally, Gabe Taylor as Clown Stowaway, Michelle Raboteau as Harlot #1 (as Michelle Luz Raboteau), Caroline Dyar as Warrior Stowaway, Megan Schmidt as Police Officer Stowaway, Matt Walker as Baby Stowaway, Rebecca Taylor as Red Riding Hood Stowaway, Tamara Clifford as Young Witch, Shirley Bloom as Nun, John VanPatten as King of Zombies, Conrad Brooks as Himself, Adam Cambre as Street Patron, Emily Cooper as Zombie, Ellie Perez as Church member, Angela Sullivan as Harlot, Nathan Webster as Zombie.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Gus Trapani’s feature “Absolute Zero” from 2015!

Written by David Strege

Absolute Zero

Brought To Us by Screw Loose Productions director Gus Trapani (Bad Vs. Worse) and distributed by Legless Corpse Productions when Chad Armstrong was still among the living we’re about 50 copies of this film called Absolute Zero filmed in 2014 to 15 thereabouts up until halfway through and then the director decided to fold and pull his film from being sold as I hate to say this but legless corpse films was not doing  a whole heck of a lot of advertisement for their distribution website and I believe it was because of Chad’s failing health And the Monstrous film project that was never finished called Diemosimine which upon Chad’s death a lot of people had to put money into the film project and believed in Chad but I hope one day that someone takes up the project and finishes it so that Chad’s Legacy will not die where the film will not get known but I’m not here To discuss that project I will try to describe Absolute Zero at least in my words.


The film begins as a man speaks to three other men about a plan to abduct a rich young woman in order to get what I believe Ransom money probably because the young woman’s mother is rich and the payout might be sweet The young woman’s name being Amy played by Jessica Kohl.

Th bald man named who had met with the men Eric (Forster), with a beard who speaks with what sounds like an Australian accent begins the film with his thoughts being that the only thing that he understands is that it’s survival of the fittest. meets with three men with Intel so it appears that they all work for someone else but the bald man is in charge.  next we see the Eric meet up with Amy for a breakfast date, only a little bit beforehand we see an exchange between this Amy and her friend Chelsey (Zito) who only insults her date but borrowers her science book to make the appearance that the girls are still in college. I would say that they are sorority sisters but the place in which she stays looks like it could be a summer home as it is on a beautiful Lake.


After Eric dropped Amy off as it seems Amy is really into Eric since during the breakfast date she kept rubbing her foot up against Eric’s leg,  the three men that we had seen before arrive in masks and even though they are told not to make a move, one of the men make some move on Amy and begins to look  like he is raping her, it is about this moment that the friend Chelsey comes through the back door, realizes that the home has been invaded by the man that tries to run. The  man that seems to be in charge of the three Chase’s her down and guts her. ultimately they have to make a call to Eric and he is not pleased for the situation is changed. murder was not supposed to be involved it was supposed to be a quick kidnapping and not escalate into something like this. The film is slowly paced but there is obviously some Problems of leadership between the guy who seems to lead the three men  and Eric the guy that gave them the Intel.


So what Eric does is call in a favor from a man named Butch (Klimek) who had just done his time and Spins him a tale of how he’s going to kill the three men that he has hired probably due to their fuck-up  so that they can ransom the girl, kill the dudes, cut up their bodies and walk away scott-free with Ransom money. What I like here is that the filmmaker goes into black and white to explain this fantasy because it all sounds so cut-and-dry,  what they don’t factor into it is that their kidnapping victim will escape… so that the three men will not be able to be able to make it to any kind of a rendezvous point for it to go so cut-and-dry.


And when I found out that Eric wasn’t doing this for the money he was actually doing this to help pay for an operation for his sister this all too well became an emotional ride. I like how once everything played out it kind of like a slow Bloodbath gone wrong and that not everything went according to plan there was chaos and nobody won. I didn’t find anything wrong with the way the actors and actresses acted I believe they brought exactly what was needed to the moments that were needed.  


I think the area location for where this was filmed was perfect for what needed to be enacted and the film is a perfect example of how even the simplest of plans don’t always work. If this sounds like a film that you would enjoy it is actually kind of hard to find this film as I said it was done on a limited release I have it on a very cool Blu-ray DVD combo from when Legless Corpse films was still selling it. I think this is a very underrated horror film and think it should get more attention, I enjoyed it.  Granted there was a lot of dialogue but I loved the execution of the conversations and the different characters involved as well as the fact that the female victim wasn’t just one of those who just wouldn’t fight back…

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Myles Forster as Eric, Jessica Kohl as Amy, Gus Trapani as The Waiter, Rick Rodgers as Dill, Frank Reale as Phil, Kevin Guyton as Jake, Kevin Guyton as Jake, Victoria Zito as Chelsey, Matthew Curtis Lafferty as Ray, Roderick Klimek as Butch.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Joe Wheeler’s film “Jengo Hooper” from 2013!

Written by David Strege

Jengo Hooper

Brought To Us by Joe Wheeler Productions and directed by Joe Wheeler in a Grindhouse kind of way is his first feature film called Jengo Hooper.Not the first in the Jengo franchise and certainly not the last I would have to say that this is the second film in the series.

I bought this film a while ago thinking that I get to review this sooner because at the time I believe that there was a Kickstarter or an Indiegogo campaign that was going around for Jengo Hooper 2  I believe that the second film happened but the film was bought up by a distributor who swindled Joe Wheeler out of his rights for his film and I remember feeling really bad for him because he was a filmmaker that was just beginning of his career and I think because of that hiccup has somewhat altered his continuation in making films at the moment but that has not stopped his dreams as from what I understand he is also great mixer of music specifically techno.Now do not quote me on that entirely because I do not know the full situation but I thought it had something to do with the music behind the project or something to do with the second film to this franchise but there it is, now I  shall try to describe this film to the best of my ability…

The film begins with a voice speaking of a manifestation of a man by the name of Jengo Hooper A cult leader and his followers as the Boise leads us to whatever Lord and Master that it believes as such. As the film goes on  it declares this film as a f*****-up exploitation film, and Super 8 being the type of film this was filmed on. After what seems to be a speech of some sort by a pastor or priest probably having to do with salvation we are introduced to a prisoner by the name of Jacob Weaver.   what’s interesting about this introduction is that you don’t really see what room that he is speaking from within it is like you see a silhouette against a background of images which makes the film more experimental and much more intriguing.

Jake explains that the reason why he is in this prison or at least brought to it is because he tried to kill himself for the voices inside of his head… What I like about this character is that he sounds kind of like Minnie Jones and I like Vinnie Jones voice it has brilliant British conviction whenever he is in an action film and there’s something I like about the dialect.

Back to the film Jake tells us that he found this demonic board where he summoned up a demon called Jengo Hooper… And the gates of hell… Doors began to open and close on their own and Jake begin to feel The Possession take place of this manifestation…

I think what I find most attractive about this bill as that is told in the first-person narrative so you are seeing the events of his tail Jake’s that is almost as he’s describing it as it is happening, and because it is filmed on Super 8 it’s like you are seeing memories… of a thought pattern.

In a sense I wish that I could have seen the first film The Rise of Jengo Hooper which was filmed in 2010 or 11,  so I could probably get a grasp on how the character had evolved but Jake continues to relate his nightmares that he has before he was committed 2 Broadmoor mental prison.   The first nightmare That he tells us about is of a woman in black who supposedly comes to his home or at least someone’s home and we only see the face of her victim once but it looks like she takes out an axe  and butchers this man to death… It is this reoccurring dream and the voice in his head that calls itself Jengo that seems the guy to him into killing people and filming them while he is killing them as we see His progression into how much control Jengo  has over him.

I don’t want to say too much about this film s I want others to check out the film,  I love the fact that it has random thought processes and even though it has repetitiveness it kind of throws the viewer in a sense on how you’d see the life of a paranoid schizophrenic while on acid.

If you would enjoy this kind of a film then I would definitely recommend it that you seek out  this film in some way shape or form. I for one would love to see more films from this filmmaker and would like to see him not discouraged Bai distributors taking advantage of him.  I would like to see more of his vision. Much of the film was in a sort of black and white maybe sepia but the way that this was interpreted is highly respected.

 Here is the trailer:

Starring Alan Baptiste as Nathaniel, Dustin Lee Burgess as Himself, Ben Chapman as Bath Victim 1, Share Cherrie as Shelly, Meaw Davis as Serena, Kai Destiny as Amber (as Mackai Harris), Les Hiett as Jengo’s face before it was cut away, Timothy Hoffman as Cult Member, Milli Inilla as Detective, Rosa Jeffery as
Mercedes, Jack Kendall as Himself, Stacey Leicy as Basement victim, Alize Levy as
Angel Destiny, Terry Noble as Homeless guy, Rebecca Olejniczak as Cindy, Narin Oz as Paula the band manager, Richard Percy as Detective, Mark Phillips as
Ritual man, Nettie Prentice as Callie (as Nettie Roldan), Michael Rawlings as
Bradley, Neil Reed as Anna Richardson
Wanda, Rocco as Himself, Dave Rodriguez as Abercio, Rob Sigston as Himself, Adam Smith as Dead Plumber, Jessica Velle as
Lela, Glen Heavy Wade II as Missing person (as Glen S. Wade II), Joe Wheeler as Jengo, Jason Wright as Smothered hole in the head Cop, Penny Judd as Innocent Polaroid Victim (uncredited).


Movies Galore Takes a look at director James Bell’s feature “Dogdick” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Very Fine Crap Videos director James Bell a filmmaker from Michigan who is very Underground but has become known for his specific style of atrocious caught on camera.   originally penned and titled as The White Trash Holocaust but now is titled Dogdick from 2013.

I can already tell that James Bell is a realist as well as one of the better guerilla filmmakers As his type of filmmaking is No Holds Barred basically peeling back the faces of the individuals that he films on tape in their natural habitat.  First I shall describe kind of what I see…


The film starts by us Hearing in the background a voice of a man who is discouraging a female voice from getting ice cream while we see a skinny man and a relatively larger woman sitting on a park bench, the skinny man having wrapped his arms around her and then the video feed Pan’s  in on a bees nest that looks like it’s infested with caterpillars, then we see a young woman who seems to be mildly disabled I’m not sure what kind of disability as it looks like it’s in between Williams syndrome and down syndrome probably more towards Down syndrome as Williams syndrome is often more recognizable in the face.  this young woman seems to be playing a baseball game on a Wii but if you look at her surrounding room it is a pigsty. The way that this young woman is portrayed and the surroundings in which she lives is a testament to the way some people live whether or not it is healthy is another thing and I would say that it is possible that poverty is a way of life for this young woman’s family,  her underwear is hanging halfway down her ass as the camera pans around the room you see cobwebs on wall decorations and you can definitely tell that there is mildew in certain areas of the room. I would have to say if this woman is underage or having mental health issues whoever is taking care of her is not doing a very good job.


So I would have to say in this documentary style of filmmaking and from what I understand this particular film is basically the reality of the situations that are or were in an apartment building that James Bell the director had actually lived so filming these real situations with these real images is more a sense of reality of the situations involved.

Next we have a factory woman who comes over in sweatpants and described as a funeral of either a close friend or a co-worker where she said that she had to dress up and that the man was cremated while we see images of a deer carcass when she talks about the body when The Cremation process…As well as I fully hung carcass of a rooster with its eyes out, neck stretched like it had been hanging for quite some time as well as a carcass of some kind that has one of those cement screws in its side, so there are obviously a lot of depictions of it different animals portrayed in various ways of death…  to an extent where Bell has been accused of animal cruelty for these exact depictions and from what I understand many of these animals were already dead and on display in some fashion as Roadkill so they Pretty much fall under fair use not that I’m saying it’s right in any way shape or form but it is depressing to see animals in such a way…


Next we see and hear someone is taking a bath and flicking their bloody stubbed toenail, In a dirty tub, Old dentures, clothes infested rooms, A bird in a nest that was not ready to fly has been taken down by an older woman forced to fly and then the events of trying to help ends up accidentally killing it in a throw to the air and after having landed stepped on it while trying to find it.

Next it appears that there is several men that are taped standing around talking to themselves, riding around on a bicycle in circles, muttering to themselves, and or several in motorized wheelchairs,  all displaying Potbelly’s Obliviously displaying that they don’t care what they look like in whatever mental state that they appear to be in. We see a disabled man in a motorized wheelchair that has had his battery run out being towed by a truck driver,  a gator carcass or a deer i can’t fully tell, homeless man singing for cash among various other visual images Like how is it entertaining for children to watch your mother’s belly jiggle I don’t get it.


Next we see life as it is In a town where are Carnival has been happening, a pus pocket being popped behind a woman’s ear,  what looks like squirrels being run over and splattered, That same nest that I thought was a beehive is actually a web of cocoons so Kinley made by caterpillars that is being lit on fire, A cat that has jumped from licking a toilet to licking a newly-born kitten of its blood from the womb, The Viking burial of Of kittens that didn’t survive the litter, the hammering death of a live mouse, I don’t want to tell everything because I want be able to let people watch it for themselves but what I do notice is that there are some various themes of levels of depravity that have to do with the homeless like the next  section has to do with that of the Apocalypse or at least the end of times and seeing that from the point of realism is an art form in itself. honestly I don’t know whether I was entirely entertained but if this is something that sounds like something that you would definitely watch seek the film out if you like. I personally wanted to watch it because I heard about the animal cruelty that went on in the film and I guess I have this curiosity That I have to kill, maybe one that wants to see how depraved and how graphic one can go. i would say this was a very random montage of a way of life for people that can’t fully help themselves as well as how vewry real death can be to mother nature…

Here is the trailer:


Movies Galore takes a look at director Mathew Mark Hunter’s debate anthology feature “Darkside Stories” from 2017!

Written by David Strege

Darkside Stories

Brought to us by MMH Productions is an anthology of three horror short films by beginning filmmaker Matthew Mark Hunter called Darkside Stories from 2017 which I became a producer of from its Kickstarter campaign.

The film consist of a wraparound story of a camping scene and three Tales of Horror that follows being Silver Bullets, Balloons and Late Fee.

The film begins as a group of six or seven friends start out on a camping trip, so we see some comradery between the friends before they meet up with their other friends so that they can go to whatever campsite that they are going to. I’m not sure whether Mr Furter  is a camp counselor or something like that but he appears to be the leader of this camping trip and as the boys gather wood while their friend Rick sets up the Tents the boys begin to talk about wanting to tell some scary stories by the campfire…

Ed begins to tell the story of Silver Bullets in which A young man by the name of Justice Yang wakes up rather tired by his mother when he hears a report on the television about a grisly murder that happened about the killing of two young girls.  His mother warned him about the weird stuff that is happening in the park and to be back by a certain time. Justice goes to meet his girlfriend in the park and they get harassed by an ex-boyfriend of hers, when they returned home because their parents are worried about them being out and about because of what seems to be happening Here’s where it’s weird it’s daylight and his girl’s father who seems to be a reverend and a doctor grills him about some medication that he must be taking everyday and that he mustn’t stop taking it. We then see Justice having trouble sleeping and then change into what looks like a werewolf as he goes out into the night.

Two neighborhood girls who are just passing by notice that something is wrong with him and then get attacked… The next day Justice runs into the ex boyfriend again only this time he’s got some other boys  with him and because he supposedly stole his girl he aims to be Justice up but in the midst of throwing some punches Justice changes into a wolf midday and kills again now the police are after him, his girlfriend knows that she’s dating a wolf and his mother finally Admits his father was a wolf as well,  he is a danger to himself and to others but I’m sure they weren’t expecting what happened next…

In Balloons which is told by the disbelieving of the story before this protagonist Holden, Little Juliet Anderson is talking to her goldfish when her mother steps into the room and tells her to wake her sister Becky so that they can have some breakfast  and eat some pancakes. It just so happens to be Juliet’s birthday and there are obviously some at home problems since some of the bills don’t seem to get paid and their mother makes Disappearing Acts with Paul and once again Paul calls their mother and she runs over to his place when technically she should be home with her youngest celebrating her birthday.   What I find kind of funny is the horror film that they the sisters decide to watch is actually She Was So Pretty which I can find the kind of fitting since the director of this Anthology was an actor in the sequel to Director Brooklyn Ewing’s underground Indie hit feature.

The first time I saw this anthology I wasn’t impressed but now that I’m going back and watching it again even though I produced it I like giving things a second chance and sometimes I have to grow into liking the film in my own way but the second story really hit home to me the second time that I’ve watched this.   Paul wouldn’t allow their mother to leave to go home to spending time with her daughter on her birthday and gave her a black eye but she left anyway. leaving Juliet Home Alone Had its consequences as their father had an old spell book among his belongings that Juliet has gotten into and she found a spell that would be able to get rid of the people responsible for her and her sisters unhappiness…  for some reason the story really hit home to me this time around and so far this was the strongest story we will see you after I watch the Third tale… Especially when Paul came back to their house looking for their mother and picked up a knife like he was going to get some more violent and then the balloons took care of the rest…

In the story Late Fee told by Sean, a young skinny looking kid named Brett is found asleep on the job behind the counter of a local Family Video by his boss Mr. Brenthworth and he is about to be fired but his boss gives him one more chance by working the late shift. There’s only one thing with zero To None sleep and giving the kid a gun what the hell did you expect him to do one being alone for many hours of the night…

So after the telling is foretold it would seem that after the boys had tried to top each other stories there was so much ego and testosterone flowing around then a fight ensued and the storytellers started to kill themselves some with a hatchet some with a blade and I think having someone killed as an actor who is also the director behind this whole Fiasco was kind of neat as well.

I would have to say because I know werewolf films pretty well that the first tail could have been active better let’s not lie to each other the storyline was decent but the acting was really bad and I believe on all of the actors involved in that first short but the last two stories and the wraparound we’re relatively strong and ultimately for a first-time effort of trying to put a decent anthology in an SOV  kind of style Are You Afraid of the Dark kind of Storytelling In the end wasn’t bad and I am glad that I was able to be part of the producing aspect. If you enjoy this kind of a film from what I have described about it I would say definitely see if you could hunt it down and check it out if you can if just for a one-time viewing. From what I understand Matthew is now working on a new short film called Nightmares Unleashed as he has just recently released a trailer.

Here is the trailer for Darkside Stories:

Starring William Abbot as Sheriff Roger, Zach Bonvenuto as Allen, Jennifer Brown as Emily Anderson, Kirizma Cieplinski as Lily Pondstomper, Autumn Cohara as Rebecca Anderson, Grant Guyton as Jacob Williams, Johnny Herbert as Kid 1, Phil High as Paul Newton, Matthew Mark Hunter Sr. As Mr. Furter, Matthew Mark Hunter as Ricky Furter, Olivia Jade as Natalie, Harley Kasper as Justice Yang, Noah Kenyon as Sean Amp, Anthony Liotta as Mike, Linda Lukat as Janet Yang, Nick Mowry as Bently the cop, Jovanny Ortiz as Holden Lorge, Leah Pajarillaga as Girl 1, Larry Patterson as Marcus the Cop, Holland Petway as Dave, John Polace as Brett, Devlin Pope as Mr. Brenthworth, Michelina Sajovie as Juliet Anderson, Mariam Sita as Girl 2, Carson Strnisa as Dr. Pondstomper, Jacob Washington as Michael, Zach Waterbury as Eddy Huff, Chris Wiggins as John Culver.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Cole Meredith’s fifth feature “The Last Great Horror Movie” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by shadows and Lovers productions is another Indie filmmaker from Wisconsin by the name of Cole Meredith which I am about to describe his latest film from 2016 The Last Great Horror Movie which is in fact their fifth film in the industry earlier films being Little Red Ryding Hood from 2013 and Shadows of Savenville among two other films.

I had to replay the beginning of this film to get exactly what I was saying but after understanding here goes nothing:  at first I was thinking that I was seeing a trailer of some sort and I was but it was a trailer of the man sitting on the couch watching which I assume is Mitch Scrim director of independent horror as he says of a film called “The Wake” in which he plays a character called Nebraska.The trailer on the other hand is of a previous film that evidently had an extreme amount of success called Old Saint Nick,  roughly about a serial killer Santa Claus.

Much of the film is in black and white which makes me feel like the film has a Feeling of being experimental in whatever state that Cole wanted to have the actors be in.   as scenes of the wake are filmed the actors and actresses that are involved with the film either Go missing or just as Scrim is arriving to a set location he is having a conversation with one of his female actors and she gets attacked  while on the phone.

Meanwhile Mitch has a girlfriend or a fiance and because he is getting upset with the film is putting a strain on their relationship because he almost has no time between editing. Much of the wake is about a man who created the comic book series called Vendon’s Anthem created by a young man called Seth Collins  as we witness the character that comes from the comic book comes to life who was wearing some kind of a raincoat with a hood covered in a mask. it is this character that seems to be going around and killing me actors and actresses off, not to mention in the very beginning Mitch’s sister has disappeared or at least runoff from him as he was used to her play in her piano and for some reason That’s relationship is slightly off.   I’d say for having a budget under 2 Grand this wasn’t a bad production and I am looking forward to what more Shadows and Lovers Productions has in store for us. For instance I enjoyed seeing someone that I know and who might have had discussions before with a man by the name of Mark the movie Man play the movie man with news For that previous film by the name of Old Saint Nick as he runs his own movie review stuff on YouTube and The Spoiler Room here in Upper Wisconsin.  I always recommend that you at least watch a movie Once before you decide against of them so it’s up to you in the end if you enjoy the film for what it is.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Margarita Turney as Jena, Jonah Curley as Shane, Jason Weihl as Seth/Vendon, Ayana Perry as Watts, Ray Kolenko as Angus, Mathew Beutler as Eric, Kate Rynes as Deanne, Andrew Anderson as The Stragler/ Colin, Elija Sky as The Hunter, Dan Peper as Santa, Jerrod Getz as The Strangler’s Victim, Mark Krawczyk as The Critic, Sundee Jones as Lead Stand-In Performer, Hamlet as Lucky, Drew Shonka as The Narrator, Frank Wildingway as The Producer, Cole Meredith as Mitch/ Nebraska/ Vendon, Elizabeth Olive Reynolds, Caleb Slemer, Elija Kolenko, Gabe Forsythe, Bruce Carey, Michael Ames, David Beutler, Zach Roth-Reynolds