Movies Galore takes a look at director John Johnson’s first feature “Shadowhunters” from 2004!

‘Written by David StregeShadowhunters

Brought To Us by Darkstone Entertainment director John Johnson who later on the Skeleton Key franchise Which I will eventually review the rest of these features down the road but before I attempted to review the rest I decided to go back to the beginning of his career with fresh eyes and hopefully a modern description of the film from my point of view and his first feature was called Shadowhunters now I have the copy that was distributed by Brain Damage films but after distribution with Brain Damage films the company dumped a lot of these films that they picked up into Pendulum Pictures a variant company of Mill Creek, 100 packs of films which were then split into four 50 packs, and then split up In two packs of 8 or 12 films apiece Because I’m not entirely sure but they could be six film packs but I have seen all of these multi packs around and I myself own the four 50 packs. As it turns out this first film of John Johnson’s can be found on the Tombs of Terror 50 pack.


This feature begins as a group of four men  Goose (Simmons), Ray(Smith), Murphy (Taylor) and Hudson (Johnson) are tracking down a creature and trying to save a woman from  a possession from this demon-like character, Malphaedor (Lilley). What I like about this film so far is that these four men seem to be a team on the side of the good against evil, as we learned that this beginning scuffle was 5 years ago so this part was filmed in black and white probably too discern that it was the past… The demon creature or whatever he is kind of sounds to me like Mr.. Smee from Hook or Crowley from Supernatural but I’m getting a sense of 1920s era G-Men In the days of Allan Pinkerton and his army of his own made men.    for in a sense in order to start putting hard criminals away America had to adapt to their own Extreme Measures as in Pinkerton and his Baltimore plot. if you know nothing about history, the Baltimore plot Was one of Pinkerton’s claim to fame where his detective agency foiled a plot to assassinate president Abraham Lincoln on his way to his first inauguration speech But as we well know they were not ultimately able to foil his actual assassination by James Wilkes Booth.


Enough of the history lesson them back to the film,  fast forward to the present day, Gooses laying low with Hudson when they get a call from Murphy to get over to Ray’s Place.  Either Ray or Murphy that begins to tell the group that he thinks that Malphaedor has resurfaced For in learning that a Hospital Was built on the fault line that they believe Harbors is spiritual energy and is in fact the location in which that they had dispersed the creature. Meanwhile it appears that the games are just about to begin as a group of sorority girls or shall I say pledges are marched into the hospital to spend the night as part of their hazing as it were with only toilet paper, Flashlights and bra and panties…  while The Shadowhunters that work for a society called the Inner Circle Gear Up to walk in on this madness…


This was just a fun film all around,  I feel like the actors and actresses had a lot of fun with their roles as there was a little bit of lunacy that had to be portrayed and I believe a lot of adult situations and killings being able to take a spiritual rape and turn it into a transference from body to body and having a little bit of twist in the end.   I like that everyone involved as an actor or an actress at least got a little bit of screen time so I feel it was equaled out. I will remember this film which is funny I enjoyed this feature better than I enjoyed the first Skeleton Key which was directed later I hate to say but the doctor in that film was quite hilarious.


John Johnson the director played the comic relief Hudson which i totally think was playing off a variation of Hudson Hawk in this feature so I definitely feel his stage presence especially when all he wants to do is use his gun.   my favorite line in the film had to do with scattered ass that was kind of a trip. though we really we’re dealing with a lot of special effects that were not CGI and blood that didn’t look entirely real I think that there was A great scene where it looked like  one of the boys heads got chopped off in a door, and then another scene where there was a choke race that was kind of comical where are the girls in charge of the hazing really got what they deserved. I felt that there was character and a history that could believed  I liked that the group’s leader was this totally serious guy who looks like he had no emotion which I believe his name was Murphy, and my favorite line from Goose is “ gone could be good or it could be Bad” there were definitely some one-liners in the film that were kind of fruity. it was just a simple submission anyways and besides you should be credited for what you’ve helped out on.  


I feel like all of the characters we’re strong in their own way so if this is a film that sounds like you would enjoy watching I would definitely say track it down for it is either alone or you can find it on Mill Creek’s Pendulum Pictures Tomb of Terror 50 pack But also right now on Amazon you can pretty much pick it up for seven bucks tops.Or if you wanted to on YouTube right now it is playing on Kings of Horror.  I definitely enjoyed the film there were definitely a lot of decent actors in this feature that I wouldn’t mind seeing again I mean come on kind of a Gangster Squad going up against a group of girls being killed by a demon that can transfer from body to body and they all just so happen to end up at the same Hospital….

Starring David Simmons as Goose, Ted Taylor as Murphy, William G. Smith as Ray (as Liam Smith), Rebecca Taylor as Sera, John Johnson as Hudson, Lincoln L. Lilley as Malphaedor, Paul Stark as Smollet, Francesca Forte as Sam, Lindsey Welch as Dara, Jason Whisman as Chris, Chris Riddick as Rob, Denise Davies as Megan, Michelle Raboteau as Marion (as Michelle Luz Raboteau), Sunshine Manderbach Johnson as Ginger (as Sunshine Manderbach), Megan Morton as Nancy, Laura Shareck as Trish, Anise Garrett as Possessed Girl (as Anisa Garnett), Denise Shrader as Bridgette, R.B. Smith as Lounge Singer, Angela Sullivan as Kimberly, Richard Smith as Lounge Guitarist, Matt Walker as Lead Zombie, Jonathan Plante as Background Zombie, Megan Schmidt as Slit Girl (scenes deleted), John VanPatten as Zombie, C.D. Jahncke as Bloxam, Nina Tepes as Brain Damage Intro Girl.

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