Movies Galore takes a look at three documentaries of director Heidi Moore’s fairly unique and different in their own way take a look!

Written by David Strege

Over a week ago when I said I was interested in checking out Heidi Moore’s newest documentary More Blood and having somewhat followed Dolly Deadly though not fully reviewing the film yet, at least attempting to follow it’s steady  course to Tromaville for its musical sequel for I had picked up Dolly Deadly from Legless Corpse Films in fact it was one of my last purchases with the distributor before Chad Armstrong’s untimely demise with cancer may he rest in peace. Having already reviewed the short films that I found that had preceded her feature film Dolly Deadly I found that she had already directed three other documentaries which as I believe that all  films deserve to be talked about I figured I would check out and describe these documentaries the best that I can so bear with me, documentaries are not my strong suit for they are normally about real subjects and there is ultimately inherently no real acting that I can describe.

To me describing a documentary Is more in the involvement of keeping my attention while being very explicitly to the point about whatever fax the  documentary is about. For example I have been subjected to documentaries my entire school life that are supposedly educational but have entirely bored me to death and put me to sleep because they put someone like Ben Stein in his dry eye commercials as a narrator and often having really old organ music so you’re drowning in a piss of information then that you can’t pay attention to.  Now I realize that documentaries are a great way to share information that is accurate and informational but some documentaries can be very off key and can go way off subject.

I like to be thorough, so I will try to describe these three documentaries that’s two of them have the subject matter of burlesque territory which is actually kind of cool because I podcast with someone who does burlesque on a daily given basis.

Showgirl Style

Now these are actually short documentaries the first being the longest and filmed in 2016 is called Showgirl Style.  Brought To Us by Wretched Productions in association with Kountry Kittens Burlesque which is a troupe of burlesque girls that are completely body positive meaning that they don’t always judge by looks and have to be a certain type of body weight in general but it is somewhat run by burlesque international performer Anni Boelyn, and Pollie Urathane since at least 2009, now I’m not exactly sure  when she gathered together a retreat called Showgirl Style in Twain Harte, California but it would seem that this is a great Avenue for women who want to get in touch with their sexuality get to relax and learn dance routines in a sort of meditative and natural environment. There are many ranges of women some of the mothers, retail people and some that believe that they were always feeling like they were the odd one out until they’re joined this retreat as we see there is a dance Workshop that is being taught by a young woman called Sabrina whom was another performer that was hired specifically to teach routines. Pollie’s role at this retreat was one of fitness where one of the workshops evidently dealt with keeping your body in shape and exercise.  This is where it seems the women someone felt uncomfortable because they were not used to using or doing what they called either twerking or Booty Poppin And the women ended up not feeling so awkward as they found out that it was not about how they looked and more about having fun while not feeling like prey… Miss Savvy I believe is another performer from Honalulu and runs Savvy’s Surf Shack and she was there hired at the retreat to teach these girls how to turn into a canary,  basically teach musical theater From cute Fosse numbers to Sweet Cherry’s Hey Big Spender.

Showgirl Style2

This documentary was really about how nervous some of these girls were before they  went into this retreat and how they realized in the end it wasn’t about how other people moved in their ways or how well others did  the movements or the singing of the tunes But in fact incorporate things that they already knew and have fun and relax. Miss Savvy also conducted a social media class or Workshop as it were for there is a lot of promotional value in how to get the word out on social media about your burlesque shows if you’re doing it independently or if you’re part of a troupe so in fact this is about empowering women to be able to teach them how to self Market themselves which if you’re in the burlesque field and you are already successful and I’ve had the experience like these ladies seem to have had it would seem that this retreat was very helpful to these ladies and getting them ready for the world with their Empowerment and sexuality.  

I felt that this was very informative about the behind-the-scenes work of what a burlesque woman sometimes has to go through in the sense that I could almost call  this Showgirl Style retreat a kind of burlesque bootcamp so to speak and whether this retreat is still going on yearly I do not know but it really does look like that these women who went on this  retreat learned a lot and I think there are some perspectives that I believe the modern burlesque woman could actually take away from this documentary a certain confidence that they can do just as well.

I think the film was shot well,  I felt that there were definitely some  pretty decent footage of some dance routines and some workouts and how it seems this retreat was handled. In the end I enjoyed watching this documentary and I would definitely recommend that if this film sounds like something that you would watch seek the film out if you can.   I would like to think that this retreat is actually still being practiced the women behind the workshops Miss Savvy, Sabrina , Anni Boelyn and Pollie Urathane all seems like they were very into what they do and do not seem like if they banded together again that they would quit when it seems like they accomplished so much…

Starring in Showgirl Style: Anni Boelyn as Herself, Miss Savvy as Herself, Pollie Urathane as Herself.


The 2nd documentary that I’m going to discuss is also from  Wretched Productions here we have a man from India By the name of Gora Chand Saha.  Heidi Moore calls this short under six minute documentary Gora: The Man and the Legend. not even though I didn’t find the spelling very informative,  I find that this documentary emitted a very different reaction that I thought it was actually inspiring but I also feel that this was a practice at seeing what she could film in a very short time but also because I think that in meeting Gora is hard not to take pity Upon A man so excited about finally getting into acting at the age that he is in. I would say that the biggest problem this documentary has is because Gora seems to act so weird in over the top that this almost makes me feel like this is a mockumentary that a documentary because he doesn’t exactly protrude seriousness you have to see the documentary yourself to understand.   


it’s hard for me to take Gora seriously from just seeing this and he’s supposedly been in a short film that I know that I own and I have not reviewed yet Called n=Night of the Sea Monkey:  A Disturbing Tale But there is something about it the way he excitedly speaks which comes Office to me a little bit b acting and henceforth the reason why I can’t take him entirely too seriously because it makes me feel like this story isn’t entirely true but I know that he knows telling that his way  and the way that he is talking about his life it’s more like he’s telling a story but then again this might just be the way that he is in general so because of that natural excitedness might make him the better b actor even though small the parts Maybe.


I will say that I also enjoyed this documentary if more because I felt Gora  is in fact a very goofy man and if this is the truth about how excited he is and if this is how he really is then I apologize for not fully believing him but that’s not to say this Wasn’t a good documentary exploring the kind of person that he is from his own words.   Again if this film sounds like something that you would like to watch then I would definitely say go seek it out. I enjoy the film for what it is.

Starring in Gora The Man And The Legend: Gora Chand Saha as Himself.

Tucker Noir

The 3rd documentary that I wants to discuss here is Tucker Noir Filmed in 2017 with Wretched Productions where we are introduced to Noel Julian-Anker a drag King Sweetheart from Northern California while he is Hosting Chico California’s  2016 Gay Pride weekend.

Noel goes into explaining in the beginning of the film one of her greatest influences being Vesta Tilly part of a husband and wife  routine where her husband produced the stage numbers and supported his wife as a drag King in which the husband was knighted by the Queen of England for women at that time could not be knighted.


Noel goes into explaining how all the while she was growing up she had never had the figure of a girl and did not grow breasts like the rest of the women her age,  so she always felt like the odd ball out knowing that she had a more manly physique she decided to try wearing men’s clothing one night at a club and her dressing and drag like man just grew from there and hence transforming herself into the stage name Tucker Noir. The thing that got me is that she was teased that she looked like a boy and then it seems that she took that persona just that one step further and made it entertaining  and entertainment for others. She said she came up with the name Tucker because a lot of drag queens do this thing called tucking and the way that she was going about and choreographing Dance routines we’re so Noir …

What I got out of this documentary so  To speak is that in becoming Tucker and putting on the shows that she does as this fantasy of a man that she has created A Persona in which to become something and someone totally different than herself that in fact she found confidence in while being on stage while she was Tucker and he Becomes Her backbone in everything she does on a normal given basis. Though I myself do not entirely understand why people would want to dress a different way or love a difference in gender,  I am open and aware in understanding that people will be Exactly how they want to be loved who they want to love no matter how wrong or how right you grow up believing otherwise. This is also a changing world for sexuality, There was an underworld lying in the burlesque, sense of the world that is now more than ever shining its light And being brought out on display anytime you see a show. No matter the gender nor the roles that are portrayed buy a person or actress or actor on stage it is an accomplishment to have fun no matter what and you can see from the little clips of Tucker being on stage at this gay pride festival that he is in her own element.


On a different level I enjoyed watching this film  though I am not exactly endorsing that anyone should go out and dress and drag become a king or become a Queen in the world of burlesque if this is the kind of activity That helps you on the way to your happiness then have at it and Have fun. If this sounds like a film that you would watch down the road then I suggest that you seek the film out if you can.   I enjoyed the message that was displayed that drag is about Requiring you to own your awesomeness and put it on display for everyone no matter whether you look like a fool or not so long as you entertain…

Starring in Tucker Noir: Noel Julian-Anker as Herself.

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