Movies Galore takes a look at director Dataman’s “Swordsman After Art” animated Short film from 2017!

Written by David Strege

Swordsman after art

Brought To Us by Troceleng Studios Director Dataman aka Joona Kooperoinen is the second animation project called swordsman After Art from 2017.

The animation begins as a Swordsman is  Journeying on a one way road when he comes across another man who is bawling his eyes out because  a doll of his had gotten stuck up in a tree so The Swordsman with his Speed and Agility jumped up the tree into the air and grab the  doll down for the man. the man thinked The Swordsman but warned him of his weird brother.

Well the brother had Brothers that were strange there was one that guarded a bridge with a chair for a weapon.

it is soon that we become aware that the Swordsman is after a fire headed man who had stolen smart from the town of serenity.  soon after The Swordsman Crosses the bridge guarded by one of the brothers The Swordsman is accosted by a ninja and it is over the course of this journey after this fire headed man that the same Ninja interrupts him each time.

the fire headed man  ends up going to bribe a man who knows how to fight to kick the swordsman’s ass but the swordsman is ultimately smarter and survives But sheds his identity of who he is to the townsfolk of serenity.   for once The Swordsman had been of high esteem but he had gotten one of the royal women pregnant so he was banished and Outkast and it was soon that he became an older man with silver hair and it was sent that he dyed his hair black to look younger. this story was told to be young Ninja.

Meanwhile The Swordsman when after the fire headed man and when it looked dire for The Swordsman he was able to deceive that he had been hurt by a bottle of ink an old trick of the trade but in defeating the fire headed man the piece of art that he had been tasked to retrieve had started to sail away in a hot air balloon that the red headed man had been about to escape in. While this incident has been going on the young Ninja had disappeared after the old Swordsman and when you thought that there was going to be a showdown between the two the young Ninja spoke up to the old Swordsman and called him father and as it turns out the young Ninja is actually a female so is really his daughter.

I’ll be honest though I am glad that I have watched this animation though I wasn’t as impressed with this animation as I was with Lin! Forest of Hatred.  I could very much tell that much of this animation was crayon or pastel coloring though I liked how the characters moved and that the mouths moved in sync with the words.   It did kind of feel like this story should have been a little longer like he was trying to stuff a longer Story in. It seemed somewhat discombobulated and thrown together but this being said I still love the style though I wasn’t as impressed or entertained and the story seemed somewhat choppy.

I believe that this film was doing the best that it could do to tell something of a tall tale like this.  I hate to say anything negative about a film When I still half enjoy it. Not everyone is going to have my point of view either. If this film sounds like something that you might be into then definitely see if the film out it is definitely not the worst and it is definitely not the best film in the world but it was entertaining to watch And I hope that no matter what that Dataman does not take this review at all negatively Because there is definitely a story to be told in this.  I will let the viewer decide.

Starring Tyler Armstrong as Old Dude / Crowd, Louis Badalament as Street Boxer, Dani Chambers as Nice Nurse, Dataman as Thief, Trina Deuhart as Mother / Daughter, Terry Fairchild as Street Boy, Paul Hikari as Three Brothers, Silent Jo as Kunoichi, Matti Mali as Swordsman.

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