Movies Galore takes a look at director J. M. Stelly’s Feature “Within Madness” from 2015!

Written by David Strege

Within Madness

Brought To Us by Anatomica Productions director J. M. Steely and distributed by Legless Corpse Films is the film based on actual events that mixes found footage width 16 mm Art House footage from 2015 called Within Madness.

Filmed mostly in black and white with some clips of color we see images of women getting tied up, slashed and beaten, Where some women are being the aggressor and some women being the victim…. We are introduced to a man by the name of Donovan Summers as these are supposedly video diaries of a man who had eventually gone down the path of being the Killer or monster that he is…

In the course of us learning how he thinks he tells us about his mother in various Snippets where where it appears that it’s very possible that his mother might have been his first victim for it is here that he describes love as being equal to atonement which means to him that loving meant giving up something that either one he could not do or was unable to feel more like a punishment…

Within Madness3

In the background while we are listening to his story we begin to see a master and his slave, the master beating his slave  while the slave is seen telling the master to fuck her To have his way with her almost like a come hither egg-on so the pain we see inflicted is presumed to be wanted… which is often the case with such people who have such fetishes, the more pain that is inflicted upon the person that is being submissive the more that it wants the reason why I describe a person being submissive is that once you give in to the pain or the pleasure that one allows one to be inflicted upon,  you are almost a thing an it, in a sense you pass On into being less of a human almost animalistic of nature for you are one’s pet, submissive to one’s dominant side you are almost close to being property.

Eventually this Donovan (Story) relates to us about either a noisy dog that is a Neighbors or a Noisy Neighbor themselves and ultimately about a girl that he has met by the name of Brandy and I believe he tells us of how much he likes her at first but then he learns that she has a boyfriend and we can see how jealous Donovan becomes as we start to see that he has tied up a woman which we now presume is Brandy and we watch as he asks her why she didn’t tell him that she had a boyfriend when he thought that they were becoming a thing as in boyfriend and girlfriend especially when there was physical touching from her to him and to some people when you physically touch someone it means something to them.

when you’re not much touched in a way that has an emotional attachment behind it like even that of a touch on an arm or a pat on the back when when you’re not used to such friendly terms I can see how easily one could take it as being more, so with the various images that show up that look like they could be black and white Skin Flicks that could be considered ruffies where we see various women being tied up once again,  the way that this film made this Donovan character appear to be is a psychopath and his slow downward spiral into that just one crack that one step that one person can take into the crazy, the madness with him… as he begins to describe that demons tell him to do all of this…

Within Madness2

If you are looking for an action film or pretense of some build up to something more extreme I would say that this is not your phone I would say the build-up is actually more in the dialogue you are getting a look into the mind of this individual,  the background between the master and the slave along with the various BDSM clips definitely spice up the footage, but there is a message, a message that this man is going mad and he has demons in his mind the tell him to do these violent things, and what people will see is monster… this is a man that knows that he is becoming a killer, Or knows that he is already a killer but has decided to videotape his thought process while he is transforming  into the sociopathic nature that he has intended to share… Unfortunately because there really is no action and because you don’t really know whether he kills his intended victim which is Brandy at the moment, makes this more of an exploratory narrative which again if you’re not into listening so much as seeing and understanding some of the subliminal imagery that may have meaning someplace else like I believe that some of the imagery was to show some of the emotional pain that was strained upon by  Donovan’s mother and his suggestiveness that it was possibly him that terminated her life without really saying so…

I would like to say the film made its point, the director went out of his way to videotape his actors character’s ramblings and tried to be the found footage film but ended up being something else entirely with random imagery. If this feature sounds like something that you might be into then I suggest that you seek the film out. I enjoyed the imagery that was intertwined to tell the story that was told even though it took a while to get to the somewhat point  abstract though it may be I was entertained, as far as acting I don’t think a lot of acting goes into narrated films such as this but there was a lot of editing that was involved in the piecing together of the imagery and those images is a form of Art not unlike that of the Rorschach test… I think everyone should at least give this film a chance if you don’t like it that’s you…I will say that there were a lot of visuals that made it look gory… there is a darkness in the character that I wouldn’t mind seeing again… I enjoyed it for what is was… unique.

Here Is the trailer:

Starring Kaci Champion as Brandy, Jessica Dickerson as Slave (as Jessica Dickory), Keegan Macy as Donovan (Vision), Terry Pitre as Master, Matt Story as Donovan Summers.

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