Movies Galore takes a look at director Adam LeHouillier’s feature The Backslide (2018)

My name is Katie Kadaver and I’m a body positive horror artist, plus size alternative model and burlesque performer and producer in Milwaukee, WI. I’ve also been the makeup artist for horror punk band Ratbatspider, since 2015. My experience with movies comes though my work as a Deadgirl with the horror tv show, Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics, as a Tromette for Troma Entertainment and as a regular contributor to the weekly podcast, Inside Movies Galore.

The following is my first film review for Movies Galore and the first review for the independent romantic comedy, The Backslide, written and directed by Adam LeHouillier, who actually cast me in his first horror feature, Guts on the Ceiling (1999). (That role is currently uncredited.)

LeHouillier meets the mark with this honest and hilarious look at a horrible relationship between a meter maid and a fanny pack designer, that refuses to die. The tagline says to see it with your ex and I’m excited to report that my ex was in fact in attendance for this one (and also created the Justifiable Pictures logo – Shout out to Pat Schaefer Art).


A film by Justifiable Pictures, written and directed by Adam LeHouillier.

What begins as the hyperbole of a perfect match between two twenty-somethings, in the quaint town of Los Angeles, quickly deteriorates into a break-up that sparks desperate pleas from friends on both sides of the couple-ship, to run away and never look back… except they do, in the most hilarious way.

Painfully-average Shawn (Justin Marshall Elias) and style-challenged Lindsey (Atlee Feingold) are lovebirds in the city of Angels, who realize, upon dating for a year, that they’re just not feeling it anymore. In hopes of finding happiness elsewhere, the couple splits and Lindsey gets her own place in the valley. After a short time apart, loneliness sets in and the estranged couple becomes reacquainted with one another, to the sounds of Jingle Bells, in the back seat of Shawn’s car, following a run in at the local watering hole. This “one night stand” quickly becomes a “backslide” as the two fully rekindle their relationship, much to the dissatisfaction of their respective friends, Big Joe (Ron Ramsey) and Angie (Beau Dawson). These two light up the periphery of this clever storyline, with their larger than life personalities, laughable anecdotes and comical quirks. A very colorful supporting cast, which includes Michael J. Sielaff, (The New Girl, Workaholics, Maron) Kimberly Jurgen (Good Samaritans, The Night Stalker, Bones) and Brianna Oppenheimer (The Trail, Honey Pot, Late Bloomer) take full advantage of their characters’ idiosyncrasies and exploit them hilariously. The hits keep coming with a script full of both subtle and overt gags that deliver the kind of humor and amusement necessary of a romantic comedy that works as well as this film does. LeHouillier definitely aims high and this feature reflects that. Few independent comedies pack the punch that The Backslide does, in terms of a well written script, delightfully campy characters and overall consistency throughout the film.

LeHouillier’s dedication, experience and aptitude for commendable film making, are showcased by his ability to bring the struggles of modern romance to life in a humorous and at times, disgustingly hilarious, way. Relate-able, entertaining and overly giggle-worthy, The Backslide is a perfect date movie for those couples who can’t seem to get it quite right, or for anyone at all.

(5/5 stars) Would recommend


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