Movies galore takes a look at director Michael Weber’s short film “The OP” from 2010!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Dirty Jobs Films is a Noir black and white short film directed by Michael Weber and written by Ross Bigley and the director in 2010 as it follows the murder of a wealthy Beer Baron By the name of Vanderhouse and the job falls to The OP which happens to be the name of our film.

The  OP who is played by Michael Weber starts his investigation with the wife of Vanderhouse played by actress Pamela Brown who seems to come off rather strong on the flirtation with the detective who was hired by Mrs. Vanderhouse herself so like a good detective he goes around and interviews the people who might have been in  and around the house the time of the murder.


I like that the spelling was done in them Dragnet type of style since this film was set in the 30s it was very much believable that this was set in this time frame probably due to the type of car that the hired help Was working on as well as the type of car that The OP  was driving. I think this film goes to show how someone can deduce the idea of a crime from knowing the force of that which could possibly kill someone as well as knowing the people involved in the crime and then deducing from there what may or may not have happened.


I will say that even though you only see him for a matter of seconds Rex Sikes (A Dubious Night) who also from what I gather did quite some post production work behind  this film but played one of the many lovers of the Mrs. Vanderhouse as Utz. But I’ve always enjoyed just a plain who-done-it mystery where everyone is a suspect The fact of which the main character being the OP Ends up in the bed of one of the possible killers and being able to figure out exactly what happened just by speaking to everyone involved I have to say the ending was comical.


Without knowing where this was going at first, this was a very odd film but I’ll have to say that this is my second favorite of the Dirty Jobs films that I have seen.  I thought the acting was brilliant with all the actors involved and I would love to see more short films done in this manor for this brings back memories of black and white films with James Cagney or even Perry Mason. One of the things that I enjoyed about this film the most was the tongue and cheek Parts between the detective and Mrs. Vanderhouse when he was describing the scene of the crime there was an almost eroticness involved as he stood very close while he was bringing his hand up to her neck and explaining that it could only be a man…


If it sounds like you might enjoy this film then I would definitely recommend that you seek the short film out. It was under ten minutes and I’m glad that I was able to get to watch it.

Starring Michael Weber as The Op, Pamela Brown as Mrs. Vanderhouse, James Fletcher as Rodney, James J. Gallagher as Thornton, John Van Slyke
Vanderhouse, Rex Steven Sikes as Utz.

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