Movies Galore takes a look at director David Palmieri’s feature “Captain Battle: Legacy War” from 2013!

Written by David Strege

Captain Battle

Before I got into reviewing David Palmieri’s Witchcraft movies that he directed back to back with David Sterling and his slasher film Claw I wanted to go back and check-out his live action film made from and inspired by a comic book hero from the Golden Age of comics which was featured in Lev Gleason’s Silver Streak Comics from the 11th issue till about the 23rd issue. Well produced by David Sterling Entertainment in association with St. James Films LLC. along with Tom Cat Films is a feature-length live action film probably the first associated with Captain Battle being that it is Palmieri’s  Debut film called Captain Battle: Legacy War from 2013.


The film begins somewhere in rural America Where it appears a man is giving up Nazi swastika sign on a paper that says catch us if you dare and a man in a ninja Hood with what looks like an Uzi is shooting back at the man who seems to have just a handgun… Ultimately the man with the handgun thwarts the vehicle and the man on the motorcycle behind him but is caught by surprise buy a bazooka for evidently he was carrying some important papers or something like that and the men that killed him laid a Nazi flag over his dead body…

Private Sam Battle is a rookie in his platoon,  as far as we know his female Commander and himself we’re just going on a routine mission when it appears some men who look like their from the Taliban or at least Some men that look like their middle eastern and one of them is carrying the bomb with a detonator,  Sam gets stabbed and gets brought to his medic friend Brandon Storm who is also kind of a scientist who has been experimenting privately with some kind of serum, the head general in charge knows about these experiments and in a Split Second orders that Sam be injected with this secret experiment serum since in any matter of minutes Sam could possibly die.  So he does.


Three months later Sam is alive and has a ripped body that he has never had before when his friend Brandon Storm  stops over and brings him back to his place to tell him about the serum that he was injected with and shows him the research, so far as We Know he’s had some amazing healing capacity. And after Sam had left Brandon was offered to help on a team of stem cell researchers.

Meanwhile a couple of guys went to a club a strip club and kidnapped one of the main dancers and brought her back to what is considered and called a breeding house.  Women are raped repeatedly until pregnant, pregnancies are aborted and then the process starts over again as a way to harvest stem cells. Battle learns about the hooded League a group of guys probably Rogue criminals masquerade in Black capes using Nazi paraphernalia and propaganda From Brandon storm sister who just so happens to be a newspaper journalist.


The next morning when Jane, Brandon’s sister and Battle arrived back at Brandon’s hotel room  they find the room ransacked and the door somewhat ajar and Brandon nowhere to be seen…

By then Jane Storm has connected the dots About who Sam’s father was John Battle a man it was known to another newspaper man at her job as a vigilante of sorts but one who did the job that police could not which is take down criminals first hand  and that there was a conspiracy that is Father didn’t just die in a car crash that he was in fact murdered.


After finding this out Jane was kidnapped by the hooded League to be held in order to control Brandon integrating a serum that would bring back the Fuhra himself Adolf Hitler and his first in command Heinrich Himmler All led by the beautiful Femme Fatale The Necromancer In order to take down the Americans with their Nazi army.   Can Captain Battle take up the reins that his father once led, save Jane and Brandon from the Nazi’s and save the world from World War 3 and the fourth Reich.

I actually thought the acting in here wasn’t too bad,  grant it the fighting sequences could have looked or at least been portrayed better than using slow motion action but Cuyle Carvin wore the suit well as far as action heroes go he had a souped-up car, friends that could help him and only when someone he cared about was in jeopardy did he seem to go to an extreme against these Nazi thugs. I think that this was very believable, I also think that this was intended to have more than just one film for the way it ended which means it might have been originally made to be part of a series and if it had had a bigger budget I imagine that it would have had maybe a better receiving.  


I actually Relatively enjoyed this comic book hero and wouldn’t have minded a sequel if one had come from it. I think the character development was pretty stable, the storyline was somewhat believable and because stem cell research at the time was relatively huge and being that this was made somewhat after the war in Iraq I believe some of the statements about having the troops coming home was something that people were thinking at the time so I believe it was current as well as trying to be true two I believe the comic but I also think that this film was a try rebooting the character.  In a sense this character reminds me of Captain America in a way so to me they have similarities. If you enjoy this kind of a film as I enjoy superhero films just like the next person then I suggest that you somehow seek this film out I certainly found this film entertaining.

Here is the trailer:


Starring Cuyle Carvin as Sam Battle / Captain Battle, Andrew J McGuinness as Brandon Storm (as Andrew McGuinness), Marlene Mc’Cohen as Jane Storm, Jenny Allford as Necromancer, Pete Punito as Steve Kelly, Sean Fletcher as Rick, Christopher Senger as Tank, Todd James Jackson as Heinrich Himmler (as Tod James Jackson), Abby Wathen as Claire, Scott R. Wright as Neville (as Scott Wright), Julian Starks as Colonel Weiss, Sari Melain as Private Dokes, Ken Van Sant as Sam’s Father (as Ken VanSant), Kimberly Spencer as Hispanic Woman (as Kim MacKenzie), Genna Mc’Cohen as Marine Nurse, Will V. Moore as Undercover Cop (as William Moore), Augusto Valverde as Cop #2, Darell Wilson as Bouncer, Tracie Douglas, Brian Peck as Skinhead #1, David Palmieri as Skinhead #2, Eric Rasmussen as Skinhead #3, Georgie Halali, Marc Anthony Revivo as Assassin #2, Tom Newth as Jonathan Battle (as Tom von Logue Newth), Mindy Robinson as Anna, Marie Barforough as Marine Nurse (uncredited).

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