Movies Galore takes a look at director Albert Pyun’s feature “Interstellar Civil War: Shadows Of The Empire” from 2017!

Wrtten by David Strege


Brought To Us by Curnan Pictures with Sound Logic Studio’s and Persistence Films in association with producers Cynthia Curnan and Brad Thornton being directed by a legend in independent film Albert Pyun of Nemesis, Cyborg and The Sword and the Sorcerer and of recently Abelar fame Is a science fiction action and political film that seems to be larger than life but done on a  small-scale.

Much of the film was filmed probably in a room with a ton of green screens they don’t have to be green but you can almost create a holographic digital image in order to create your locations and I’ve noticed that In some Independent films lately I’m going to mention a few like Badass Monster Killer and before that Planet of the Vampire Women directed by Darin Wood somewhat recently in 2011 and 2015. Another director that I have known to have used a similar design just not on such a grander scale is the director of Doctor.Mabuse and Doctor Mabuse: Epitomar directed by Ansel Faraj  under Alpha Video and I’m mentioning these films because these are films that have used green screens in a similar manor at least the type that I’m trying to describe. As i understand it Abelar: Tales of an Ancient Empitre was filmed in a similar scope as well.

The film itself is called Interstellar Civil War:  Shadows of the Empire also having been called Guardians of the Future. In the film we have a race of beings or factions that are led by an Empress played by Ellie Church (Sex Babes From Outer Space) by the name of No-Bu Which it seems her guiding force is a group of women that call themselves Buo something or other It is hard for me to remember the exact name but these are group of Mystics that consider themselves to be precognitive.  

Which means that they believe that they can control exactly what happens in the future.  much of the first half of the film is political where we see the mystics that appeared to be the Council  for the empress over a planet called Endor which apparently is in turmoil over some rash decisions of the empire which means that there is rebellion and the rebel alliance is led by Kindo-Ker another Mystic who knows some dark energy which is exactly why this group of Mystics is set against destroying Kindo-Ker and Squelching the Rebellion and it’s midst.

I want to say that I’m getting some what  of a George Lucas’s Star Wars meets Frank Herbert’s Dune kind of vibe because every so often there are quotes from the empress No-bu and for some reason the group of female Mystics that I a for mentioned kind of remind me of the Bene Jesuits that predicted the Kwisatz Haderach in the world of Dune.

Much of the dialogue was done with much seriousness to the extent that I feel could probably turn a lot of viewers away but bear in mind it gets better as we find out that there is a plot that was sentenced over a hundred years ago by these Mystics,  some kind of DNA that can turn into a virus, and the film even it explores an act of rape which starts the intergalactic War to begin with.

The reason why I say don’t give up on this film  it’s for the stellar performance which I believe Was put on by actor Brad Thornton (Sorcerer) who played the character Captain Starslayer Burk, one of the main characters who was part of the mission to retrieve that certain someone that had created the entire War to begin with. Brad Thornton reminds me of a ripped version Adrien Brody except he has more of a Snake Plissken attitude.  I think that this film is ready to rock the science fiction atmosphere of this Film Community. If you enjoy this kind of film all I have to say is look to the Stars… I didn’t want to say too much about the film as this was the premier of the film which was at the Times Cinema here in Milwaukee which was a festival feature at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival. So far that I have heard the Twisted dreams Festival put on a kind of old fashioned spookshow this last weekend and from what I hear is heading into its fourth season.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Brad Thornton as Captain Starslayer Burk, Clare Hoak as Ren-Bergman, Jennie Carroll as Abrami-Kenedi, Ellie Church as Empress No-Bu, Paul Gunn as Sergeant Lobo Katz, Kelsey Carlisle as Lord General Oward Kazan, Ashley Campbell as Corporal Jule Watts, Nathan Ferrier as McQuarrie, Cat Cakmis as Leah C6, Christopher Curnan as I. L. Motion, Moorea Wolf as Paladian Assassin, Paige Lauren Billiot as Officer Edwards, Madeline Brumby as Kasdai Lawrence, Josef Cannon as Doctor Lanno Calro, Daniel Faust as Colonel Hans Tremolo, Joei Fulco as Agent JC-ZC4, Miranda Kwok as Sgt. Lili Samaela, Glenn Maynard as Kindo-Ker, Dru-Anne Perry as  Doctor Lucas, Nick Rush as General Ryan, Shane Ryan as Captain Duo, Fulvia Santoni as Maanu-Agu, Anastasiya O. Vasilyeva as Sara-Micheal Ker (as Anastasiya Vasilyeva), Tommie Vegas as An-Jo.

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