Movies Galore takes a look at director Spencer Ortega’s Short film “Balloons” from 2014!

Written by David Strege

Balloons directed by Spencer Ortega

I’m not sure of the production company for this short film that I am about to describe but I do know  the director’s name and where the film was filmed, it was filmed in Milwaukee and is part of the UWM film class. So I do believe it is a student film.

I bring to your attention the short film Balloons.  it is more of a visual and inspirational as well as uplifting.   The camera zooms in on a boy line on a table in a doctor’s office,  the doctor is probably trying to explain the bad news that her son will not be able to walk.  we see a balloon pass over his head and as it does we see that the boys life has fast forwarded to his young life as a man.  As a man he has created a brace for himself in order to be able to stand up and walk straight, he attaches the balloon to a pulley and rope system attached to his brace so we see him use the balloon I believe as a security blanket to walk down the stairs, and right out the door, down the street,  across the bridge until he stops by an alley where he sees himself in a window. suddenly the balloon takes off and disappears and the man loses his balance and falls only to realize a young girl with the same problems is standing right where the balloon had led him to.


I think and feel that this film is very uplifting especially to those who have disabilities like myself.  In fact I believe that everyone on this Earth has some form of a disability if there’s something that you cannot do weather riding a bike or just solving a simple math problem you have a disability. to me that’s what it disability is it defines something that you just cannot do and even what Society calls a normal person cannot do everything and is not perfect. I think this film is about achieving the impossible even if it looks like you cannot.   this one was shot well and I believe accomplished what it said out to achieve. if this film sounds like something that you would seek out and watch definitely going to do so I would recommend that you do. I was entertained once again.

Starring Jared Dutelle as Young Boy, Kim Dutelle as Mother, Mike Dutelle as Doctor,
Daniel Lindsay as Young Man, Meredith Milburn as Young Woman.

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