Movies Galore takes a look at director Ron Purtee’s Short film “Indoor Air” from 2014!!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by director Ron Purtee Of Wisconsin’s web series The Social Media Massacre which eventually became one film and Becoming Undead the short film is another zombie short film that gives a small punch called indoor air. I think it really helped Ron to have the star of Travis Legge’s Bloom As a woman who doesn’t know what to do with her captive.


The film begins in a garage  as we see Kara (Baker) sitting on the floor in front of a man tied to a wheelchair or some kind of chair.  Kara is almost crying because she can’t believe how her husband or lover I don’t know which But his name is Roger (Nichols).  Now you can see this film two different ways for there are two different versions in the first you watch as she talks to the creature in the chair talks about their life and how it was and why he had to turn into what he is and then of course we hear a gunshot so we assume that she kills me.  


In the second version which is the version that the director likes more and seems to be more popular amongst the festival’s you see the same thing except all you here is the breathing and the groaning of the creature Roger which takes it to a different level where you see it from his point of view.   Ron believes that this silent version is his better felt version. I kind of like both in their own way. with the sound you hear what she says and you expect that she has offed whatever creature is sitting in front of her in the silent version you wonder what she is saying but see what he is thinking by his expressions and his moaning you can almost understand his language even though he isn’t saying much of anything at all. This was just a small taste and I enjoyed the film  and hope that if you enjoy films like this that you will seek the film Out for yourself. I would definitely recommend let you do, I was entertained.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Deann Baker as Kara, Brandon Nichols as Roger.

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