Movies Galore takes a look at director Christopher Ambriz’s Short film “Pen” from 2011!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Night Creature Productions in association with Eyecon Productions is a short film  directed by Chris Ambriz (Dark Blood of the Vampires and Muerte: Tales of Horror) by the name of Pen half in subtitles from 2011.

A lady by the name of Ophelia (Bazen-Towns) is sewing some kind of a doll at a table in a flea market typesetting,  there is a pen on the edge of her table that a man walks up to and asked to buy, she refuses. The man known as Eloy (McCann) offers up  even a lot of cash for the pain and the lady calls him a name and still refuses. As he is walking away another man who had seen that he had offered cash and said that he would grab the pen for him,  so the man did and gave Eloy the pen for the cash.

Eloy gave the pen to his girlfriend or sweetheart Gina (Golden) whichever you may call her for her graduation.  As soon as the Gina picked up the pen, she became possessed took the pen to the bathroom and pulled out a gun and shot herself leaving a note behind her in Spanish what she does not speak nor write.


Almost the same thing happens to Eloy’s friend once he gets near the pen,  only this time the two men fight and somehow a knife ends up in this throat.  Ultimately Eloy, goes back to the lady at the flea market and demands what is happening,  she responded that she had warned him that the pen was special and it was he who now has the bad luck… Eloy kills the lady Ophelia and she comes back as some kind of zombie telling him that he doesn’t have the right to take the souls only she does…

In this film I thought the acting was okay,  the storyline is kind of a Drag Me to Hell kind of vibe meets Stephen King’s  Thinner and the thing that I Enjoyed the most about this film is the makeup for when the lady turned as she was more of a voodoo type of woman.  For some reason I really liked her character in this. If this film sounds like something that you would like to seek out definitely do so. I would definitely recommend you at least give it a try. I was entertained.

Starring Will McCann as Eloy, John Ellis as
Detective, Jessica Lee Golden as Gina, Paul Droutsas as David, Dale Stephan as Thief, Berna Bazan-Towns as Ophelia.

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