Movies Galore takes a look at director Joe Sherlock’s “Odd Noggins” Remake from 2015!

Written by David Strege

Odd Noggins

Odd Noggins was actually the first film that I’d actually seen by Skullface Astronaut director Joe Sherlock which as it turns out is a remake of his film of the same name from the year 2000, I picked up three or four films of his  and this was the first that I had saw from this unique independent director coming from the year 2000.


First of all we have a woman dreaming of being abducted by aliens, being almost a movie within a movie because we have a channel broadcast saying that this is a afternoon movie called alien Housewives from Dimension 9 and as it turns out It is a movie that someone is watching in fact what the whole town has watching. This being said the woman was dreaming of being abducted by aliens that seem to be ripping out her insides but then she starts to believe that the aliens were real so she ends up calling a help line sometime after she had drank some kind of a liquid and then mid phone call begins to melt like her insides where melting and our body erupted with this green yellow liquid and then the camera focuses in on a woman’s tits,  the woman who had been watching this movie.


So the woman, we later find out is Tammi (Mayhem), watching the movie gets a phone call but someone who has watch the movie and they chit chat about some kind of Halloween party where the woman and a man named John are going dressed as dominatrix and slave and how The other woman Helen (Throw) is going as Thousand Island dressing.  Not to mention who the hell names a dog Misses Doggy Pants. The woman gets undressed takes a bath. Meanwhile her fella John has sat down for his yogurt snack when a co-worker sits down brings out a bag of carrots a cucumber some dressing and a whole package of lettuce and a sandwich And starts describing the movie from Channel 12 which makes John lose his appetite and makes him call his lady. She in turn tells him she’s naked on underneath the towel so he says after he stops by a friends he will be right over.  this friend is evidently the bartender at the local bar, so the bartender describes the movie to him and as he’s describing the film to John and how weird and freaky it is, there is a woman leaning up against the wall nearby who walks right by them and we watch her walk out of the bar and straight what it looks like to be her home in which should be Goods to make love with the man residing on the couch.


As I’ve mentioned before many of Sherlock’s actresses are rather on the heavy side which isn’t a bad thing as it shows diversity.  it’s not that any of the actors and actresses Bad actors or actresses it’s just some of them have a little bit of weight added to them which isn’t the norm in Hollywood film-making but you will see a lot of this type of thing in independent films as well which is what I like. The mainstream horror films tend to have this straight skinny minnie only attitude when it comes to their casting as you really don’t see too many films these days having all walks of life from fat to skinny. Like I said there’s nothing wrong with this but this is something that I notice maybe because it’s rare to see more actors and actresses that are a bit on the heavy side.


I know I’m a bit on the heavy side so I’m not making fun of these actors or actresses in any way shape or form.  But right after the woman seems to go out it with her husband we need to Mr. Birch (Wilson), a character that Sherlock uses throughout several of his films as you will see if you ever watched any of them,  kind of a men in black type of character with glasses and he is always secretive and he’s always on a mission. a young woman Pulls up to his home to interview to be a nurse, a caretaker as it appears that Mr. Birch needs some kind of injection regularly and as Mr. Birch tells the woman he knows of her stealing of medical supplies. 


This film just keeps getting whackier and whackier here as it seems that everyone at least a female’s are either dressing up to go to a Halloween party or their jobs are to dress up as Bigfoot or a clown or even dancing like a harem girl.  The only two people that seem to have any kind of a job is John and his friend the bartender. There is something wrong with the yogurt that everyone seems to be eating, the mayonnaise jars that mr. Burch keeps in his cupboard and the medical experiments that he seems to an act upon the people in this town which we don’t know the name to,  and everyone seems to be having nightmares after watching the movie on Channel 12. Not only that but what makes all these women Turn to outright murder when each is sent a box a message of how to kill and what to take and why did they disappear, I mean at one point every woman took a bath…


I don’t know why but I enjoyed this feature it was weird in so many ways. It left me thinking with the possibility of what really is out there in the universe.  There was definitely some humor, nudity and science fiction mixed up with some little bits of Gore or at least suggested gore. I mean yes you could tell much of it was fake but this was all done in what I think was relatively good humor. The acting was over the top but purposely so. Granite seeing the chick with her folds on top of her man with those pierced tips of her nipples was absolutely disgusting but sometimes disgusting is in.  it’s not that this was an Oscar performance but being a rather slow-paced horror film with just a little bit of Gore and sex it wasn’t bad. If this sounds like your kind of film then definitely seek it out I was entertained and that was what counted. would I recommend this feature to see out of Joe Sherlock’s? I think if you’re looking for a weird film with a Sci-Fi mix of Horror definitely. Enjoy! This film is meant not to be taken seriously.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Ashley Throw as Helen, Richard Johnson as Tom, Dale Wilson as Mr. Birch/ Alien #2, Brandi Morrigan as Miss Garland, Liana Williams as Jennifer,  Jewel Siren as Holly, Bob Olin as John, Emily Howard as Shannon, Jupiter Jones as Shannon #2, Morgan Mayem as Tammi, Melody Berg as Amanda, Jank Thurber as Tom #2/ Alien #1, Connor Sherlock as Jeff, Bryn Krysti as Liberty, Roxxy Mountains as Tami, Kirk Sardonis as Jeff #2, Gwyn Laree as Kim, Fabio Van Pelt as Ian, Rick Hammel as William, seamus Popatopolis as Uni, John Bowker as Drunk Grandpa.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Brad Sykes film “Babes In The Woods” from 2000!

Written by David Strege


I believe that Vista Street Entertainment started out doing softcore porn at one point,  which Full Moon had done at the time too, With Surrender Cinema, Or Shock-o-Rama, seductive Cinema and so on some of the many errotic films that have been displayed in the erotica section but come  daringly close to be in movies with storylines but not quite. Babes in the Woods Is Brad Sykes director of the original Camp Blood trilogy’s film produced by David Sterling Entertainment, basically filled with people having sex but I shall try to break down the story for you.


The film opens with a very sexy shower scene and after seeing several films shot with Visa entertainment you get to start to notice that the spa in which she takes a shower in is a fairly familiar place that’s some of these films are shot in. Jasmine played by the beautiful Hollie Hummel Is narrating her tale or she gathers her Cheerleader friends from college or High School whichever it maybe and they go on a trip supposedly to go to a cheerleading competition.

Her friends are Colleen (Calder), Sondra (Ford), and Melanie (Greenwood). Basically it seems like the storyline is,  that it seems to be the end of the school year wherever they may be, one of the friends is the sexpert, The one who’s been around the block but has a steady boyfriend.   Another seems to have had a boyfriend at one point or at least a one night stand in her mind and for some reason the two just never continued their relationship. the third friend is the new girl and the newest to the group of friends from what I understand and she from afar is attracted to this guy on the football team and has never quite gathered up the courage to speak to him and some time has passed is afraid she’ll never get the chance at all to get to know him.  Jasmine though she knows she is beautiful has never fully happy long-standing relationship she just always thought that if anything happened it would just happen.


On their way to the competition their car breaks down in the woods,  and Jasmine and her friends somehow meet up with a hitchhiker that ends up being Jasmine’s Dream Lover which her friends don’t really see her with but in the end, ends up with. In admittedly when the girls set up for camp they are met by the men in which they are destined to meet up with and all falls into place.   But Jasmine had planned it that way just not the breaking down of the car.


I very much got the feeling that this film was made for the specific reason to spice up one sex life.  but as softcore porn like films end up being, they end up being more of a tease for even though there is nudity and grinding motions during the scenes of pleasure I don’t feel or think that playing  classical music is exactly a turn-on. So I guess this is more about Setting her friends up for happiness as well as how her happiness came to be.


I do feel like the women’s physical attributes, as in like their bodies  we’re very beautiful and skin is very pleasant to any males eyes, but and I have to say something about this one of the actresses you could almost see her rib cage And it’s nothing against an actress but to me that is almost a sign of having an eating disorder like anorexia where you’re just way too thin,  and to me that’s not exactly attractive And once again I’m not saying that to be mean. if you’re looking for a definite storyline this is definitely not the film for you. As an erotic film it’s definitely not bad I would say that this is in between being a full-on porno and an actual movie. If you like this type of film then have at it and seek it out.  Did I enjoy this film? I guess I did, the acting was kind of hokey The storyline somewhat of a mystery but I enjoyed it for what it was and I am a man I do and can say that I enjoy seeing ladies unclothed from time to time. I guess my only problem with the film is that because I’ve seen some of the area locations of where some of these scenes were filmed,  it would be nice to see different locations filmed in every once in awhile for I swear to God I did see the exact same place where the Camp blood signs probably stood and maybe I’m seeing this in the wrong order but there we have it.

Starring Hollie L. Hummel as Jasmine (as Hollie Hummel), Angela Ford as Sondra, Laura Calder as Colleen, Sarah Greenwood as Melanie, Michael Taylor as
Alex, Donato Crowley as Jeremy, Chad Mithchell as Ray, William Winter as Eric.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Amy Hesketh’s feature “Olalla” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Decadent Cinema and Pachamama Films director Amy Hesketh known for her controversial film, Sirwiñakuy, joined Pachamama Films in October 2005 to work as an actress on the documentary for National Geographic Outbreak Investigation: Curse of the Black Typhus, in Bolivia. A month later, she saw Jac Avila’s Martyr in a festival and decided she would stay and work with him.Since then she has worked on such films as Bluebeard, Maleficarum, and Le Marquis De La Croix  as well as Dead But Dreaming.

Olalla filmed in 2015 with English subtitles as it in Spanish is a very different vampire tale which is based on me Robert Louis Stevenson novel of the same name.  Amy Hesketh the director of the Film also stars is the main character Olalla. the film begins as it appears that Olalla Is living abroad and her own Apartment.   she has a current boyfriend with whom she is watching a black and white film which is kind of quaint for I am assuming that this film is in present day. In fact it is  none another than FW Morneau’s Nosferatu from 1922. I noticed that in the room in which they are watching the film but there are posters on the wall of some of the previous films from Pachamama So I wonder if this is one of the studios from which they film in. In any case Olalla Begins to initiate making love with this boyfriend of hers when she ends up biting him, which apparently gets out of hand and she kills him, so she ends up calling the family in order to clean up her mess and because of the situation she must move back in with the family.

When she comes into the house and which her family lives she is not exactly well received, for killing  the man that she has, has garnered some attention that the family does not need. The head of this family is a man called Felipe  played by Jack Avila a Bolivian director who is known for his erotic Cinema dealing with the subject matter of BDSM the whole whips and chains ordeal.  Which is exactly what his character keeps his family in line with besides blood. We also have returning actress Mila Joya Playing Ofelia another vampiress  that appears to be jealous of the attention that Felipe gives to Olalla. there is a sitting room in which two uncles wear the same suits at the same mustaches and look similar and every movements that one makes the other makes the exact same movement which is very weird.   I also believe that there is a woman that seems to be Ofelia’s mother or grandmother and all three of these people often sit in that room and stare straight ahead.

What Amy has for the smell is a sexuality that I believe that she knows as a woman and an actress so when she comes into the home bloodied from her accident,  she takes a shower and she doesn’t care how nude she is as she walks through the home. there is another man that she has been somewhat warned to stay away from that she walks by his room. Meanwhile, Two Gentlemen are traveling to the Hacienda as the one man is telling me other just stay away from the family and to stay away from Olalla as she is Felipe’s younger sister for the family is very old and has very old customs.  Almost every family member except for Olalla is very well-dressed for being so hot on the outside and for the most part none of them ever smile and all are pale of face. Since Olalla can not seem to contain herself as a vampire within this family she must be tamed by being whipped into submission. there is also a young Felipe Play by Alejandro Loayza. While Olalla’s Punishment is being enacted the younger Felipe is attending to Rodriguez hospitality.  I noticed that this younger Felipe has two sisters by the name of Olalla and Ofelia The same names as which the two sisters who seem to despise themselves that are older within the family. All done now I am starting to get why there is a younger Felipe this is actually Olalla’s brother And their family when they were younger though the film doesn’t entirely let that be known you just have to figure it out for yourself.

I am assuming that we are seeing how the different contrasts between call the family was when they were younger and then going back to the present day to show how they became how they are. The reason why I think that when we see the younger versions of Felipe and Olalla with the man in which they call Rodriguez who has come to stay at the Hacienda  who has been warned to keep his distance from the family entirely during his stay, is that you never see the younger versions ever with the rest of the family that we see plus OlallaAt this current time is being punished by Felipe whom Ofelia calls her uncle. yet we see Olalla Speaking with this Rodriguez about the books in which he has in his possession. Olalla Just wants to be normal and she cannot be knowing what she is but she’s has these feelings of trying to live amongst the humans  that would destroy her if they knew what she was. we see that the man Rodriguez and the other guest Nathan played by Luis Almanza, are both drawn to a version of Olalla they cannot help but be drawn to her.

It’s not that the acting is poor,  it is clearly not for each person plays their roles to a T.   one thing I absolutely love about this film is how the costumes are accurate for the period in which this film portrays,  as well as the fact that maybe there is no real hope that Olalla will ever change. But also there is a very gruesome burning at the stake which I believe for independent films sake looks rather real and pulling that off is phenomenal. Along with the simple fact that the family was incestual…

From what I understand this film was very popular down in Mexico so this is the type of film that is up your alley then definitely seek this out.  I think that Amy Hesketh is a very beautiful woman and has her own kind of sexual eroticness about her. A very coming-of-age Beauty who knows how to use her looks within her art to portray the stories in which she has directed.   But I believe that you will always see some kind of form of BDSM in films that Jac Avila and Amy are part of, which is the bad thing but will always put them in a certain kind of genre. I feel like this is more of arthouse type film and controversial with some of the subject matter once again but this film played it subtly and was entertaining in the end.   I like that Nosferatu was used very minimally, for makes parts of the tale seem to be partially eccentric. I am looking forward to watching more films from pachamama I believe that they stretch two different boundaries that have not been portrayed before at least in the ways that we see here. So I would definitely recommend watching Olalla, it has a very air of aristocracy and politeness that I feel is lost on the modern-day vampire films of this day.  I enjoyed this adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s very much.

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Amy Hesketh as Olalla, Jac Avila as Felipe, Mila Joya as Ofelia, Alejandro Loayza as Young Felipe, Erix Antoine as Bruno (as Erik Antoine), Luis Almanza as
Nathan, Maria Esther Arteaga as Aunt Aurora, Eric Calancha as Village Leader, Christian Del Rio as Roberto, Rosario Huanca as Young Ofelia, Valeria Huanca as Young Olalla, Roberto Lopez as Uncle Edgar, Fermin Nuñez as Uncle Aurelio, Pablo Paravicini as Boyfriend, Rhobess Pierre as Padre.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Ron Purtee’s Short film “Becoming Undead” from 2010!

Written by David Strege


Becoming Undead is the first short film from director Ron Purtee  a local director from Wisconsin. I’m not entirely sure of the production company name that he flies under but I’m sure in 2010 not a whole lot of Zombie short films entirely or about the act of the beginning stages of one, and maybe i could be wrong on this…


I would say that  this film is almost gaillo As it is partially done in color, partially in black and white where it looks like a man is dying As part of some found footage after a zombie apocalypse.  then after the man is dead we see what looks like friends running to the door banging on it, as well as seen a group of people staggering from what I believe is the Home in which the man had died to make it seem like and forgive me if I get this wrong but as if this man at his death was the beginning of this transmutation of the Dead.

It’s different  see you in a film with no words but images of what is suggestion. I would have to say that I have seen many films that have taken on this kind of filming And being that this is from 2010 I’m glad I’m seeing this now because even in German films like Lucifer Valentine’s vomit trilogy we see aspects of this avant-garde silent with slow motion on imagery. I would almost call this experimental and can imagine that at the time this wasn’t a very marketable film but I love that About this short film because then it makes it original end of work of love.


I feel like there’s a darkness that Purtee portrays in his films that is very different and if you have not yet seen Becoming  Undead you should. This first film reminds me of seeing the short films of Kurt Anger or Elias’s Begotten from 1990. I may not entirely enjoy this kind of film but I do believe I know Talent in this type of film when I see it and I think those that enjoy this type of cell would enjoy watching it for its visual imagery.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Howard Anderson III as Howard, Charlie Bussian as Charlie The Zombie, Amanda Knepper as Amanda

Movies Galore takes a look at director Joe Haugh’s feature “Rain River Falls” from 2017!

Written by David Strege

rain river Falls

Brought to us by Messenger for the Damned Entertainment director Joe Haugh Is an erotic mystery that I’m not sure how to explain but I shall try from 2017.

From what I gather Rain River Falls is a town that is more of a tourist town but a young woman named Elizabeth played by Kody Evans,  is having dreams of an erotic nature from a mysterious hooded person, The film begins as we see Elizabeth writing in a diary about the dreams that she has been having in about the mysterious person.


As Elizabeth drifts off to sleep she experiences once again this hooded figure but before the figure appears she strips herself of her clothing and begins to Roam her hands up and down her body as it appears this actress is not afraid to show her female anatomy out in the open. when she awakens the figure beckons her to a doorway which she has never crossed over in her previous dreams but she does now.


Alana is another young woman the seems to know Elizabeth but has arrived at the Home in which Elizabeth has seemed to disappear in and also begins to dream First of Elizabeth and then of this hooded figure as they both  at least in spirit seem to overpower Alana with the female touch. there is definitely a lot of girl on girls kissing end sexual action going on so I would definitely put this film more towards the pornographic Spectrum in the film world though independent this is.  There is a third woman by the name of Melinda that is waiting on Alana that while she was sitting on a couch she didn’t have to be in the bedroom she Daydreams about this figure.


After a while Melinda once again is overtaken by the erotic power of this figure I believe in a bedroom upstairs. All I can say is that if you enjoy watching women having lesbian sex or what appears to be girl on girl,  it really doesn’t have to be lesbian but I’m not sure how I can beat around the bush around this one You don’t really figure out who the figure is the only thing you know is that these naked women are disappearing for the specific fact of sexual power.  you don’t know whether they die after they go through this doorway all you know is once these girls step through they get some kind of a power of a sexual nature over these other women.


I guess as a man to me this was a sexual exploration film,  I wasn’t expecting just arrived cut I was expecting more of a slasher film than more of  a softcore porn but that is entirely what it is. if you hadn’t have red what the film was about on the back side and you saw the film without rating what it was about on IMDb you probably would not entirely know what this film is about though.   looking at it as a standalone without knowing anything about it, you see Elizabeth writing in her diary about her dreams that she’s been having and then you see The figure that’s been haunting her and what looks like Elizabeth go and seduce the other two women and then it looks like Melinda is chosen to be the next Girl who they have sex with the next victim who comes into town.


You don’t really see the town the girls don’t really say much about what’s happening outside of this home so I kind of wonder where this film is taken I guess. As a man I guess I enjoyed the nudity as far as the acting I’m not really sure how much acting has to go with getting naked but if I looked at this as something that Might turn me on, I really don’t get what turns people on about girls kissing girls or  hair touching hair. It’s not that I don’t like women I just don’t get turned on by women making love with other women it’s not my thing plus I’ve pretty much been married for 10 years myself. If this is your kind of film that you like, go ahead and seek it out. If I had a favorite actress from this phone have to say the one playing Alana I’ll have to say that there was a really great ass shot from behind on her I may be married  but I can have an appreciation by looking. I guess I can say that I enjoyed it sure what it was I wouldn’t say that I’d recommend it but it definitely deserves to be talked about for it wasn’t bad if you were placing it in the erotic genre I have definitely seen and viewed worse.

Starring Charlotte as Melinda, Kody Evans as Elizabeth, Whitney Wildd as Alana.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Brad Sykes film “Within The Woods” aka “Camp Blood 3” from 2005!

Written by David Strege

Within the Woods

Where the first two Camp Blood’s that were directed by Brad Sykes from Sterling Entertainment in association with Nightfall Pictures and Razor Digital Entertainment, began in the daylight the third installment which for some reason David Sterling refuses to recognize this film as the third installment which I don’t know why for some disagreements or another I think this film is already different  for a changeup starting at night is a decent comeback.


Rick (Singer) and Cindy (Yabandeh) are making love by a camp fire, Cindy here something in the woods so Rick jokingly think it’s their friend Maritska who Rick seems to think has the hots for Cindy so he goes off to investigate the noise but then come back some scares Cindy but then gets his throat cut so then Cindy screams As next star cut, blood flies and we see a machete slice through the air, we hear the noise of something being cut, then the credits are rolling.

Meanwhile Ingrid (Herrera) and Tony (Sobel) Are driving to Camp Blood where I assume Tony has something to do with reality TV as you were speaking to a guy named Griff about being the next big thing on reality TV.


So I like the premise so far, a couple of months ago Tony had put in add it to the paper  where he offered out a million bucks if people would spend the night in an area location of his choosing any personally hand shows five other people to come out and spend one night in Camp blood so over the next 24 hours with cameras rolling all throughout the area and a paid actor to be a clown he thinks that this will be the next reality TV sensation Since Camp blood has that thing where people were actually brutally murdered on the grounds so this makes for good advertising.


So Nolan (Conant), Kat (Holt), Jessica (Mathis) and Russ (Lander) are four of the contestants that show up and Mel is a latecomer contestant the fifth, that nobody can really trust entirely but has been on a reality game show with in the past.  Jessica is a school teacher who normally wouldn’t go and do something like this but the money spoke to her. Russ is a trust fund baby who isn’t in this for the money but more wanting to know if the legend of the clown was true and has done more background radiation to be murders that have happened in Camp Blackwood.  Kat Is a wannabe singer and really wants to get her music out She is totally obsessed about herself as she is very outgoing and is willing to do whatever it takes, literally. Once Ingrid, Stashes the equipment’s that Tony had given her she ends up getting sliced. Griff (Swarthout) the paid Clown has his own run-in with a blade with his name on it before the festivities of the night get carried out.


  You know what I really like about these Camp Blood films, each of them has a different way of setting up the story by telling me a little bit of what happened in the first two films leading up to this one.   What I really like about this one Is the way that Russ told the story he’s got a really good speaking voice, and I like the way that with the campers that we saw on the beginning he mentioned those two had gone missing as well as a photographer and his model and as far as he knew the Killer that the Public thought was the Killer is locked up or is she.  Further more I really enjoyed Mathis as Jessica I’m surprised she wasn’t really in much after this film.


Actually I really genuinely enjoyed all of the actors in this film,  The only actress that I feel like was on the outs and kind of odd was Mel’s character but then again maybe she was meant to be kind of mysterious and for some reason the character was somewhat off to me Maybe I just feel like the role was kind of wooden,  but other than that I really enjoyed the storyline, and I enjoyed the overacting between Nolan and Jessica as Nolan’s character was screaming her name while running through a stream. I really don’t understand why Sterling himself would think in any way shape or form that this was in any way a bad movie okay yes it’s a bad movie about a clown but I really enjoyed this third installment.  it had atmosphere and a storyline and that’s what counts it also had connection to the previous two without giving it entirely away But the base of the story I think should change from being that the Killer is actually one of them the next time around which I know that there are other Camp Blood’s they just weren’t continued by Sykes.


I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the first three Camp Blood’s,  I have to say that this series is addicting to watch for an indie lovers such as I,  and there’s nothing really entirely bad that I can say about the actors and actresses that have been involved with these first three as well so I definitely would recommend these first 3 films entirely for those who are looking for a decent clown slasher series. I’ve definitely enjoyed them.  It’s really too bad that there was a rift between the two, Syke’s and Sterling, for these were pretty decent from where I’m standing.  As for me i’s rather like to know the reasons behind why Sterling doesn’t entirely fully acknowledge this films existence as part of the Camp Blood series.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Athena Demos as Model, Alex Gordon as The Clown, Janelle Herrera as
Ingrid, Erin Holt as Kat, Phil Lander as Russ, Denise Lorraine as Mel, Stephanie Mathis as Jessica, Adam Novak as Belgium Photographer, Michael Singer as Rick, David Sobel as Tony (as David Alan), Jeff Swarthout as Griff, Adam Van Conant as
Nolan, Saye Yabandeh as Cindy.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Guy Pearce’s “Difficulty Breathing” short film from 2017!

Written by David Strege

Difficulty Breathing

So the newest short film done in 2017 by Guy Pearce from Japan with Sculpting Fragments Productions is called difficulty breathing.  we have a woman who has survived the violence attack of some sort where she becomes reclusive inside her home.


we see this woman doing her eyeliner and just sitting at her table Contemplating on whether to go out or not.   we see that even when she does go out she replays this attack in her mind. even when she is coming home she feels the need to quickly get inside because she feels like someone is following her.  There is even someone in a mask that walks right past her that gives her a bit of a fright.


I also believe that we see what happens right after the attack as well because she takes off her clothes and she scrubs herself in Scrubs herself really hard in the shower.   interesting enough this is her going through the emotions and literally going through some personal demons that have stayed with her, a sort of mental breakdown of sorts where she becomes paranoid but also she has good reason to, for as well,  while being reclusive I believe that she goes through some kind of home abortion and then after this abortion She lays the fetus on some kind of alter and then has visions of some sort.


There is a part that is almost sad where I believe she picks up the dead fetus and then holds it to her nipple and you hear the child crying while she and knacks as if the child is drinking from her mother’s milk as if she is carrying a nurturing for a child that could have been.   Like it was not only the act of the attack but also the fact of possibly the life of a child had started to grow inside of her while she was having this mental break down and the trippy part is that a possible miscarriage has happened and on top of that her paranoia? It’s well founded for her attacker is not finished either that or this is an attacker on her mind or from her mind for that matter manifested from her paranoia.


Though I enjoyed the humor for some reason in The Rope Maiden I enjoyed this film a hell of a lot more even though there isn’t as much gore,  only in the bloody fetus but still I felt more connected with the character what she was going through but she was a victim of accidents and what happened to her in the end you really felt for her and what she was going through.  I don’t think that words were really needed for this because there really wasn’t any dialogue really except for screaming. I loved the play on shadows where whatever was coming after the victim in the end you could see that this perpetrator had some kind of claws  that looked quite menacing or at least they looked like claws to me. I think that this was a well-rounded short film, definitely a little bit different from the hardcore Gore that he;d filmed before. I do think that I will recommend this film for others to see or seek out if they can for I believe that there are still copies for sale of limited editions.

Here is the trailer:

Starring  Han and Uran.

Movies Galore takes a look at Guy Pearce’s Short “The Rope Maiden” from 2013!

Written by David Strege

The Rope Maiden

Brought to us by Caps Collective Entertainment and from Sculpting Fragments Productions director Guy Pearce from Japan put together a shot on the video underground extreme film called The Rope Maiden from 2013 Where it looks like we have a stalker watching a Japanese woman in a cafe and following her home when she is attacked and brought to a different place.


I very true I don this different place we see the woman in a body bag struggling as a man who calls himself guy and says that these are part of a murder series the first of which called The Rope Maiden Where he basically depicts this like a documentary of how to tie your victim up display her as a human chandelier and then gut her like a pig while displaying  her intestines in the shape of which we had asked for mentioned and described.


The more I dig deeper into the extreme world of death and mutilation and torture,  the more I realize how sick and demented are Society is but I can see how this might be humorous to some for guy states everything matter-of-factly as if it was more amusement his acts of going about and put it on a safety suit, along with using gardening shears the kind that you would clip branches with on the victim’s insides.


I thought that this was put together rather well it was definitely entertaining and interesting I also felt like the feeling of realness, of making it look real like it was actually happening, was portrayed well.   For some sick reason I seem to be Entertained by this in some fashion and maybe that’s because in some way shape or form I can see how such brutality could, and can happen on a daily basis. If this is the type of film that you’re into then you should definitely seek this them out I believe there are still  copies of the film still being sold. If you are an extreme hardcore Gore lover then I would recommend this to those of you out there or a fan of this kind of video.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Guy (as Guy Pearce), Tomo Ishii,
Katsuhiro Chigira.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Brooklyn Ewing’s feature “She Was So Pretty” from 2016”

Written by David Strege

She Was So Pretty

Brought to us by Dirty Candy Productions director Brooklyn Ewing Is a film that has been circulating the underground Indy circuit called She Was So Pretty  from 2016.

she was

The film begins as a man with long hair is chasing a young woman through a parking lot. The man ends up catching up with her, stabs her and watches as her body slides to the ground, the blood pooling off to the side as he stands there with the knife looking at his victim as if he was appreciating the kill.

man in she was

I imagine that we are looking into the mind end the life of a serial killer. The man’s name is Alfred James Ellis III  played by Jerry Larew. Alfred walks down from the parking lot stairs with an old battered suitcase And looks like you just walks around the corner,  waits for another victim, and runs her down to the top of a similar parking structure we’re at the top over the ledge he Knights her across the neck in the open.  You don’t hear any screams you just hear the music which sounds like it’s some kind of 80s Synth vibe going on.


I was starting to feel like the spelling was never going to have sound but Alfred wanders into a laundromat from what I gather in the dead of night,  and there was one other female doing her laundry. before he wandered into the laundromat though, we’d seen during the opening credits that he had cut out his tongue.  

Well the young girl went to the bathroom,  we watch as Alfred walks up to the girls coat and sniffs the hood,  and after the girl had come out, she tried to be friendly with Alfred But as we know his situation beforehand he isn’t much of a socialite. She chews some gum sticks it underneath the table, And after she left the room effort goes and takes  that gum and choose on it himself. So we see some areas of obsession taking form as he chooses as his victims.


Although we don’t entirely figure out whether he did in fact kill the girl from the laundromat, we see him walk home and I guess at his residence we see him tying human hair together in strings as well as taking a saw to a human leg and what looks like a human head in a plastic bag.

Next it must be about Christmas time as Alfried visits a Scenery of Christmas decorations in motion what kind of reminds me of an area in New Rome, Wisconsin where there’s this house on some land where they  have collected all these rare animated old Christmas scenes in cages or Glass Menageries All these Santa’s, nutcrackers, and angels and elves all move by Electronics. I noticed that he’s standing in front of one of them and he is moving his head side to side like one of the electronic statues moving like a human gargoyle.So it looks like he notices another young girl who is also looking at these same decorations almost like he’s scoping out his victims.

Next he spots a young girl named Val the seems to be with a another man at the time at a carnival and he follows are out all the way to a small town where are the group was to spend the night at a cabin where Valerie Vestron (Flinn) and her dude and her dude’s best friend Go out and right off there’s this stick up the butt  Sheriff that bothers them straight off when they were visiting this rock quarry where he tells them about a story of a young girl named Sally Mae. Val seems to notice her stalker but even so the boys are determined to go to this party that was planned and after the drinkin’ the store and telling Val is Kidnapped by Alfred in the woods.


When Valerie wakes up she is on a couch and Alfred handcuffs her and gags her,  he tries to feed her but she rebelles and struggles. ultimately we realize that he still has another victim in . this residence wherever he is Who is in much more painful looking shape. Alfred has a lot of older-looking torture utensils some look like doctors tools that might have been used in the late fifties early sixties like that of which might be tools used to slaughter pigs as well,  which he uses upon each of his victims. honestly this is a settle torture not really a lot of Gore per say, but more of a suggestion that he has had more victims in his grasp as the film place out. I’d like to say that there were at least three or four victims, maybe five or six that were suggested and only one victim that he had gotten rid of since we saw pieces of a body that he was cutting the part before.  He obviously does care about cleanliness for he was brushing Valerie’s teeth towards the end. Meanwhile back at the cabin where Valerie’s friends were and supposedly her dude that she came with were they woke up the next morning realizing that Valerie was gone so they called the police. after they went and searched for her they came back and the sheriff that had butted heads with them before down at the Quarry was there so they told him after he made fun of them again about the missing girl.  the sheriff then ran into Alfred who then showed him into the home and what she kept the two victims, Valerie and the other girl and the sheriff did nothing…

I thought that this was a very unique way of telling me serial killer story where was mostly told more from the Viewpoint of the Killer,  as you see some of the motions that Alfred goes through like when he sniffs a victim’s hair and when he Scopes out his victims, how he stalks them from afar.   I thought that Larew’s performance as Alfred was brilliant and methodically portrayed. Even though he looks like a hillbilly hick a little bit everything he did was done with well-thought-out precision.   You could actually believe that Jerry Larew was a serial killer. I don’t know what it is about films with torture that are entertaining but even though this film was slow the music behind the film also went along with the mood of the film so I give the person who put together the music behind the film credit as well it had a kind of country feel to it or Backcountry so to speak and I like that about it. If you enjoy this type of  film I would totally recommend this film for you to see so definitely seek it out if you can. I believe Dirty Candy Productions are still selling copies at conventions so you can definitely check this film out. I am certainly looking forward to the sequel as it has been funded on Indiegogo as well and I believe has been screened at several different places now.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Amanda Butler as Jordache, Garrett Chewning as Davis, Justin Ewing as Kennedy, Whitlee Flinn as Valerie Vestron, Jerry Larew as Alfred James Ellis III, Elvis McComas as Jake Thompson, Chris Parsons as Detective Baldwin, Natasha Parsons as Abby Washington, Rayna Smith as Elle Varner, Felicia Zartman as High School.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Sam Mills Debut feature “Chameleon Shadow” from 2017!

Written by David strege

Chameleon Shadow

Brought To Us by Kelly-Mills Productions is the third film for director Sam Mills but more of a reboot for his film career so to speak with a film titled  Chameleon Shadow Four 2018. Back in 2008 Sam Mills had attempted but finished two films associated with each other called Disembodied 1 and 2.


The film begins using black and white for the Recollections of a young man who keeps having nightmares played by the director himself Sam Mills. He plays a guy by the name of Cameron Michaels who is about to become a Participant in some kind of dream analysis study. Cameron begins to see a therapist and things that he wants to have happen like put his patient on medication don’t exactly sit well. So a therapist friend named Patty (Caron) of his told him about Another therapist that goes by the name of the chameleon. But when he goes to meet this therapist it turns out that it is the entity that is really an ultra reality of himself. The chameleon offers that he will take the shadow people and his nightmares away,  on one condition that he will never tell another living soul as long as he lives who and what he is.


In a sense the chameleon might represent going down to the crossroads to offer up your soul to a demon but in Cameron’s sense He agrees to the deal and he is cured.  until he begins to see that his dreams and shadow people that have haunted him since childhood have become real real enough to haunt His neighbors and his friend Patty went to go see the chameleon several days later,  and her Dead Brother Scott came back from the dead. For being on such a low budget I do understand where this film took us. Ultimately this led Patty and Cameron on a search for the chameleon once again to fix that which has happened.  will Cameron be able to convince the chameleon to write things that were wrong and will Cameron be able to deal with the shadow people and his intruder once again. for not only has his original therapist disappeared, like he doesn’t exist but there is something seriously wrong With Patty’s Dead Brother he is not quite right.


I felt that this film was slow but most Independent films are slow in their telling so I’m just going to ignore that factor. I enjoyed the acting I’m both Patty and Cameron’s part.   I actually didn’t have a problem with the storyline other than the slow telling once it got down to what was happening, in fact I believe that this film has an underlying message of sorts at least for the main character.  I think you just have to watch it and let the film play Because ultimately this is a journey of self-awareness from someone who has had a problem dealing with entities that have been with him since childhood and in a sense what it would be like without having them in his life.  deep down I connect it with the film’s ending this was a very good ending.


I think if you gave the film a chance, You might be quite surprised. I honestly don’t feel that he probably could have done much better with the effects of creating the idea of the chameleon with probably what he had to go on at the time.   so I think because this is different definitely a different film you should definitely check it out. I think I will recommend this film for those of you out there that may enjoy this type of a pretense in a film. Enjoy!

Here is the trailer:

Starring Claudia Bethers as Dr. Bee, Louis Burkhardt as Dr. Finch, Kirsten Caron as
Patty, Johnathan Corbin as Reporter, Mason Cressall as Scott, Sam Mills as
Cameron (as Samuel Mills).