Movies Galore takes a look at director Logan Fry’s newest short film “Ro-boob: The Farting Robot Monster” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


So I haven’t written anything out in a while from Lone Buzzard Filmworks director Logan Fry Who has starred in such films as Spider-Man, Oz the Great and Powerful, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier,  he has more love for silent films and independent B movies which he haas brought us a Bigfoot short film by the title of Gimme Head: The Tale Of The Cuyahoga Valley Bigfoot which was a found on footage Bigfoot short film, which believe it or not I have actually seen worse film’s then that which he created, so I am kind of surprised that he wasn’t able to get into that many festivals with it and Wisconsin festivals ever refused him not once but twice and I actually think that they are relatively done with good taste his films it’s not that they’re relatively oscar-winning it’s more because they’re so bad they’re good and hilarious and  Ro-boob the Farting Robot Monster from 2017 is just that.


using some  public domain footage and some Live acting Logan puts together and creates a science fiction silent film of a robot that comes to Earth terrorizing people by farting on them.  It is also a romantic tale because one of the topless women that he farts upon falls in love with him and I think the monster with her and is also a political stab at the man behind the presidential office in the present age and I think with using clips and having the film be more of a rustic brown color instead of a black and white makes it look like it’s is on older film footage and yet it is also modern.


I feel like this film was put together in good taste,  being able to tell a story with pictures and words and being able to tell a story with gestures and trying to bring back the silent film in a way that will be enjoyable for others is what I think that Logan set out to accomplish. I really enjoyed  watching his vision even though I know he probably reused some aspects of his previous film because of being on a low budget I got a kick out of seeing that he was at least trying to come up with something genuine and if you think about it this is definitely weird and funky. I think that if festivals at given him more of a chance  I think that people would enjoy this as a funny little interlude and get a kick out of it even if they are not fans of silent films themselves. I don’t think a lot of acting has to go into a silent film but what does take cuts is getting naked and if anything only halfway that takes Guts so I applaud Logan fry for finding someone you would go topless to get attacked by a his robot monster which was played by himself. I was entertained and if this Short film sounds like something that you would enjoy watching definitely seek it out if you can.  I think as a silent film in this day in age I would definitely recommend it.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Rance Martin as Ranger Rance Reacher, Lisa Neeld as Marilyn, Jim Infante as Stan, Morrigan Thompson as
Gina, A.J. Walker as Johnny, Betty VonBombs as Betty Boobs, Michael Sosnick as Burt, Gary Moon as Fish, B.J. Halsall as Fritz, Logan Fry as Ro-Boob.

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