Movies Galore takes a look at director Casey T. Malone’s short films “Modern Age Amour” and “Mamart” from 2015!

Written by David Strege

modern age amour

Brought to us by Absolutely No 1 films director Casey T. Malone Who brought us a collage of films are the name of Blood of the Witch and  The Imprisonment of Henry Stolker  Casey is a local filmmaker who has a visual style that surpasses just clipart and to me is a virtual Picasso when it comes to placing together his films.

In Modern Age Amour  there is a Ton of imagery that looks like it was taken from the space-age at least in the very beginning of this film where we see what looks like a NASA control room and we hear some kind of radio talk along with imagery of other things of destruction which I can’t entirely place but the film opens up with a woman along side of river in a beautiful serene landscape as she begins to speak.


But this is not just about one woman it is about another woman as well and their distance much of this film is filmed in the house on the rock which is located in Wisconsin.   He portrays the two women into separate always traveling  at opposite ends and getting lost in a maze of sorts and using the various odds and ends of the house on the rock statues and the bands that play in the marionettes in the glockenspiels that play using the edges of some of the rooms and a fortuneteller that resides in the house on the rock and I think that this portrays  The distance between two lesbian lovers and it’s not that I’m assuming or trying to say this as an insult but the film also leaves it open to what kind of love  is between these two women.


The thing that I respect about this film is that it almost time capsules the inside of the house on the rock for us in a way that makes it kind of a renaissance beauty and it makes me smile because if you haven’t seen the inside of the Norman Rockwell made structure you have not appreciated The beauty that it can offer. So I recommend that if you have not seen this film even though it is kind of a half of a thought definitely seek it out it is very well put together and I think it might actually be his second second best work  since I know that he is very experimental and I know that I enjoyed his Blood of the Witch feature masterpiece which also if you have not seen definitely check out.


Starring Alison Mackey, Sarah Zimmerman.


Mamart  doesn’t necessarily star anyone in particular but I do believe that this is another moment captured probably of some of the various art pieces that are odd  and I can’t place much of the pieces that you only see like 10 seconds of each in a kaleidoscope vision as it looks like there are clips of people walking through an art museum and these are the pieces that people see through different viewpoints  as if they are seeing it snapshot_321through several different ways of viewing. I’m not sure whether to be in our or more as to whether or not I like the way that he has peace together these images but like I have said before this is exactly why I believe that Casey T. Malone Is a virtual clipart Picasso but he has also gotten his sound engineering placed together rather well  to go with the films that he creates if you enjoy either one of these types of films definitely seek them out I enjoyed at least viewing either one of them and trying to explain what they are about if anything they are definitely something to see for yourself.

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