Movies Galore takes a look at director Ryan Blazic’s feature “Monsters Among Men” from 2017!

Written by David Strege

monsters among men

Brought to us by Project Dark Films, The Cult of Moi and Vous Film Productioni Company LLC, and S & N Productions director Ryan Blazic Brings us of vampire film called Monsters Among Men From 2017 another project funded on indiegogo.


The film begins with a narration From a man I believed to be Reed who is played by actor Jonathan David. All Reed wanted to do was spend an afternoon with his girl Allison (Hopps), but he also had to find something that he had lost. It looks like Reed was just about to propose when suddenly it looks like as well then he falls unconscious and his girlfriend is nowhere to be seen.  Reed wakes up bound next to two other people one person seems to be dead the other is a man and he is begging for him to help him Escape but Reed only has time to run and he runs through the woods where he is till he comes upon what looks like a cabin in the woods in this cabin is a Vietnam war vet and Reed thinks he is safe for the time being but he is not. For the vet is really in fact a vampire and Reed overhears that this creature is told to keep him busy so read escapes again only to come back to free a different woman Sadie Malloy (DeGarmo) from the same house in which he was.


Meanwhile Reed’s lover  Allison is being kept in another building in the south Where Dane Blackburn played by actor and director Jim O’Rear, with his assistants, Clive and Eva (Bonczik and Shields), is the head vampire in charge and he is keeping her hostage as he has bound that her blood seems to make the vampire race and is blood stronger and I believe that he is part of a black market for human blood that is pure so he contacts someone by the name of Alexander Abraham to tell him of his findings. Back at the other place Reed and Sadie escape together but Reed is weak for without his insulin he could die,  Sadie’s husband Peter was actually killed before read escaped the first time but Reed needs Sadie’s help in order to find his love Allison and he doesn’t think that it matters that her husband is already dead until he is reanimated later on and Sadie has to kill him… ultimately they find out that there is a woman that Ivan was protecting that may be able to help them in the end but they must go up against Blackburn in order to Entirely Escape…


I actually really enjoyed this film, I know that this was independent, there is definitely a uniqueness about this movie that I relatively like.  I enjoy the fact that not all the characters were evil vampires and the fact that there were some that wanted to help. I think I also enjoyed the fact that there was a little bit of a twist that I wasn’t expecting,  but I Wasn’t entirely too surprised I probably should have expected it but it did surprise me. I think if you like this type of a film you will definitely enjoy it. I saw it being sold around on And when I heard that Jim O’Rear was going to be acting in it even better. I think it’s enjoyable to see different directors act in specific independent horror films it shows their support. I recommend that you seek this film out if you can, yes it is slowly paced  but it is certainly not a bad film, it doesn’t have a lot of action so it is more of a drama film and it is not entirely scary but I enjoy how their eyes get so I know that they are using what I believe to be eye contacts but still it looks good on shot on video atmosphere.  I was entertained…

Starring Jim O’Rear as Dane Blackburn, Craig Bouwens as Ivan Rawlins, Luke Bonczyk as Clive Kruger, Mykaela Hopps as Allison Harte, Michelle Shields as Eva Dupris, Dean Vanderkolk as Morgan Webb, Matthew Wesener as Peter Malloy, Keith Zahn as Alexander Abraham, Angela Degarmo as Sadie Malloy, Katarina Rigoni as Jessica Trumble, Jonathan David as Reed Atwood, D.J. Sims as Dead Creature.

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