Movies Galore takes a look at director Ross Bigley’s short film “Yellow Hill: The Stranger’s Tale” from 2012!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Stormy Night Multimedia Productions Along with dirty jobs films, Mutant bar monkey films LLC, And Yellow Hill Investment  LLC formed by Bai Ling, Glenn Popple and Ross Bigley, with White Spirit Inc. is a revenge short film directed by Milwaukee’s own Ross Bigley which I believe was filmed in South Dakota a short film called Yellow Hill: A Stranger’s Tale Starring the beautiful Bai Ling (Crank 2).


The film begins as a woman carrying saddlebags with gun in holster is walking into a sleepy Mountain town in search of her father. We could see that she is being followed  by a man And a shot is fired so we see a woman laying on the ground playing dead. Once the man gets up to her she shoots him and moves on into town.


Bigley must really know his westerns for any kind of town that has anything to do with the Wild West you always have everyone  eyeing you suspiciously, especially if your town is run by someone that makes you fear them they don’t trust anyone who comes in so you always get that feeling of being unwanted upon arrival as there is no traffic near the center of town and everyone is behind closed doors.  So I really feel like Ross has really captured that feeling of a ghost town right off the bat which goes to an ode and descend up to Italian spaghetti westerns not unlike for a Fistful of Dollars or Django.


There are a couple of men in the local Saloon one man is arguing for a meal, the bartender Is refusing the man because of something that happened that was unexpected… So when the stranger meaning the woman played by Bai Ling walks into  the saloon she is a caustic by the bartender who refuses her drink because of her nationality and calls her celestial and what could have been a fight ended up being a man falling on his gun bullet and another man ending up dead because of the bullet in the bartenders  weapon when Mei (Dulay) shows up and tells her that she can take her to her father… When she realizes he’s been hung, She knocks her own sense of judgement upon the men responsible… men like Taggart (Reed) and Dutch (Katula).


I think that this film shows true Talent the talent that Milwaukee and Chicago can bring together and create something  phenomenal  where the acting was spot on, something serenely Beautiful and yet riddled with a silent violence from what I gather this was supposed to be a series of films and this the introduction and it still may happen. Ultimately I think this is Ross Bigley’s signature film  though I know he is known locally for many other, films this particular short film I believe shows his best work to date and maybe I haven’t seen some of his recent films but to me this opened up of a view into what makes me enjoy what a western really is.  After seeing this film I have much respect for how much effort went in to the production of the film. All the actors and actresses had a great wardrobe for what would have been A period portrayed from a time maybe of the 1800s or earlier. Well done Ross, Respect. If you enjoy this kind of film definitely seek it out the film is on YouTube I certainly recommend.

Here is the website for more info:

Starring Bai Ling as The Stranger, Cyn Dulay as Mei, Tom Reed as Taggart, Dan Katula as Dutch Dalton, Joshua Parkes as Ennis, Bruce Spielbauer as Lyle the Bartender, John Walski as Jack, Gregg Wright as Silas, Brian Roloff as Burton, Theophilus Jamal as Stranger’s Father, Cheryl Roloff as Saloon Girl, Vito Valenti as Brothel Owner, Robert L. Parson II as
Jacob (as Robert Parsons).


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