Movies Galore takes a look at director Ron Purtee’s “The Social Media Massacre” from 2011!

Written by David Strege

The Social Media Massacre Is an anthology of sorts written and directed by local film maker of Wisconsin Ron Purtee, way before films like Unfriended and VHS as there’s no real wraparound story it just Shows a mouse icon going to different links and pushing play on these different films.At first I thought this was weird but then I thought if it was done any different it wouldn’t be the social media Massacre that is It is all more terrifying if anyone can just type in these videos watch them, for the internet is open to a lot of people and you never know who could be watching.

In From The Heart,We have a couple playing I’ll show you yours and you show me mine kind of game where are each thing is not exactly what you would show and tell.


In To Say Goodbye, A woman who writes her last message she’s just tired of it all and while people on social media or just saying she’s trying to get attention it could be her last message to the world or is it?

In A Hollwood Ending, Which was originally called what I think as the original social media Massacre short before he connected all of these together in one all out film anthology. In this segment a young man is trying to find the perfect relationship as he is vlogging almost like a journal of his search for the perfect girl, the one and we soon realize that his relationships are only good when they are freshly dead…

In I’m Streaming Death, There are two girls one has another tied up by the name of Samantha the other girl believes that Samantha has stolen all the attention and love either at the college or High School that they go to so she has decided to stream her final Demise so that she can gainthe spotlight…


In From The Womb, This brings us full circle back to the first story of from the heart as being a sequel where are year ago a lady was given a heart and now she has a child so on the anniversary on the day that that heart was given they decide to enact a murder live…

For some  sick twisted reason I enjoyed this found on footage anthology of short films, I love that this was made before films like Unfriended And VHS and even though  there isn’t a wraparound story per say I believe with it ending like it did the first and the last segments kind of makeup for not having one because these two shorts are kind of like the basis  for what the theme of this anthology really is. And knowing that it was on YouTube for a while as a web series and then seeing it all connected like this, made me want to write something up about the weirdness of it and I’m surprised that not a whole lot of people know about it and since now I’m in a position to share something about it around the world I think that it deserves  a good write-up. thank you Ron first for somehow getting me to know about it and if you enjoy this type of video footage definitely check it out if you can, I believe it is still on YouTube.

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Nikki Farce as Diane, Shaun McGregor as Mark, Brandon Nichols as Steve in From The Heart. Valerie Meachum as Woman in To Say Goodbye. Charlie Bussian as Sam, Sasha Corrigall as Angie in A hollywood Ending aka The Social Media Nassacre original short film. Heather Dorff as Samantha, Kelsey Zukowski as Angie in I’m Streaming Death. Robin Bersie as Mother, Nikki Farce as Diane, Shaun McGregor as Mark.

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