Movies Galore takes a look at directors Gergo Elekes and Jozsef Gallai’s feature “Moth” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Elekes Pictures,  and directed by Hungarians Gergo Eleks and Jozsef Gallai Is a feature film from 2016 called Moth backed by The Blood Shed, and Rovar Pictures and distributed by Wild Eye Releasing.


Finding themselves in the found on footage genre  these two directors are definitely more on the visual scale probably more related to films like Amer And or The Strange Color Of Your Body’s Tears by Helen Cattet and Bruno Forzani Core also from the ABCs of death vein of an anthology.

We have a woman Screaming in the Night and then we see a woman looking across a body of water at some kind of a structure in the middle or off in the distance. This woman is Thora who is a college professor that seems to teach Mysteries of the Unexplained to a class of some sort so I’m wondering if it’s a supernatural class.  we are in her classroom listening to a lecture on the disappearances of some people on road 62 in Mount Pleasant, Virginia. She tells the class that she is Journeying To the spot where this has all resurfaced In Hungary to try to explain exactly where the mothman might have went after the bridge collapse in 1969.


Asking for volunteers to come along Adam who I believe is a student speaks up to come along on the trip. When they stop on the way and whatever hotel that they stopped at Adam believes that he see something and Hears A noise like there’s some one in the place that they are sleeping, A little bit further they run into a bum pushing a shopping cart in the middle of nowhere who ends up just throwing a bottle at them and moving out of the way, further than that it seems like Thora is lost,  but as they Journey forward and come closer to their destination they find a group of cars that seem like they are just abandoned which is kind of weird and Thora hear’s a clicking sound.


Ultimately they run out of gas and during the night Thora believes that she here’s some yelling so they leave the car or once they come back and they realize that no one’s there the car is gone, shortly down the way is there tent and a backpack.  So they set up camp and they hear noises once again, and somewhere outside they find the body of a woman, shortly away from the woman they find a car which that car runs out of gas and somehow they find themselves in and an abandoned building, once again Thora hears A noise in the middle of the night and just like they’ve seen a figure on the road the same thing here shows up in appearance in the home.


Spoiler alert:  in the end We figure out that this was all just an elaborate setup for money and somehow Adam gets injured.  My feeling is that this was not about the Mothman even though the film leaves us in some kind of mystery as to whether the Mothman really exists.  There was a underlying message that I believe, is the reason why there was a certain line repeated in the end that Adam had said. He had said something to the effect that all the time people are fighting when there are people dying all over the place and that you should just take a moment and try to fix what is wrong in your life if you can fix it because you won’t always get a second chance.


Relatively I enjoyed the film,  it was very slow-paced and there wasn’t entirely a lot of action but if you watch it all the way through and you don’t expect a monster and you figure out the message that is lying within the story it was actually kind of a profound message.  I thought that what happened was weird I mean there were some things that were unexplainable but I kind of wish that there might have been more suggested as to whether there really was a mothman or not. there was a review on IMDb be that gave it three stars and called it boring,  but I don’t think that they entirely understood the film. Once you watch it it’s really not all that bad. I really have to give a shout out to Joszef Gallai for putting in a heartfelt performances Adam. I really think when he was describing his situation in his character that this was actually really good acting at least on his part and I think this film gets overlooked in the foray of horror films that have come out.  If this is the kind of film for you and it sounds like it might be up your alley then definitely seek the film out. I mean Granite it was slow but I really enjoyed it for some reason there’s just something about it that I like. I also liked the theater, the abandoned theater that they went to, I think that’s sometimes location is everything, the way everything looked it worked for what they wanted it to work for. I recommend that you check out this film.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Lídia Szabó as Thora, József Gallai as Adam, Bálint Egri as Oakes, Kata Tábori as Madeleine, Rob Oldfield as Manny, Dániel Szabó as Vagrant, Bálint Hernádi as Policeman #1, Zoltán Kocsis as
Policeman #2.

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