Movies Galore takes a look at director Laszlo Illes and Vozo Zoltan Veigh’s feature “The Basement” from 2017!

Written by David Strege

The Basement

Brought to us by Intergalactic Productions in Association with Pannonia Pictures and High Octane Films directors as well from Hungary, Budapest this time László Illés and Vozo Zoltán Végh Not to mention my good friend John J. Jackson who ended up being co-producer as being the last surviving member who ran legless corpse films with the now-deceased Chad Armstrong  may he rest in peace, Went on to Indiegogo with a campaign and not only met their goal but when they were finished with production once back on and it was then that I was able to participate and getting a copy of their film before it was distributed with Breaking Glass Films which is the only thing I am sorry for them for because I have heard so much about how much the company steals and rob’s from the directors in their contracts that have gone with them before so I feel for them as I feel like they’re getting snubbed. It is very possible they made out like a bandit Breaking Glass but the fact the film found distribution I guess is enough.  its just I’ve heard some terrible horror stories from directors before who’ve gone with them.


Being that my name is in the back of the film I decided I shall try to describe the film for you and let you know whether I like it or not.

The film begins with a what I would call a film documentarian,  his assistant and his cameraman as they are in Budapest, Hungary as he speaks about this basement that is nearby that is apparently haunted and it’s locked up so he says something about that he can fix that problem and we see him on camera taking the lock and taking the Lock & Chain off the door as they go into the basement.  shortly after entering the basement the door locks behind them and each of them gets separated as we see the female get dragged into a room and the cameraman well we don’t really see him but we see blood splatter on the wall we also assume that the documentary which I believe his name was Gary gets killed as we hear him screaming on the other side of the door that he was separated from and blood dripping down the door.


Tommy or Tamas (Szecker in his acting debut)  however you’d like to praise his name wants to throw an end of the semester party with his friends in the building in which he lives so he sends a note to his landlord who is totally against him throwing a party with his girlfriend Suzie (Boulton) so he throws the party anyways the music is loud and of course the police are called.  there is a funny moment when he is down speaking with the police where a dildo and a doll fall from above.

after the police leave Susie suggest that they have a seance in the building and of course there’s some random guy in the horse mask So you wonder if there’s going to be some kind of version of Midsummer Night’s Dream.  when the random horse mask dude suddenly gets up from the Seance table and the doors rattle the group moves down the stairs after they realized the cat has gone missing. they eventually find their way to the basement wherein they find the random horse the masked dude,  unmasked and laying their hurt in a room crowded with mannequins and some kind of crazy doll face woman hiding amongst the mannequins…


The woman we shall name doll-face (Gera) And I have to say that’s actually quite a mask, chase’s after the group and in so doing gets caught while stabbing the chubbier guy in the group almost a Seth Rogen look-alike as Hungary’s Answer to the comedy possibly needed in Kolos (Zalan), Where they decide to burn this girl with a dog face to a crisp.

What a similar-looking woman in a doll face mask continues to chase after them even after they run into the landlord who doesn’t believe them,  they believe that this woman cannot be killed and that she’s some kind of demon or spiritual that she can come back from the dead like that.  Spoiler alert: when they didn’t realize that the creature in which they have killed had a twin sister…


I am actually surprised that this film had some very negative reviews on IMDb Bad form people I swear people’s opinions these days disgust me when this film was actually relatively good.  Okay the acting was kind of hokey, the area location for where the film was filmed was a relatively decent location as well. I like that the place had many different doors and looked abandoned and had all these various mannequins in certain disarray, the biggest I wonder about is what all the symbols mean to the creatures. I wonder if the directors had actually been influenced by Travis Betz Feature that was presented by fangoria as part of their gorezone back in 2006 for this film had that kind of the vibe.   As I put some money towards this venture I am thoroughly pleased with the end product. If this is your kind of film that you would like to see and I definitely recommend that you check this work out. This was described as looking like it was a student self and I don’t think so not at all whoever reviewed this on IMDb I don’t even feel watched the film at all. There wasn’t a lot of Gore there was more suggestion of it and to me that’s all that’s needed in some cases.I like the fact that the doll faced woman actually jumped down from the Rafters, I think that was unique.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Caroline Boulton as Suzie, Richard Rifkin as Kranicz, Takács Zalán as
Kolos, Marina Gera as Doll-Face, Zsolt Páll as Police officer #1, Gergo Szekér as
Tommy, Tom Nguyen as Woo-Jin, Zoltán Füle as Police officer #2, Shawn Michael Clankie as Horse-masked Guy, Sherin Bors as Ayame, Laci Gondor as Lucas, Varga Csenge Boglárka as Lucy.

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