Movies Galore makes a small message that we don’t mince words!

Dear Galorians,

I just wanted to say something as a reviewer.  If we mention the appearance of how an actress looks it’s not to be mean or anything like that.  If we describe a woman to be more heavier than normal it’s only because often times films will only use people who are physically attractive .  If we see a woman or a man it looks like we can see their skeleton underneath their skin we’re going to mention details like that. and if there is a woman or a man that is relatively obese and you can see the fat folds of their skin we’re going to describe the chubbiness in detail because we don’t beat around the bush and we don’t mince words but we try to say so in an Artful way.  Now if we seem like we are cruel I apologize but we can disassociate ourselves from being sensitive about describing things. We really shouldn’t have to explain ourselves but in the event that you see us describe certain people in certain ways, know that often times we are only mentioning details such as this show that the next time the director works with actors or actresses maybe they might choose to help that actor or actress with the way they look or reuse them just for those purposes.   When we see a director working with heavier actors and actresses we applaud them, when we see an actor or an actress and they’re trying to portray them in erotic way and we see more skeleton upon them, we will mention that. We will not apologize for speaking the truth. But we will never not lie and say something is attractive when it’s not.

I, David Strege,  know that my grammar isn’t entirely the greatest but I have a passion for independent film and getting to know the directors behind them.   People may think that some of the things that I mentioned in my reviews are too sensitive to talk about In a review, well you don’t have to read my reviews.   I happen to think that I am rather intelligent about describing a film for people. The way I describe it is I describe a little bit of the film if I have an opinion I give it and I speak the truth if the truth hurts, take the truth and learn from it.

I know that my grammar is NOT the greatest and that is because I do have a disability but I am also constantly learning and to me it’s not about the grammar it’s about the heart underneath the passion and the drive to watch these movies and describe them the way that I do sometimes is what keeps me going no matter how little people read my reviews on these films or how far behind I am,  which I am very far behind.on. When I first began I was told I was a groupie of one of the larger blog sites here in Milwaukee, I have also been accused of copying reviews from IMDb which was not true every single one of these has been my own reviews. And if you think that you have proof that I have plagiarized anyone I suggest you have physical proof before you go about and make accusations to me, for I have had several accounts on IMDb, some female and some male which I have used in some kind,  not as being a stalker or anything but just to give films some reviews Over the years. I am not a liar nor have I tried to be one, I just don’t mince words.   This is me in a nutshell. I do not know what I have done to have certain people distance themselves for me but I am building my own Empire here at Movies Galore Milwaukee and I do believe that I have done rather well. I believe that others in this city are jealous of what I have accomplished well I am not out to best anyone. This is a big world and no matter how some people in this city may think that they are the blog and the only blog that people should view, I have not been one to hide behind the facade and a Bravado of “ well I’m the critic so you should believe everything that I say because I am the critic” kind of attitude. All I have ever done is try to get to know the directors behind some of my favorite Independent films.   Having Asperger’s Syndrome for many years and being open about it has given me the courage to grow as a person and I believe that I I’m different from the other reviewers out there. I just figured on describing a little bit about how I am. My reviews are often out there in the public eye, I have even had A psychotic boyfriend of actress For a short film that was local get mad at me for describing her character exactly what she was which was a stripper on a pole and maybe it was a burlesque dance number but to me someone dancing on a pole is a stripper and a stripper doesn’t always include sex. He took it that I was calling her a prostitute and took it out of line I had to block the man. As to you who are directors out there? When it comes to being a reviewer never have the audacity to ask to change something in a review, it isn’t right for you to ask a reviewer to change anything, Because I review is someone’s opinion and description of how one sees a film it’s not how you probably filled it but it is still there or opinion.   So please do not ask a reviewer to change everything I would suggest that the only thing that you do is if you notice some grammar mistakes, you make some mild suggestions. I guess this has been a little bit of a rant but every once in awhile I feel like I have to explain myself. I have not mentioned any names to protect the identity of certain individuals for I am not calling anyone out, I am merely just stating some of the obstacles I have had to overcome. This being said my original goal was to set out and create a community of my own of film lovers here in Milwaukee and help those film makers that are from Wisconsin or anywhere in general be at least talked or heard about.  I am also a very huge collector of films so I post everything that I buy, so because of this I have lost friendships with directors that hide behind the “I’m sorry I only use this page for family and friends bullshit” well, I’m here to tell you there are film fans out there that would like to get to know their favorite directors and I am thankful to the directors that have allowed themselves to let me get to know them.  Recently I had a let down of a director on a fan film who’d promised me a producer title.  I’d put my faith in him that he would credit me and he let me down, Claimed that his editor was just “going through the motions” I’d put 300 dollars into the project on good faith. I’m not going to name names but, said director blamed it on his editor and I’ve talked to several other directors about the situation and they all tell me, that it’s technically his, The directors responsibility to oversee the editing process, to make sure everyone gets credited.  This director did not take ownership of his responsibilities.  And furthermore I’d found out this director had deleted me from his friends-list, and not really updated me on the project, I had to go seek him out to find out what was going on.  It’s really a terrible feeling when you see 300 dollars doesn’t mean shit to a director.

Yours truly,

David Strege

Movies Galore of Milwaukee

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