Movies Galore takes a look at director Ron Ford’s film “A Passion To Kill” from 1999!

Written by David Strege


Written and directed by Ron Ford under his alias Mac Cobb (originally under the title The Turborator), back under Vista Street Entertainment which I believe was the production company that David Sterling was apart of before he went his own way with Sterling Entertainment is a film that was and I can tell it was filmed on like a shot on video type atmosphere as you can still see some tracking lines in the video,  but for its film wear and tear doesn’t look entirely too bad.


I believe the beginning premise for the film it’s kind of comical as it appears the father and son are talking to each other about some kind of a virus, some time traveling, and some kind of character called Turborator that is supposed to go back in time and destroy a mother before she is able to bare the child who will become the leader of a ressistence in the future. What does this film sound like? The Terminator from 1984 which is actually not that much longer before this film. Which is fine with me as there are many films that imitate other films.


I was actually told specifically by Ron Ford that much of this film was made from stock footage that was piece together from films that were at Vista Street Entertainment,  and you can tell this as once the leader of the resistance’s father goes back in time he turns up at a house that he watches which I believe the couple goes into the back room and they have a little bit of a love scene.   well, in  one scene you see the couple and bracing in another scene you see that the actor that is an entirely different actor so I’m not sure whether I’ll see this throughout the entire film but whether or not this is a positive or negative thing that I’ll leave that up to you, what with decent editing  I believe that it can be overlooked unless you have one of those trained  observant eyes that can’t stop thinking about it. so remember that time traveling I mentioned earlier and that Turbo character a cyborg sent from the future… yeah…


Fifteen minutes later, we have two sex scenes, add a naked bathtub scene, coming off the tail end of the 90s this isn’t surprising that this film leads more towards the softcore porn,  than a storyline but hey, the second scene isn’t too bad as it’s en-acted in a car with a sunroof.  So Bruce Lurie plays the main character masquerading as James,  as James overhears a conversation between Jennifer (Redgate),  Donald (Moore),  and Jane (Stillo) as they apparently plan a pool party for that afternoon or evening so James walks over to Jennifer and invite himself into the equation.


After a failed attempt from the first turbo cyborg a second cyborg by the name of Marsha get sent back to also try to stop the birth and then the end The spelling become the start of a sexual escapade, as Jennifer seems to like getting raped by Charles who is a neighbor of sorts who rapes her and steals her car, but apparently she enjoys getting raped which is kind of politically Incorrect in fact she gets and she enjoys getting raped three times… ultimately humanity is saved but at what sexual cost?


Honestly the film started out being a little slow at first but the odder it became, the more comical it was to me I mean granite you had a lot of softcore possibly, steamy sex scenes,  including a scene where director Brad Sykes of the original Camp Clood trilogy which eventually he became known for has a decent sex scene of his own with Marsha played by Stephanie Beaton. As a man  I can certainly appreciate the promiscuous sex as the female Turbonator tried to tear apart the couples to destroy throughout the show but it’s not like they have actual sex on screen but there is definitely an eroticness,  if you blink and you can but you can catch David Sterling walking by as well as in the film, when he was definitely younger. The acting wasn’t always entirely the greatest but I did enjoy the James character, I did enjoy Jane’s character and I I think I actually do enjoy Jennifer and Charles’s  characters as well.   The average person would probably not enjoy this film as it is definitely a film inspired by the Terminator film directed by James Cameron, but I believe it became something of its own and fans of shot on video films will probably eat this up.   I enjoyed watching the film.   I’m sure the film has gone through many edits before this cut came out, in fact I believe this is the first time it’s been released to the public but this is a day and age when films of this nature are very popular for a lot of independent fans.   I am at least glad that some of the films that have probably been sitting  in Sterling’s archives are finally seen the light of day especially since some of them were filmed in the early 90s too late 2000s. I think that this film is definitely worth a one-time watch for fans of Indie out there so definitely check this out.  I believe that this film was made on next to nothing, My only vice vis the soundtrack doesnt always seem to fit but in the end i think we have a sexploitation knock-off homage to The Terrminator…


Starring Bruce Lurie as James/ Peter/ Joseph, Janine Stillo as Jane, Scott Lurie as Turbo, Mark Sawyer as Steve, Stephanie Beaton as Marsha, Lisa Rodrigues as Anita, Sheila Redgate as Jennifer, Bryan Moore as Donald, Ted Newsom as Charles, Bras Sykes as Michael/ Man, Tim Sullivan as Tony, Beatrice Najera as Nurse 2, De Ann Power as Jane 2, Ron Ford as Thug, Tera Shelman as Woman, Randal Malone as Captain Duncan.

Movies Galore takes a look at Shawn Burkett’s film “Betsy” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Concept Media Films, The Blood Shed and A Head On A Stick Productions by director Shawn Burkett after filming Don’t Go Fuck In The Woods Is a rather in vicious werewolf film about a young girl who on her way home was bitten by a werewolf.


 The film begins as Betsy (Returning actress Magel)  is apparently traveling home, looks like it’s in a city. You can tell there’s a really good aerial shot used in the beginning, this part I like. Three weeks later she joins living with a friend  by the name of Kayte (Osborne) that evidently she grew up with on an army base with, who runs what looks like a coffee shop in a small town.


Sam (Miller) a game warden walks into the coffee shop and seems very smitten with Betsy probably unbeknownst to her. Betsy is still having nightmares of her attack, there is a scene where she runs into the bathroom turns around and what looks like a wolf arm starts to  pull the curtains back and that’s when she wakes up.


Kayte on the other hand is very concerned with her friend Betsy as her nightmares are starting to become worse and worse. Sam ends up picking her up by the side of the road on the way into town, of course after we’ve seen Betsy’s eyes turn a little creepy yellow after being almost picked up by another guy. back at the coffee shop Sam somewhat nervously Asks Betsy out on a date and she says yes. Meanwhile Betsy is or has been going to some kind of a group therapy session group With James who was played by director Ryan Stacey, who didn’t do too bad of a job as a therapist.  after a session, as it’s getting late, and after a really dream that had her sleep the day away Betsy couldn’t start Kayte’s car up so,  inadvertently she had to walk home once again. But as she walked home she was attacked again by a man in a security uniform play by Shawn Burkett of course who started to rape her,  and this is where we see her transform entirely with yellow eyes and claws as she attacks her attacker and I believe killed him. which obviously someone who would want to rape anyone  at least In a horror film you care less about if they die and whether or not you realize this, this might actually be the first time set the director dies on screen in one of his own films.


Not only that but that dream I spoke of earlier, the one where Betsy’d slept the day away?    she’d ended up accidentally scratching her friend Kayte which plays apart later in the film, because now there is more than one of these creatures. I don’t want to tell everything that’s Going on in the film cuz I believe the rest is kind of left upper to the imagination, but in a sense this is part slasher film part monster film and it’s like Burkett took  lycanthropy end created a sort of monster apocalypse that is people just get bitten and turn As in a marble type sense leaves you thinking that he’s not done with the story because you have to watch after credits roll.


I have to think and say that the acting was really good all-around I enjoyed watching how the Transformations females took place and I think that this was a very different kind of werewolf film then I have seen. I certainly enjoyed the storyline and the fact that it wasn’t just your  regular proverbial  male  with fur in a suit. I enjoyed that it was more or less coming from a female perspective and I think Magel and Osborne work well off of each other and eventually making us think that they were indeed shapeshifters of the night.  

I don’t believe that I saw any CGI because if you rely on CGI it looks terrible, so I don’t believe that any computer technology was really relied upon except for maybe the noises of the Wolves but like I’ve said before I believe concept media has always been very good with their audio and how to control its ups and downs.   I also think The character development between Betsy and Sam was romantic I definitely thought that their relationship could have been possibly real so kudos for actor Josh Miller for being able to portray that.   I think that this was a  well-rounded Feature I believe that it was a favorite on the festival run and I believe if it was ever released to a different company entirely which I don’t believe it’s entirely been done yet except with “Don’t Fuck In The Woods” which I believe has Just been picked up for distribution by a company I’m not sure which I thought I remembered a very good distribution deal was made for it.   


But even if that film hadn’t gotten distribution I do believe that their company is very popular they haven’t entirely had problems getting rid of copies of their films so I definitely think that their titles and their subject matter are definitely marketable.  I recommend this film I certainly enjoyed I think it’s story was more developed  so I actually believe that every piece was kind of level had a little bit of  Gore a little bit of creature effects. I think that if you haven’t seen this film yet I think you should I mean it’s not entirely terrifying but this was a really solid werewolf film especially for in this day and age.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Marylee Osborne as Kayte, Kelci C. Magel as Betsy, Jack Norman as Bar Tender, Justin Beahm as Dusty, Cheyenne Gordon as Wolf, Josh Miller as Sam, Joe Kidd as Colin, Payton Krebs as Jill, Ryan Stacy as James, Mike Pleska as Kevin, Sam Rose as Hunter.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Ryan Stacy’s newest film “Failing Grace” from 2018!

written by David Strege

Failing Grace

I would say that director Ryan Stacy is actually the second director to have Started with   Concept Media Films which Shawn Burkett and Ryan run together as he has brought us such films as Midsummer Nightmares 1 & 2 along with contributing to anthologies such as Watch This And Season’s Greetings As well as short film Your Fault.


First of all before I say anything about the first scene, when I got to the title intro I loved how the title came about editing-wise in this film, being said the film starts in the rain as a woman is obviously being followed by a man and she is running from him in a gold dress they are fighting over the matter of her younger sister Grace.

Quite a few years later, Maggie Novak (Curtis) and her younger sister Grace (Vineyard) are living together after the incident that happened in the beginning with Maggie’s ex Jack (Miller who played previously in Burkett’s Betsy)  was assumed to be dead.   Maggie was invited to a therapy session to be told since she wasn’t really opening up to her therapist the right way he was letting her go as a patient. he honestly seemed really interested in her as in to get to know her personally. So as the film progressed Maggie ultimately invited her therapist Julian (Atherton) over for dinner.  They hit it off and ended up sleeping together and from what I gather Maggie’s older sister Joplan invited Julian along on a trip to what I think is the family’s property.


Meanwhile Grace Works as a waitress with her best friend Cara (Blanton) As Grace is looking to pick up a relationship  which  fails but where she runs into Jack but she doesn’t entirely know who this man is at the time as he is with this really bitchy girlfriend Leona (Osborne) which I was seemingly impressed with this time around with how in Betsy she was like this caring friend who also worked in a cafeteria, to this obnoxious looking Gothic S&M type of character with a cocky attitude, who had found Grace for Jack.


So when the three sisters Joplin, Maggie and Grace make their way to the family home out in the country Grace seems to hit it off with the stable hand Roger (Tarantino) little did they know that’s Jack had followed them there… I really didn’t know what to expect but I was glad that I put money into this phone I think it turned out really good. I love all the actors, I think that Adam Atherton was one of the actors that shined in this film I think though I haven’t seen him in anything else yet I really enjoyed what he brought.   The other thing I noticed is normally even in independent films there are not a lot of directors that seem to want to work with  actors and actresses that have just a little bit of weight put on, which doesn’t mean that that’s a bad thing (nor am I trying to insult any actors or actresses in any way). It means that there is a level of diversity and I like that.  I also think for being a first film for Sarah Curtis to play a lead role, as the film seem to somewhat center around her story, her side up until a certain point and then we saw how Grace’s friend Cara reacted to the total hot guy routine with such childish abandonment  which there’s always that female that is not used to be told no…


I also think that Josh Miller stepped up his game I think you really saw a digression Of a certain kind of mental state and not that I want to say everything but I love that this film doesn’t leave anyone happy…  I relatively enjoyed this film I think that it will be well-liked on the film circuit.   I do recommend that if you’re looking for a film to watch that’s playing in the festivals that’s you definitely check this film out.   the sound has always been great on every single one of Concept Media Films so I hope that people do seek the film out and enjoy it as much as I did.


Here is the trailer:

Starring Maria Olsen as Norma, The Babysitter (voice), Marylee Osborne as
Leona De Martino, Brittany Blanton as Cara Knoll, Adam Atherton as Julian Toller, Marc Jeffrey Schetter Grayson as The Slacker, Josh Miller as Jack Elligott, Austin Tarantino as Roger, The Caretaker, Jake Kopronica as Hugo, Cara’s Boyfriend, J.J. Philips as Suzanne Hawkins, Audery Lane as Patrice Hughes, Stacy Freeders as Joplin O’Toole, Mike Pleska as Fisherman, Caroline Vineyard as Grace Novak, Sarah Curtis as Maggie Novak.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Jeff Leroy’s “The Witches Sabath” from 2005!

Written by David Strege

Witches Sabath

Brought to us by Brain Damage Films and Sterling Entertainment is a film directed by Jeff Leroy called The Witches Sabbath from 2005.

From what I gather a young woman shows up at a house of some sort, Candles are lit, antlers hung on the wall, and pentagrams I went this young woman Turns around there is another woman move seems like her face is cracked and eyes black with what looks like some kind of glove with claws on her right hand. the young woman falls and the woman with the claw glove  rip’s the young woman’s spine completely out of her body and that’s where the credits roll in. I’ve seen other people’s review on this film and they are dead wrong about it being an entirely bad movie with bad acting, for I didn’t have a problem with anyone’s acting per say.  It took a little getting used to Auriana’s lower sounding voice. Sun DeVil almost sounds Masculine even though she’s very much female.


Meanwhile it appears that too young gentleman, Travis and Derrek, have been sent an invitation to the same house, Thomas the night that they would never forget. they are met at the door by a very odd looking Butler. as it  looks like he is wearing a crop dusters helmet something the Wright Brothers flying at Kitty Hawk would have worn you know the kind with goggles.The butler does seem rather old and slow But he leads them to set up dinner room takes their coats and throws them down a set of stairs and it looks like other coats are still sitting on the steps.


Very suddenly, three beautiful  women Rachon (Valona0, Meiko (Sparxxx) and Keaira (Betts), show up behind them and when Travis calls out the hostesses name Auriana (DeVil), She as well appears and explains that she thought first they would have dinner and then afterwards some fun in the master bedroom. So while the other three ladies dance around and play with Derrek, Auriana Begins to dance for Travis as she eventually ends up in his arms kissing him But rather strongly as she completely bites his tongue.   there is definitely nudity in this Scene at least topless nudity and Auriana  brings out that clock love again only this time we see it a little better it looks like there’s some kind of an eye around the outside of the who love itself.

In the next scene we see the three women chanting, I believe Meiko,the bustier of the three women while during the chanting Begins to checked on her top and play with her breasts, while Rachon does some kind of shaking motion and it almost sounds like they’re saying Kumbaya over and over.  Auriana as we find out is offering up the body pieces of the two men that they all have just killed along with their severed heads to whatever master it appears that they are serving and it seems like they have to fill the quota of 666 souls before the Halloween night ends for their lord and master..


Turns out this bevy of women somewhat controlled by Auriana runs a strip club that is kind of, and sort of a goth biker bar.    once again we see actor Jed Rowan  before I believe he played in Creepies and The Ghastly love of Johnny X Which normal he’s just a blip if you  blink you can see it, but here who plays the role of  and Undercover cop. It also doesn’t really surprise me that pornstar Legend Ron Jeremy shows up in here has a bible-thumping the salesman by the name of Craven Moorehead  thinking that he was going to bless the house as he felt it was so unholy.

On the other hand While all this is going on Eliza (Cowden) and her boyfriend Seth (James) are having a disagreement about this strip club. That he keeps frequenting so Seth  suggests  that they go to the strip club together  since there is a Halloween celebration that evening.  Seth’s friend Damien (Coffin) is a porn fanatic and unfortunately doesn’t exactly know how to talk to females the right way so automatically he sounds like a freak when they introduce him to a friend of Eliza’s Amber (Dale), which I think they’re meeting and reactions to eachother was kind of comicial. .

What I found interesting is that there is at least one clip in the memories of Eliza’s past that she seems to be remembering, it seems like there is a clip from Charlie’s Death Wish Of the drug dealer and his poodle I’m wondering the connection. but I thought the acting was Definitely decent enough,  the locations the specialty of the house  in which everyone seems to be invited to was definitely made up really well the painting,  the gothic attire the almost retro 70’s look. I also felt in the beginning when the storm was going on end Travis and Derrek had arrived at the house the lightning effect was kind of cool especially when the lights went off.   I thought the gore effects were definitely cool I mean yeah the heads were fake but it was certainly  a mind trip of what these ladies did to each of the victims. I thought that the claw on Auriana’s wrist  was cool,  I thought that how Eliza play that she was hypnotized by Rachon  was pretty neat sometimes it’s really hard to keep that hypnotic State as an actor or actress. Ultimately I do think that this is one of Jeff Leroy’s better features that he has directed.   I mean grant it  it does kind of turn out to be Marvis exploitation film mixed with Witchery but I thought that for it’s low budget it definitely had a decent production value.   I would definitely recommend this film for the Goron throws you out there I think this is a relatively decent party movie that you could show on a rainy evening for a dark night.  do you think that Eliza and her boyfriend Seth will survive?

Here is the trailer:

Starring Christine Cowden as Eliza, Eli James as Seth, Eric Coffin as Damian (as Erik J. Coffin), Rikki Dale as Amber (as Rikki Barry), Syn DeVil as Auriana, Gina Valona as Rachon, Lisa Sparxxx as Meiko, April Betts as Keaira, Randal Malone as
Guiles the Butler, Ron Jeremy as Craven Moorehead, Gregor Collins as Derrek, Lawrence Long as Travis, Annmarie Lynn Gracey as Roxy, Jed Rowen as Dave, Madelynn Spaseff as Young Eliza, Erin Spaseff as Mother, Jana Vandenburg as Witch, J.K. Baltazar as Bartender, Abbey Viarreal as Stripper, Lori the Gory as Stripper, Kiki Encina as Stripper, Mitch Toles as The Bouncer, Jason Johnson as Drunk Patron, Joseph Matthews as Drunk Patron, Robert L. Miller as Drunk Patron, Forrest Brown as Drunk Patron, Paul Gebeau as Drunk Patron (as Paul Brian), Patrick Burdine as Drunk Patron.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Wendy Keeling’s short film “Sarah’s Dream” from 2018!

Written by David Strege

Sarah's Dream

Brought To Us by 7 Mile Bridge Productions And 4 Man Band films is a short film directed by Wendy  Keeling  which I had reviewed her short films “Shades of Scarlet” and “The Unconventional Gourmet”  some time ago her films have been part of the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival at least The Unconventional Gourmet wasIn any respect and I see that the actor and comedian Wynn Reichert is the writing Talent behind this short film Which I am glad to see I’m fond of his acting rows so far that I have seen.


The film is about Sarah played by Bailey Ingersoll where she seems to be having a recurring dream. As we somewhat find out she is being haunted, by whom I will leave up to the viewer but the mother is played by Wendy only seems to think that the way she dresses plays a part, in the ways that her imagination is running wild.  her mother seems to think that sending her to a shrink by the name of Dr. Matthews played by Wynn Reichert will fix her problem…


I don’t want to say too much without giving them away as it is still running the festival the circuit,  I thought the ghostly apparitions were definitely comical And you can definitely see that Wynn  can have a pretty Twisted sense of humor.  I think that putting Wendy and Wynn together is a good thing as it seems both of them can pull off being funny while being serious relatively decently.   This film is like if you mixed prom night and Groundhog Day And they had a proverbial little love child and it’s made with a little love.  I enjoyed it so definitely check it out as it runs it’s circuit. Enjoy!

Starring Bailey Ingersoll as Sarah, Sam Brooks as Jimmy, Allison Shrum as Amber, Wendy Keeling as Claire, Wynn Reichert as Dr. Matthews.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Donald F. Glut’s “Scarlet Countess” aka “The Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula” from 2001!

Scarlett Countess

Originally called The Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula And now specifically called Scarlet Countess from Frontline EntertainmentBy director Donald F Glut made fan films in the early 60s But this film was from 2001 and it seems like it was shot on VHS.  

So the film begins with an orgy scene of 4 women surrounding the main actress They aren’t really having sex in the scene but there is one lady doing an act like she is eating her out, as this is happening we hear a narration of an apology.  Pornstar Elizabeth X plays Scarlet a singer that is about to go record her either first album are songs at a recording studio, it is the 60s So what legendary horror actor and TV Western Star William Smith who’s been in film all the way back to The Ghost of Frankenstein And played in films like Conan the Barbarian, Hell Comes to Frogtown, and Invasion of the Bee Girls Stars as the Dracula in here as it appears he watches the Scarlet…And then turns her into a vampire with a craving for blood.

I will have to say that in the nude Miss Elizabeth X looks really good in the flesh… For when she wakes up Renfield played by Del Howison, which this is a different kind of the right field cuz normally Renfield is more of a  seedier character, I noticed that Renfield called her Mr. Scarlett when she is clearly a female. I kept on thinking that she should be called mistress or something to that nature but you kept on calling her mister. This Renfield yes he ate bugs but he acted more like he was person who had the run of the house then more of a servant it would do his master’s bidding entirely. I’ve always felt that Renfield was a little bit more kept to the Shadows kind of character at least until his master called him but this run filled is more of a host, he is there when Scarlet awakes and also when she returns to the castle and which she was taken to.

I have to say Force sexploitation horotica film the set design of the club and the inside of the castle are very authentic for the age in which it was supposed to have come from so I did like seeing scenery from the place that Scarlet slept in  and the inside of the club in which she frequents.  After 35 years of being a vampire and having been from that sixties vibe the people in the present day certainly seem to dance like they would have in the sixties. Scarlet instead of being a vampire that longs and lusts for blood, instead is lonely and wants to end her existence. When Renfield is given no choice and told to make her end quick, Renfield couldn’t bring himself to do it so we went out to find the Bible of the Undead not necessarily of course because he didn’t know exactly what he was looking for it till I found it.

In this book he found a way that his mistress or should I call mister, that she should become mortal again if in a single night is she found three willing maidens in a single night to come and be turned she may become mortal again. but Renfield doesn’t have much time he has until sunrise to find three willing virgin women for Scarlet as it were.

You would probably find this spell in the erotic section of exclusive company for this is dangerously close to being pornography I’d actually call this more of a skin flick, there Is some ass grabbing,  and there’s definitely a little bit more than meets the eye but what surprised me about this film is that there is kind of a storyline and the acting, when you think pornography acting isn’t always the greatest, it wasn’t that bad.  I mean you can’t quite get off and I don’t know what it is about being a guy but for some seeing girl on girl is a turn on. They are not doing entirely full sex acts But it is definitely erotic and its nature and it’s not like you see the women looking nervous to even be in the same room with each other while they are performing these erotic scenes. So I guess if you enjoy sex scenes of a lesbian nature that are a little bit more risque and erotic to spice up your mood for the evening along with a relatively okay storyline this might be your film for the evening.   there really weren’t a lot of action scenes so this film was slow but I found it entertaining.  I also enjoyed learning about the different things that the Dracula in here was in while I was researching this film.  This film may not be for everyone but I have a certain acknowledgement of enjoyment from it, not necessarily because skin is being shown mind you.

Here’s the music video to “Vampire Girls” by Koo koo Boy which is as good as trailer as any:

Starring Elizabeth X as Scarlet (as Brick Randall), William Smith as Count Dracula, Del Howison as Renfield, Meredith Rinehart as Tiffany, Nicole Liberty-Whitlock as Vicki, Julia Anna Thurman as Shado, Luther Robinson as Skyler, Charlie as Wet Dream Girl, Shea Alexander as Maggie the Waitress, Joan Marlowe as Josie the Bartender, Jason Peters as Nightclub Masher, Tony Clay as Radio Announcer, William Pappas as ‘Scarlet Countess’ Bar Patron Dancer, Utaka Ito as Chinatown Hooker.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Jeff Leroys film “Charlie’s Death Wish” from 2005!

Written by David Strege

hx97u-W8FC48XRTEE-Full-Image_GalleryBackground-en-US-1508556787206._RI_SX940_Brought To Us by Go-Kart Films and Dollar Productions but distributed buy Virtual Fluid Is a film directed by Jeff Leroy called Charlie’s Death Wish from 2005.

Scream Queen Phobie Dollar,  plays Charlie a chick who’s been in prison and finds out her sister was murdered while she was in the joint so in the beginning of the film we see Charlie surrounded by a group of thugs among them actor Jed Rowan (Aaron’s House, and later The Ghastly Love of Johnny X).


Close on her tail is detective Rosenberg played by legendary pornstar Ron Jeremy as he arrives on the scene of the crime in which Charlie has committed against these thugs.  As it is a movie producer or director of some sort  by the name of bloom has overheard the situation at the crime scene and is doing some editing of his own, meanwhile it appears that Charlie works for a gun place where the owner ends up getting some rather illegal weapons from different people. So Charlie gets a copy of the file on her sister’s murder and starts going after each person that had to do with the case as no matter what Justice was not served and everyone weather cop or Criminal will pay. It also seems like Charlie has a soft side as some of the people who come into the gun shop have been abused and need protection.  All throughout the film we see flashbacks of the two sisters together…


When Charlie figures out that it was Large Marge who’d killed her sister she started to plan a way to kill her. On the other hand detective Rosenberg is hot on her Trail when he starts figuring out the pieces he strings her a line of information false though it may be about Harry Niche A criminal crime board ran the operation of drugs that Large Marge  ran for him,  that in some way he was connected to her sister’s death and she took the bait.  One thing that wasn’t expected was that Mike blue was going to make his new documentary about what he would call the Dixie Chick killer where he would name her and the detective involved on access news.   Does Charlie have a death wish or what as it is She is all on hung up on Bronson films…


You know what I enjoyed the film, it had a little bit bad acting, but it wasn’t entirely bad, Even Lemmy showed up from Motorhead as one of the strip club patrons as someone who was on Charlie’s side. I thought it was that there was a moment where Charlie was at our house or apartments wherever she was living and a song that Charles Manson had sung Look At Your Game Girl  Played in the background. I also think that Ron Jeremy didn’t do a bad job either. I have to admit that seeing the Hollywood sign blown up once again except this time not by spider and I guess my favorite line and the film was  when Ron Jeremy set I guess they took the Ho’s out of Hollywood.


I thought that there were some relatively decent gun-downs in the film this was kind of a Revenge film so it was in a sense of humorous.  If you like a mob Revenge comedy kind of film then I guess the smell is up your alley. There were definitely some  scenes where there was a little bit ago of gore  not a lot but definitely enough to keep the most interested, so yeah I recommend this small indie film for those of you who have not seen the film, Definitely seek this out if you get a chance. I also wonder if they didn’t get the name Large Marge from Pee-Wee Herman’s Big Adventure…

Here is the trailer:

Starring Phoebe Dollar as Charlie, Ron Jeremy as Captain Al Rosenberg (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt), Kiki Encina as Large Marge, Randal Malone as Harry Niche, John Fava as Officer Harris, Calley Edmunds as Wendy Cummings (as Caley Edmond), John Clark as Dr. Pheifer, Mark Knudsen as Mike Bloomfield, Jo Anna as Enaceamu, Latrinka Brown, Matt Nespoli as Bob Huff, Lemmy as Lemmy, Dizzy Reed as Mumbles, Victoria Germany as
Molly, Vicky Parris as Bionca, Natayla Parris as Trionca, Tracii Guns as
Roscoe, Michelle Hixon as Bunny Blew (as Anne Hixon), Susie Hyatt as Officer Berg, Philo Barnhart as Lawyer, Riley Moore as
Jimmy, Dave Schulz as Heckler in strip club (as David Schulz), Eric Flenner as
Mr. NRA, Erica Horn as Officer Jana, Jennifer Burton as Desk Cop, Mike Callahan as Sheriff, James Chean as
Bartender, Joe De Angelis as Club Killer (as Joe DeAngelis), Jamie DeAngelis as
Club Killer, Larry Go as Club Killer, John Mario as Club Killer, Rob Rampley as
Club Killer, Art Ford as Club Killer, Vincent J. Bilanco as Club Killer, Aaran Mestman as Club Killer, J.B. Frank as
Club Killer, Mitch Toles as Thug, Jed Rowen as Thug, Anthony Demetriou as
Thug, Nemo Pierre as Thug, Ryan Green as Dead Cop, Donna Page as Dead Cop, Riley Burton as Dead Cop, Natalie Pierre as Access Entertainment Employee, Mike Diamond as Access Entertainment Employee, Marc Happenin Harry Harrison as Mr. Evil / Drug Lord, William Zoon as Assasin with Gas Mask (uncredited).


Movies galore text to look at director Jeff Leroy’s feature “Creepies 2” from 2005!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us once again by Amsell Entertainment Inc.and Sterling Entertainment is a sequel to the film Creepies from 2004 that though it had low production values there were definitely decent actors And I believe special effects of CGI used with creature effects  where a military secret of a spider, mutated  to become the next weapon in war against our enemies.   Where the army base that kept the canisters  couldn’t Exactly maintain the arachnid and having shipped of canister by mistake to a recording company  where the Barenaked Barbies An all girl Band that ended up going up against these eight legged freaks But in the end not having many survivors of the incident and the situation got out of control.


This sequel called Creepies 2:  Las Vegas Attack Begins about where the last film left off by somewhat having some kind of a narrator of sorts explaining the spider outbreak.  Set after the bombing of Los Angeles it appears that a containment truck either searching for survivors are searching for signs of the spiders, connected with the military is going in to inspect the area.20

As they are inspecting this area we see a return in Soldier it was now I think promoted I’m not sure of his name entirely but they are walking around what I think is a military compound where they see body is wrapped in webbing. when the trucker vehicle that they had arrived in stopped at whatever entrance to wherever they are they’d actually driven through a pile of skeleton skulls. so there are definitely picked clean bones and somewhat recently eaten bodies, And also some in mid decay as they travel through the scenery of destruction. The military men run into trouble with the larger Spider but are saved by a manpowered machine called the Mecha destructor, a but like a small gunned robo-machined suit.


Meanwhile in Las Vegas a man named Paul has a suitcase filled with these mutated spiders as it appears he is running from somewhere or something. After being chased what looks like government agents Paul doesn’t realize that what he’s holding in the suitcase is the spiders in these canisters so when he mistakenly shakes the suitcase it cracks the canisters open spider start devouring him. after an agent blows some kind of a weapon at the dying man the spiders begin to escape towards the casino..  So it appears these agents are in the deployment of a General McGinty played by Robert Ambrose  who is also the man behind the man powered Mecha Destructor, with a high stakes Poker game  going on, with Elvis impersonators, a stripper and Vegas waitresses it’s about to get sticky and more ways than one. and when once a giant spider climbs out of the pussy of a stripper after a shower of getting attacked by spiders Starts the beginning chaos of the Las Vegas invasion of these bugs.

hqdefault (1)

Three actors that are of note the girl who plays Kristen the girlfriend, who is a waitress of one of the pilots of the mecha Destructor, the pilot boyfriend that I so call Spoke of and the main chunky Elvis impersonator named Chuck, who no one know who is named till now.  Returning  as well is actor Jed Rowen from Aaron’s House and The Ghastly Love of Johnny X fame as one of the poker players. I actually liked the first film better than I liked the second feature to be honest and I had to say that about films but I felt the special effects where were relied on  a little bit more but I did enjoy watching the film.  I thought the action could have actually been a little better not on everyone’s part But this seemed like it was chaotically put together and maybe that’s partially why I like it. the film is hard to pay attention to a certain moments and I can see why it could be turned off by some people but the action scenes in here similar to like that you would see in like a Godzilla versus Mecha-Godzilla type of film except with spiders and the mecha Destroyer Seemed like it was more like a Transformer or a type of Power Ranger like man powered vehicle.  

 I could see Jeff Leroy’s Creepy’s possibly  plane on television I’m platforms like the Sci-fi channel because I’ve seen some relatively badly CGI films on their platform that I could write this up there with some of their earlier TV films. Now don’t think that I’m saying any of this to make this out to be a totally bad film It’s not,  but it’s not entirely good either this is one of those films that I think you can’t just watch it once to like it I think there are things in this film that were very funny and could not have happened.  I mean you could de0rygk-83CWDR5KBFJ-Full-Image_GalleryBackground-en-US-1507594499601._RI_SX940_finitely tell that they were working somewhat off of a miniature scale of a town with toy cars and working with CGI a little more on, like explosions  but I think this but the first film had and that is mechanical or rubber spiders and I believe that they were mechanical.

Here is the Trailer:

I guess if I had a favorite moment it was when the gigantic spider climbed out of the strippers vagina and that to me was hilarious.   I guess I enjoyed this film it’s definitely not going to be liked by everyone and I have to admit this was a tougher watch there were a lot of slow boring action moments hard to describe but for film lovers that love really bad movies this is your kind of film.  I’m not sure I totally recommend this feature I mean I found it entertaining enough but I like a lot of terrible films. I’d call this one of those totally bad but good films.  What do you think?

Starring Randal Malone as The King, Loren Paul as Sever, Star Hansen as
Kristin, Gregor Collins as Jeff Quest, Eric Coffin as Gregg, Robert Ambrose as McGinty, Gina Valona as Brooke, Katie Guman as Lyla, Matt Emery as Eric, Scott Mullin as Romy (as Scott Walker Mullin), Alex Remington as Paul, Alexandra Ackerman as Holt, Ford Austin as Lt. Cmdr. Snake Eyes, Heather Branch as
Fighter Pilot, Foxtrot 2,Jeff Burr as Burt, Joe De Angelis as Jed, I mean, Ned, Athena Demos as Hooker, Warren McCullough as Lt. Rudd, Sascha Rasmussen as Paul, Jed Rowen as Robert Rose, Corbin Timbrook as Lt. Helms, Mitch Toles as Elvis Impersonator #1.