Movies Galore Takes a look at director Dakota Bailey’s newest film “The Acid Sorcerer” for 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by R. A. Productions director Dakota Bailey from Denver CO, Is the third  feature film in the Dark World of his drug infested societies was he tried to make a little darker at least in feel called the acid sorcerer.

So the film begins with a character called smoke played by Dakota himself well actually has an evil alter ego Leach, who appears to be some kind of hooded black Spectre, that ends up speaking up to him and basically controls him and what he does and he is unable to stop his actions but like My Master Satan and American Scumbags, The Acid Sorcerer intertwines and connects a series of stories together.


I noticed misspelling and it was shot really well, he takes in a bit more of the surroundings of where he is filming and uses objects in a way to tell his story like posters on the wall or things of this nature.  Leach then tells smoke to go kill a man for drugs and then piss on his corpse and .so he does.We should realize that under the influence of drugs probably acid smoke is influenced by his evil self probably his personal demon Leech as he cannot control the urge to kill. Next we see that we have a man And his knocked up lady friend Vermina, that is a desperate enough kind of man to sell his own pregnant girlfriend who loves to be on meth in order to get the drugs she needs… And yet is also jealous if she actually loves being fucked by another guy.


Next we are introduced to a cross-dressing serial killer snuff film maker by the name of Nikki So not only do we have smoke who we see Rise to become a serial killer we have another serial killer here Nikki who kills her victims as she films them not far from being sleazy… Since she trades are snuff films for drugs in the end always this connection with an addiction to whatever drug is on the street so I’m wondering if in reality there is a strong presence of drug dealing in the city of Denver… That maybe might be the inspiration behind and we see a little bit of what the character Nikki might be seeing on her drug trip. ..


While Vermina’s  man discovers that his lady friend that he has knocked up is cheating on him behind his back to get the money for her drugs With her latest trick, Nikki enjoys the drug and appears to be hooked as she prepares for her next film. On the other hand ecstasy a prostitute that has found out that she has HIV And gets contacted by Nikki as she ultimately drugs and murders ecstasy… The rest of the film Somewhat shows of retrospect of a thinking pattern at least of smoke so it shows smoke going through what looks like a funhouse of sorts and then ending up add a church the same church that Vermina’s Man ended up after he murdered his loved one and it seems like both wanted retribution but in this world there is no hope and there is no God there is only fucked up, Death and addiction.


I have to give credit to Dakota for creating some of these characters and connecting some of them together, for there is end underline of a message throughout his films that these worlds of his are connected to a drug controlled world.  a world filled with prostitutes and Street people a constant struggle, the struggle to keep an addiction and to keep from killing,  along with the birth of killers through bad habits.   For some reason I found this mind trip of a film entertaining, American scumbag was which I believe has been his best film so far,  and seeing the film again, I can see what he meant by it being darker for there are some darker elements.   The other thing that I like Is that it was  filmed in black and white again maybe not like American Scumbags and I’m sorry to keep  comparing but it’s kind of hard not to when one film came before another. If you enjoy films of this nature then I suggest that you as a viewer go and seek this film out.   I would actually say that so far American scumbags is actually Dakota’s best film I would put The Acid Sorcerer, this film, in the middle and then I put My Master Satan on the bottom if I were to say from best to worst not that I’m trying to put them in any kind of category or order but if I were to that’s the order that I would put them in.   Each of his films is made up of several different stories within the same world. I do however suggest that you give his films a chance if you haven’t I enjoyed it for what it was.

Here is the trailer for the film:

Starring Dakota Bailey as Smoke, Larry Bay as Ronny The Roach, Nick Benning as
Nikki, Fred Epstein as The Cemetary Worker, Darien Fawkes as Crawdad, Brian Knapp as Eyevin, Natasha Morgan as Vermina, Selene Velveteen as Ecstasy.


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