Movies Galore takes a look at directors Sergei and Yuri Ivanov’s feature “The Strangers” from 1998!

Written by David Strege


I didn’t know what to expect from this film, brought to us by Vista Entertainment Directors Sergei And Yuri Ivanov is a film called The Strangers from 1998.


This film begins with what looks like a romantic evening between a man and his lover things get rather erotic and it seems they are playing a little role-playing, when suddenly he bites her and then she gets upset and mad and then runs from him only to what looks like being stabbed to death.


Trent (Bent) works for a hotel up in the mountains, There appears to be a residential whore name of Ruby (Betz) and And stepsister to a sweet innocent girl named Pearl (Marks) which I believe her father runs the hotel which Trent works for.  Trent is pretty much the handyman around the place but he also brings in wood for the fire and make sure the grounds are kept up nicely, A caretaker so to speak. There’s also a cook Or butcher I’m not sure which named Angus (Martin), on the premises That seems to be into clamping his nipples and jacking off while he’s hanging himself on a rope,  not exactly the kinkiest of pictures.  The underline thoughts in the film is that Trent has been infected with some kind of werewolfism,  which I believe that he turned his wife.


But his wife and her new man have tracked him down and found him to try to convince them to join their pack. As we find out Pearl is not as sweet and innocent as she likes to portray herself, Has Ruby in her seem to have more of a sexual relationship then of Sisterhood. When trench refuses Ruby’s advances, Ruby goes out on a hike with Angus they as well have and erotic experience in a tunnel. When Ruby and Angus end up going missing,  Trent begins to believe that he is responsible for Ruby’s  and a=Angus’s disappearance.   Trent’s wifeNot only wants him to join the pack but he wants her to impregnate her with an heir To possibly ultimately lead the pack if you will not lead since the man that was brought with his father was staked.  It’s interesting that they use steaks to kill the wolves when it’s normally a vampire thing.   


I honestly don’t feel the stakes in the heart of these wolves to kill them is a werewolf thing I think the direction was like they were trying to make a vampire film with a werewolf film.  There wasn’t much of a transformation moment  more flashbacks than anything else.   I enjoyed the relationship blossoming between Pearl and Trent,  that was slightly cool,   I thought that the part where Pearl, watched her step sister died was actually rather dark I wish there would have been more light so you can see what was happening because you really couldn’t.   it was hard for me to enjoy this film In all honesty. The only money that they seem to put into the film in any way shape or form was at least some decent teeth for Ruby in the end.  And some partial makeup for Trent.


 I guess for me and maybe it’s because I’m a guy but there was a really cool erotic scene in the Moonlight when you got to see an ass shot of Ruby from behind that she’s making love to Angus. I think this is one of the first films that I’ve come across that I haven’t entirely liked.  It’s not that the actors didn’t act all too well the acting at least on most of the parts was okay, it wasn’t the best but it was okay, It felt like an some moments it was trying to be a softcore porn , And others it was trying to be more darker.  I wouldn’t recommend this film right off hand It was rather forgettable and I apologize if I am negative about this film. I guess if you wanted to seek thi s film out I’m not Going to stop you I just wasn’t an entire fan.


Starring Richard Bent as Trent, Shana Betz as Ruby, Victoria Hunter as Jade, Jennifer Marks as Pearl, Matt Martin as
Angus, Jimmy Lord as Carson, J.J. Denton as Sheriff, Joe Durrenberger as Buck, Peter Cohl as Deputy 1, Charles Solomon Jr. as Deputy 2.


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