Movies Galore takes a look at director Stephen Biggin’s debut film “Witchtown” for 2018!

Written by David Strege


So this was actually one of my highly-anticipated Productions that I had something to do with an involved in at least money wise written and directed by Steven Biggin from Witchtown Productions from Ohio in association with Planet K Studios as well as H.G. Studios for the year 2018.


The film begins with an infomercial for detective called Mr. law played by Robert Carllio who sounds a bit like Robert Stack from Unsolved Mysteries at least to me so in a sense I’m kind of getting like a  Dragnet feel what it comes to this detective and his cases which obviously he investigates cases that are somewhat X-Files-ish.


The main story involves  two bumbling occultists  going by the name of The Professor (Kenczewicz) and Patches (Biggin).   Every Thousand Years a Nephilim has the chance to give birth to a baby giant that is supposed to dominate the world but that is not what the professor believes. the professor has kidnapped with his monster like goons that he has brought from the netherworld from which a dark book has come from and treats them as his servants. In fact the film gets quite political. 


Patches notices this and realizes that his somewhat leader of this cult has become somewhat obsessed and overrun by these Goons of his,  so while the professor kidnaps victims In order to scientifically experiment on female victims in order to birth the perfect Nephilim child Within a victim’s womb,  patches steals the Scrolls in which that take him to the alternate world where the goons come from so that he can find this dark black magic book that will ultimately release the Nephilim on the Earth without the professor knowing.   In this other world patches finds the sword of the wizard of Abdul Alhazred Where with the power of the sword it appears that he has defeated the werewolf guardian of the book.


Meanwhile back on Earth the professor has run into some trouble of his own where are the fetus he thought was a failure fell in some toxic liquid,  which ultimately brought the Nephilim or at least the spirit of the Nephilim into this fetus which attacked the professor again and again getting larger by the moment.   when the professor realize that is Scrolls were missing this is when he went to that other world to fight patches  to take the book from him and try to use the power for its own.   but there is a government on this world that protects this world’s magic against the Earth and they are both in over their heads will they be able to escape the power and the hold and the obsession to dominate the world in time to save themselves from a life away from Earth from the evil that they have Unleashed?


I thought for being on a very low budget Steven Biggin  has quite an imagination, I believe that he Got a lot of his inspiration from Evil Dead for there’s this book of evil that is trapped in a land that is not on Earth and these other beings on this alternate world so obviously wearing trash bags I still thought that they brought a lot to a small production.   so I thought the character of Mr. law Hokey I think he was meant to be that way,  I also thought the different variants of goons doing different things was relatively cool it kind of reminded me of walking into a mental ward of these creatures.   I thought the special effects in here were pretty decent for what they were.   I enjoyed  that the film was entirely in black and white and I felt like it was a little bit Grindhouse, I like that it was a little bit more of an adventure as well as a horse and a comedy because the two constantly argue and the constant bickering back and forth is kind of what keeps the film Lively.   I certainly enjoyed the I’m glad that I am a producer on it I was very pleased with the production so I think I can definitely recommend this film to all the horror fans out there who might want to possibly see this film.   If you are a fan of such a film in the vein of films such as evil dead or being its own film I said yes that you seek this them out as it is still trying to find a few festivals to hit so definitely check it out.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Joe Beck as Magestrate/ Masked Figure In Kidnap Scene, Mr. Bestimes as Basement Goon Against Law, Jennifer Biggin as Mrs. Black (Campbell), Michael Biggin as Mr. Black (Art Chess), Stephen Biggin as Patches/ Hooded Man Interactment/ Goon On the Phone, Robert Carllio as Mr. Law, Joshja Kenczewicz as The Professor/ Kidnap Goon Scene #1, Jared Kenczewicz as Goon with Knife/ Goon with Pitch Fork/ The Wolf, Jennifer Mowery as Kidnap Victim/ Piano Goon/ Goon in Park #1/ Kidnap Scene Goon #2, Patty Mowery as Kidnap Goon #3, Scott Mowery as Kidnap Goon #4, Rick Olejownik as The Wizard Abdul Alhazred, Brandon Rodriguez as Dick Cutter/ Occultist in Re-Enactment/ Man Changed to Goon/ Goon With Daggers/ Goon With Broom/ Wolf Fill In Shots, Tyler Walton as Goon With Axe/ Goon With Machete, Amy Woerner as Bartender, Mikey Zolciak as Goon Eating Soup/ Pinball Goon/ Toy Truck Goon, Olivia Zolciak as Goon on Bouncing Ball/ Goon In Hall #2/ Goon Looking At Chemistry, Eric Zygela as Goon Playing Trouble.

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