Movies Galore takes a look at David Palmieri’s film “Axegrinder” from 2006!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by David Sterling Entertainment and directed by David Palmieri from 2006 is a film called Axegrinder.

The film begins as three masked Men, two and Clown Masks,  one in masquerade,  as they enter a home where a mom and Dad are sleeping and a young boy as they end up butchering the boy’s parents front of him, giving him a mask and a weapon telling him don’t know the reason when he’s older.

Next we see a somewhat Gothic chick running through some words when she is attacked by a deviant, as this deviant rapes her a man wielding an axe chops him to pieces and though the woman exclaims that the Axeman has saved her life he continues to kill her.

Then we have a group of six friends Laura (Daniels), James (Todd), Bobby (Morales), Donna (Peo), Shelly (Roberts), and Mike (Edwards) who are getting ready to go on a camping trip to wherever this guy called Freddy Palmer evidently butchers people who go into his Woods.  Laura wants to do the Dirty deed with Bobby, and it seems Donna is going out with Mike and James is trying to flirt with Shelly the only babe left single.  meanwhile a couple of female campers are having a little love nest, and some forest rangers are making their rounds.

What’s interesting as I was watching Brad Sykes Camp Blood before I started watching this one and the story lines are somewhat similar we have a group of friends end up going on a camping trip there’s a story  of a psycho in the woods the differences are they start telling the story of the Ax-man in the woods way before they even arrive to the campsite and two,  the Survivor of the people who killed did end up in a mental institute In both films but in grinder one of the girls that have been killed ended up showing up in the mental institute looking like she was dead  wielding an ax end calling herself a nurse for whatever purpose.  I liked that the film flashed back a bit to Frank Palmer’s childhood again too, shows you a side of the killer as a child…

I personally could relate to how Shelly treated James as growing up in high school many of the girls that I went to High-school with often teased and played hard to get exactly like her,  which often myself left me totally aware of how high and mighty some girls can really act.   Though I am pretty much married myself I remember how much younger I once was and remember how there were many great looking girls that seemed really nice at the time but I always dated someone other than me. No I’m not trying to look back I’m just trying to describe some of my experiences they haven’t always been kind.

For this film, I thought the girls were actually really pretty, I thought the acting was pretty decent as well I didn’t see anyone stumbling over any lines or anything else  it all seemed natural.   I honestly didn’t recognize Jed Rowen as the guy behind being the ex grinder under the under the Mask,  for some reason I thought the man underneath the mask was actually an African American,  but when I found out it was Jed Rowen I thought that’s got to be some great make up in order to disguise that it almost looked like he was a different color skin.

According to the story that Mike told a man called Frank Palmer was supposedly be mad crazy ax man who  would kill anyone who would come into as woods because he considered the woods his property,  Mike’s father was part of the investigation involved in his original capture and he was let go because there was no evidence proving that he killed whatever people had been killed.

I thought the biggest cool effect of the film was when Frank Palmer’s head was chopped off Frank Palmer’s that is and then the body got up and started still killing people Oh, I thought this was the best part of the film to be able to do that in the end independent film and make it look slightly real was definitely enjoyable.  I thought this film was fun and campy and thoroughly enjoyed it.   I certainly recommend for a fun party night  it definitely wasn’t a bad independent horror film  and it didn’t leave us out on any of the gore. I suggest that if you’re any kind of a fan of this kind of film that you definitely see this out.  I only mentioned similarities because after watching fairly similar films you start seeing things you can compare not that they are the same films.  I enjoyed the film though… 

Here is the trailer:

Starring Cassie Daniels as Laura, Chris Todd as James, Jennifer Peo as Donna,
Freddy Morales as Bobby, Berna Roberts as Shelley (as Bernadette Perez), J.P. Edwards as Mike, Jed Rowen as Freddy Palmer, Randal Malone as Murdered father, Mitch Toles as Ranger #1, Stephen Alan Brown as Ed, Scott Bogatz as The Hunter, William Alva, Bob (as William Alford), Jeff Connell As Christopher Zatta
(as Chris Zatta), Darby Daniels as Jogger / Nurse (as Susan Hale), Elischa Freeman as
Insane camper, Vivien Latham as Freddy’s mother, Robert O’Connor as
The Axegrinder, Gina Valona as Lindsay (as Gina Vallona), April Betts as Hilary
David Kalamus as Ranger #2, Michael Q. Schmidt as Jester (as Michael Schmidt).


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