Movies Galore takes a look at director Jeff Leroy’s film “The Screaming” aka “Scream Again” from 2000!

Written by David Strege

The Screaming

Brought To Us by David Sterling Entertainment Is a film directed by Jeff Leroy from the year 2000 called “The Screaming” or has also been titled “Scream Again” which as it begins we see an infomercial for a teaching of sorts which looks kind of  cult-like called Crystalnetics, Which actually slightly reminds me of Dianetics  which is actually a book that was written by L.Ron Hubbard the science fiction writer of the Mission Earth series and Battlefield Earth which is connected to Scientology and is a modern-day cult that Tom Cruise and John Travolta are both part of. From what I understand solid Scientology is about somewhat of the history of our ancestors for supposedly many many years ago our ancestors were six ft tall Indians which supposedly some ancient alien named Xenu came down And spread what did they call thetans which were passed down to each existing member  of the original Scientology organization.  And from what I understand emotions can not be part of this Higher level of understanding so these Scientologist orginizations go around with these e-meters squashing the emotions of their members into being brainwashed to doing exactly what they want, when they want and if you question one of these members of the Scientology Clan, They  avoid your questions and pretty much ignore and evade to an extent where conversation with one is almost impossible for they are all part of one Collective mind and existence. I’m sorry, I’d rather speak for myself and think for myself for that in a nutshell is my summary of Scientology and of Dianetics.  That being said I will move on with my review of this film.

What’s also a little comical is that the book that we see in the beginning here is written by someone by the name of R. R. Deepak  which I wonder if it isn’t to play on Deepak Chopra who is also another new age Fundamentalist. So what it seems like is happening is a young woman seems to be trying to escape from this Temple that is probably run by these Crystalnetics cult members, as we see this young woman run from a room, down some stairs She is followed by people dressed in black silkin hoods,  and as she is running from them they are stabbing her with small daggers. But she does not Escape as some creature that looks like it has a long umbilical cord that is thick almost tentacle-like, wraps around her throat and we are led to believe that she is no more As we see eclipse of this creature hanging upside down in an elevator.

Bob Martin (Biliancio) is a struggling college student trying to make ends meet when he rents from A very beautiful landlord by the name of Crystal Traum (Winburn).  Bob finds a Crystalnetics book inside the room he is about to rent and even though he can tell that Crystal is in perfect physical shape it gives the book back to her and tells her it may work for her but it’s not for him, she still offers that she does row boats every morning at 6 a.m. and that he’s welcome to join.   Bob is also a smoker obvious that many of the people that seems to be living in this town are against smoking  so they asked him to quit every time they’re around him. To me, coming from a smoker who has dealt with dislikers of smoke for many years I can relate. especially in a country where all of a sudden smoking is prohibited from public buildings and from bars, I mean I remember when I was able to smoke in certain buildings but not anymore because people have deemed it unhealthy And that’s  all fine and dandy but I myself am like one of those last gunslingers.  I mean if someone ask me to quit smoking around them at reasonable request I will but I find it annoying that I have to as a smoker.  I also don’t think I have to quit.  It’s a 50-50 chance that I could get lung cancer, I know people who have smoked their entire lives and they don’t have cancer.  If I want to quit, I’ll quit  but not because someone else made me including the law.

Bob is trying to get a grant an order to get a grant he’s got a create a paper or essay  with quality that means something and as he is trying to create this thesis he seems to be having fantasies about his new landlord.

Meanwhile there is an actor by the name of Dusty Chase (Gannon) who seems to be the  poster boy for the Crystalnetics videos,  we see him drive to young ladies to a secreted room or rooms where in one room they conduct a ceremony that involves drinking and then another involves the creature that which they call Deepak  their leader who also partakes in this drinking of blood almost lovecraftian and bat like, A bit like Dracula on steroids with tentacles.

When Crystal and Manny (Barris), specifically Manny,  challenge Bob that she can break him from his smoking habit she makes good on her promise. so the next morning 6 a.m. begins running with Crystal and soon his health starts becoming better. not only this but he started writing a thesis using words from Deepak’s writings  and was able to finally get grant.   Meanwhile A Detective Ketchum (Swobel) has been following a case where the bodies were drained of blood, but as well he had met Crystal 20 years ago so he warns Bob against Crystal.

when Bob makes the connection that the cult is connected to the Manakea cult  that disappeared many years ago and that they were blood drinkers, Bob begins to fight back by slipping back into some of his old habits.   will he be able to escape the clutches of Deepak and Crystal and the followers, in time to save his soul.   Joe Haggerty makes an appearance as a Crystalnetics  book salesman  which was somewhat enjoyable.   He always did play some kind of weirdo.

I thought the creature infection here we’re actually relatively decent.  It’s horrible when you’re watching films that have been  totally relying On CGI effects.   Though now I suppose the creature looks fake and it may look fake to other people but I enjoyed the look of the creature and I think for the imagination it wasn’t bad.   I thought the acting in here was relatively decent as well.   I also liked the play on the religion aspect. I’m not a fan of Scientology nor and their beliefs.   Nor would I recommend their beliefs on anyone else.   I also think the dialogue was intelligent as well I mean with quotes of Nitschke and Freud  alike you have to be well-versed in different quotes from different essayist’s.  So I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and definitely would recommend to watch for all you Indy film lovers out there.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Vinnie Bilancio as Bob Martin (as Vincent Bilancio and Vincent J. Bilancio), Wendi Winburn as Crystal, Elizabeth Barris as Manny, John F. Goff as Jerry Steiner, Tim Gannon as Dusty Chase, Curt Swobel as Detective Ketchum, David Lipson as Jack (as Dave Lipson), Daniella Green as Sarah, Linda Serbu as Carla, Erin Horne as Brenda, Tanya Taskila as Katy Cummings, Joe Haggerty as Crystalologist, Debbie Monroe as Nun / Teacher, Kelly Boczek as Student / Kid, David Billotti as
Infomercial Spokesman, Florence Lipson as Woman on Street.


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  1. Enjoy your blog. Good to see films like this covered. I watched this again recently, and I was thinking of doing a write up on it. I love how it explores the themes of group think and brainwashing. Great film. I enjoyed your review. Thanks for posting.

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