Movies Galore takes a look at director Brad Sykes film “Camp Blood 2” from 2000!

Written by David Strege

Camp Blood 2

Brought to us by David Sterling Entertainment is the second film in Brad Sykes Camp Blood trilogy called Camp Blood 2 from 2000 as well. This sequel seems to definitely be of lower budget then the first film but as I’m watching the beginning I actually thought that it was acted rather well.


As the film begins we have another young couple in the woods probably going to eat a small lunch by the name of Jeff (Gould) and Rose (Corrigan).  Jeff tells Rose about how the woods nearby is called Camp blood because of a killer clown roaming the woods, so it goes off tells her he’s going to be back puts on a clown mask but when he comes back her throat is already slashed and then he gets knifed…  how romantic.

Tricia from the first film is having a nightmare about being in the woods and being chased by a clown who Rises up from some kind of grave while she’s still in The  mental that she ended up in from the last film.   She still doesn’t believe that she didn’t kill all these people that they say she did but there is no proof of the existence of the killer clown that had turned out to be there female guide in the previous film.  One thing that I noticed is that the mask is different a little bit more creepier then the one in Camp blood.  snapshot_171

What’s interesting about this feature is that a director, a film director wants to make a movie about the killings that Tricia (Ritchkoff) was involved in by the name of Worth Milligan (Clancy) and you close out a script called Within the Woods. this title happens to be the third installment in the Camp Blood trilogy Which strange as it may seem David Sterling for some reason will not even acknowledge that this is indeed Camp Blood 3.

What Worth Milligan offers is a chance for Tricia to tell the story of the murders from start to finish by being involved as a technical advisor on the film and in the Final Cut. So after some thinking Tricia agrees to do the film with  Milligan, unfortunately one of the actresses gets murdered so another young woman Stills in her spot and then they travel out to the location that it actually happened at not just any location Camp Blackwood.


Trisha is having moments of flashbacks while she is working with the director and Shemp (Ken X from Jeff Leroy’s Hunting Season) the director’s assistant and also the man who is supposed to be playing the clown that is attacking people until them,  also seems somewhat whacked as he does put on the cloud mask and scares her.


When they get to the location Shemp is drunk,  the PA seems like he’s a mental patient  and they tried to shoot a scene but Shemp ends up punching one of the actresses out instead of a fake punch. I have to say but even though a lot of this film is a lot of recap from the previous film,  there are quite a few kills that are involved in the present-day situation that were the heck of a lot more gruesome and grotesque then in the previous And I’m enjoying the vibe especially when the killer in the clown mask shows up and just stands there and then Cuts this guy to shreds end in the next moment and next a killing where he sticks  his knife entirely through to the back of this girl’s head and you can see the knife inside of mouth and at the back of the head so that it looks like the knife has gone all the way through and he’s just taking the night with the head of the girl on the blade.


Ultimately one by one the cast members along with the director gets killed and the Killer is one of them. I think that this film even though I add like Camp Blood Very much for its backstory,  I immensely enjoyed this one more for its kills.  I thought the Kills we’re unique and different which made this film more on the gore side of things so I would definitely recommend this  sequel for all of you underground Indie lovers. It’s not that scary but it was a worthy sequel adversary for it’s continuation of story.   I  I have enjoyed both films in the camp Blood series and I look forward  to watching the rest even though they weren’t all entirely directed by Brad Sykes. Once again the main actress I thoink pulls off a decent performance of the crazy and I liked the story she retold by the campfire in here it was great.  I suppose if you are up for looking for him Sterling plays a mental patient in there somewhere….

Here is the trailer: (even though this seems to be a mock trailer)

Starring Jennifer Ritchkoff as Tricia, Garrett Clancy as Worth Milligan, Missy Rae Hansen as Adrienne Palmer (as Missy Hansen), Ken X as Shemp, Mark Overholt as Lance, Jane Johnson as Timothy Patrick Todd, Patrick Thomas as Patrick (as Courtney Burr), Lisa Marie Sturdevant as Lola (as Lisa Marie Bolick), Tim Sullivan as Dr. West, Brannon Gould as Jeff, Natascha Corrigan as Rose, Le Ana Masiello as Ashely Dupree, Bret Ellington as Orderly, David Michael Sterling as Inmate #1 (as David Sterling), David S. Sterling as Inmate #1 (as David Sterling), Jay Trapnell as Inmate #2, Sissy Hyde as
Inmate #3, Brad Jacques as Man in Audition, Steven Worley as Zombie Clown (as Steve Worley), Danny Rayfield as Clown, Ron Ford as Hunter (archive footage) (uncredited), Mark Polonia as Man Leaving Casting Studio (uncredited), Sonya Joy Sims as Vanessa (uncredited).


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