Movies Galore takes a look at director Brad Sykes feature film “Camp Blood” from 2000!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by S & J Productions Along with David Sterling Entertainment is a film directed by Brad Sykes that started a franchise that has become rather popular called Camp Blood from 2000 a low budget SOV for the lover of VHS how do you feel about clowns?


A young couple is out traveling the woods one seems to be a photographer the other is looking for specific Rare Bird.  they ultimately do end up making love and when they hear this Rare Bird Vic played by Vinnie Bilancio  gets up and goes in search of the perfect shot of this bird when he gets knifed by a killer and a creepy clown mask. His nerdy bird lover,  topless goes off and search of him when he doesn’t come back and ends up getting chased down tits flying, Eventually she stumbles and falls in a river and gets stabbed to death has her blood is seen traveling the water…


Meanwhile Steve (Taylor) and Tricia (Ritchoff) are planning to go on a weekend camping  trip to Camp Blackwood which is apparently where this beginning scene happened as Tricia before they pack up and go has red up on a missing woman where her car was found at the same camp that they are going to. as well their friends Jay (Young) and Nicole (Zolt), Nicole Who seems to have packed her entire life into her suitcase and obviously has not gone camping before otherwise she wouldn’t have brought so much stuff are also going as they hired a guide just show them through the woods.


Anything that Joe Haggerty shows up in is bound to be entertaining And here he plays a overly unseemly eccentric man named Thatcher which acting over the top, he’s  comical as the man who warns them about Camp Blackwood being known as Camp blood. Not to mention they’re guide Harrison, turns out to be a female which wasn’t what they expected they were expecting mucho, Macho experienced guide probably looking like a forest ranger instead of a  chick in a bandana And when asked about the clown and the reason why the camp was called Camp blood, she evaded the questions and acted like she didn’t know a thing about a clown.


So when they’re all sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories Harrison begins the story of the clown, about Stanley Cunningham and His coming home from a long day at work to find his girlfriend or fiance Mary Lou Maloney in bed with another lover  for afterwards  he had donned a clown mask  taking them to the woods and later their bodies were found he was never to be seen again and Legend has it he still roams the woods to this day and it was 20 years to this very day that this killing that happened on… I think the  actors and actresses in The film were actually really awesome,  I mean when I first saw this I didn’t expect the twist that that it had there was definitely blood there was definitely a little nudity but not a whole lot to call it us exploitation film, but it definitely had a Campy atmosphere.  I think this was a great homage to the films from the 80s.  


I definitely feel the lead actress play the spot on Madness that she portrayed.   For the budget that this was on this is Certainly one of my favorite slasher films at least  of the shot on video genre.   I’m looking forward to be entire series thanks to this  film I can see why it’s got quite a following at least in the indie-world.  I’d recommend this note for the  horror fan out there, it’s not that it was scary or anything but it definitely had the campy atmosphere and I think it captured at least a story-line that could be built upon. to have characters that replayed characters I thought it was unique to have go on if you haven’t seen the film I suggest you seek it out for yourself.


I think the only saying that I can say anything in negative about is the fight scene between Steve and the Clown when they were on  some craggy looking rocks,  where I think I seen was replayed when he was asking who the was,  the other thing I think I could say negative is how quickly  the Panic rose after they found out Harrison their guide had at least what looks like been burnt to a crisp.   Other than this I think what lies here is a very well-rounded slasher flick that’s I feel is underrated for the time that it came out.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Jennifer Ritchkoff as Tricia, Michael Taylor as Steve, Tim Young as Jay, Betheny Zolt as Nicole (as Bethany Zolt), Courtney Taylor as Harris, Joseph Haggerty as Thatcher (as Joe Hagerty), Meredith O’Brien as Sally, Vinnie Bilancio as Vic, Ron Ford as Gus, Tim Sullivan as George, Ivonne Armant as Mary Lou Maloney, Randy Rice as Mary Lou’s Lover, Shemp Moseley as The Clown.


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