Movies Galore takes a look at director Dean Garris’s short film “Hot Questions” for 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Deano Pictures director Dean Garris and written by Alexander Julian III  Is a short film that change your my attention that is a thriller.


Now I have seen two different cuts of the film the first clocks in at 12 minutes. 23 seconds as a leading detective in lie detection tests who is fairly confident that his machine never lies.  A convicted felon by the name of Albert has been brought in for questioning who  thinks everything is a game and that he is always two steps ahead what it is when he guess the questions become a little personal like as to whether is Method effective wife or been in this home is when things get really thick and heated… In this verse cut that I don’t believe you see  in it’s Final Cut…. You see the detective shaving going into kisses wife and bring her coffee while she tells him she is lucky to have him and he just says the same thing back…


In the second cut AT 8 minutes 42 seconds,  the film skips forward and we are already in the midst of the interrogation, and we see a clip of the detective being told outside the interrogation room how sick the individual is but both are straightforward and to the point and make you suggest  that Albert is just a psychotic as he is imagined as when it comes down to the last question a man who believes in the machine that is capable of ascertaining the truth, and the truth that detective Fante  was certainly not ready to hear….


I think that this film was shot really well, I thought the situation was intense it had me on my seat from start to finish and I understand in the end why it was cut.  you were given the sense in this case sometimes there are criminals just that,  monsters that can get away with things even before they are brought to Justice and you almost wonder If becoming a law abiding citizen isn’t another approach to the situation. I thought the acting and here was definitely good  and as I said it did have me on the edge of my seat at least for a moment.   I recommend this short film if you haven’t caught it on its Festival run as I believe it is still running its circuit. I thought Eisenson as Albert played the psychotic man brillaintly.   Definitely look out for this actor. This role was intense.


Starring Jeff Briggs as Dom Fante, Vince Eisenson as Albert, Svetlana Pavlova as Janice Fante, Alexander Julian III as Police Cheif.

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