Movies Galore takes a look at director Ron Ford’s film “A Passion To Kill” from 1999!

Written by David Strege


Written and directed by Ron Ford under his alias Mac Cobb (originally under the title The Turborator), back under Vista Street Entertainment which I believe was the production company that David Sterling was apart of before he went his own way with Sterling Entertainment is a film that was and I can tell it was filmed on like a shot on video type atmosphere as you can still see some tracking lines in the video,  but for its film wear and tear doesn’t look entirely too bad.


I believe the beginning premise for the film it’s kind of comical as it appears the father and son are talking to each other about some kind of a virus, some time traveling, and some kind of character called Turborator that is supposed to go back in time and destroy a mother before she is able to bare the child who will become the leader of a ressistence in the future. What does this film sound like? The Terminator from 1984 which is actually not that much longer before this film. Which is fine with me as there are many films that imitate other films.


I was actually told specifically by Ron Ford that much of this film was made from stock footage that was piece together from films that were at Vista Street Entertainment,  and you can tell this as once the leader of the resistance’s father goes back in time he turns up at a house that he watches which I believe the couple goes into the back room and they have a little bit of a love scene.   well, in  one scene you see the couple and bracing in another scene you see that the actor that is an entirely different actor so I’m not sure whether I’ll see this throughout the entire film but whether or not this is a positive or negative thing that I’ll leave that up to you, what with decent editing  I believe that it can be overlooked unless you have one of those trained  observant eyes that can’t stop thinking about it. so remember that time traveling I mentioned earlier and that Turbo character a cyborg sent from the future… yeah…


Fifteen minutes later, we have two sex scenes, add a naked bathtub scene, coming off the tail end of the 90s this isn’t surprising that this film leads more towards the softcore porn,  than a storyline but hey, the second scene isn’t too bad as it’s en-acted in a car with a sunroof.  So Bruce Lurie plays the main character masquerading as James,  as James overhears a conversation between Jennifer (Redgate),  Donald (Moore),  and Jane (Stillo) as they apparently plan a pool party for that afternoon or evening so James walks over to Jennifer and invite himself into the equation.


After a failed attempt from the first turbo cyborg a second cyborg by the name of Marsha get sent back to also try to stop the birth and then the end The spelling become the start of a sexual escapade, as Jennifer seems to like getting raped by Charles who is a neighbor of sorts who rapes her and steals her car, but apparently she enjoys getting raped which is kind of politically Incorrect in fact she gets and she enjoys getting raped three times… ultimately humanity is saved but at what sexual cost?


Honestly the film started out being a little slow at first but the odder it became, the more comical it was to me I mean granite you had a lot of softcore possibly, steamy sex scenes,  including a scene where director Brad Sykes of the original Camp Clood trilogy which eventually he became known for has a decent sex scene of his own with Marsha played by Stephanie Beaton. As a man  I can certainly appreciate the promiscuous sex as the female Turbonator tried to tear apart the couples to destroy throughout the show but it’s not like they have actual sex on screen but there is definitely an eroticness,  if you blink and you can but you can catch David Sterling walking by as well as in the film, when he was definitely younger. The acting wasn’t always entirely the greatest but I did enjoy the James character, I did enjoy Jane’s character and I I think I actually do enjoy Jennifer and Charles’s  characters as well.   The average person would probably not enjoy this film as it is definitely a film inspired by the Terminator film directed by James Cameron, but I believe it became something of its own and fans of shot on video films will probably eat this up.   I enjoyed watching the film.   I’m sure the film has gone through many edits before this cut came out, in fact I believe this is the first time it’s been released to the public but this is a day and age when films of this nature are very popular for a lot of independent fans.   I am at least glad that some of the films that have probably been sitting  in Sterling’s archives are finally seen the light of day especially since some of them were filmed in the early 90s too late 2000s. I think that this film is definitely worth a one-time watch for fans of Indie out there so definitely check this out.  I believe that this film was made on next to nothing, My only vice vis the soundtrack doesnt always seem to fit but in the end i think we have a sexploitation knock-off homage to The Terrminator…


Starring Bruce Lurie as James/ Peter/ Joseph, Janine Stillo as Jane, Scott Lurie as Turbo, Mark Sawyer as Steve, Stephanie Beaton as Marsha, Lisa Rodrigues as Anita, Sheila Redgate as Jennifer, Bryan Moore as Donald, Ted Newsom as Charles, Bras Sykes as Michael/ Man, Tim Sullivan as Tony, Beatrice Najera as Nurse 2, De Ann Power as Jane 2, Ron Ford as Thug, Tera Shelman as Woman, Randal Malone as Captain Duncan.

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