Movies Galore takes a look at Christopher Kahler’s short film “Christmas With Billy” from 2009!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Marquee Motion Pictures And Drunkenflesh Films Productions director Christopher Kahler from 2009 Where it seems  a burglar of some sort a man with a gun so to speak, ends up taking hostage a mother and her child on Christmas Eve.


It is the conversation between Billy and is unopened present and this man that makes the short film as it is filmed in black and white I like it even more, more or less because this is a very human story.


Though I can tell this is filmed on a fairly low budget I believe that the three characters being Billy’s mother the man with the gun and Billy along with the one officer that we see on the outside to suggest that there are more than one officer outside training their guns at the house and then the final realization that in the end even though this man is at his desperate end, the people that he is held hostage only want the same thing and that Billy probably has a very similar background as the man with the gun.


I thought that Kevin playing Billy  the child was exactly what made the film the way it was, when you’re that young you have a sense of Innocence and wonder  that when your older You can somewhat lose that Wonder and then the Innocence can be forgotten.  This is absolutely one of my favorite independent shorts that I have seen. now I know it’s not Christmas right now but I could watch this short film over and over, because of the fact that even in Dire Straits a man who has committed wrong can make the right decision. If you are short some lover you will definitely enjoy this phone if you haven’t seen it. I think this film is underrated if it has not been seen or shown at any festivals it should have been. I recommend that if you have not seen this film definitely try to see this out.

Starring Kimberly Amato as Officer Aelita, Kevin Grzybowski as Billy, Thom Oswald as The Man With The Gun, Dawn Schneider as Mother.

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