Movies Galore takes a look at Shawn Burkett’s film “Betsy” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Concept Media Films, The Blood Shed and A Head On A Stick Productions by director Shawn Burkett after filming Don’t Go Fuck In The Woods Is a rather in vicious werewolf film about a young girl who on her way home was bitten by a werewolf.


 The film begins as Betsy (Returning actress Magel)  is apparently traveling home, looks like it’s in a city. You can tell there’s a really good aerial shot used in the beginning, this part I like. Three weeks later she joins living with a friend  by the name of Kayte (Osborne) that evidently she grew up with on an army base with, who runs what looks like a coffee shop in a small town.


Sam (Miller) a game warden walks into the coffee shop and seems very smitten with Betsy probably unbeknownst to her. Betsy is still having nightmares of her attack, there is a scene where she runs into the bathroom turns around and what looks like a wolf arm starts to  pull the curtains back and that’s when she wakes up.


Kayte on the other hand is very concerned with her friend Betsy as her nightmares are starting to become worse and worse. Sam ends up picking her up by the side of the road on the way into town, of course after we’ve seen Betsy’s eyes turn a little creepy yellow after being almost picked up by another guy. back at the coffee shop Sam somewhat nervously Asks Betsy out on a date and she says yes. Meanwhile Betsy is or has been going to some kind of a group therapy session group With James who was played by director Ryan Stacey, who didn’t do too bad of a job as a therapist.  after a session, as it’s getting late, and after a really dream that had her sleep the day away Betsy couldn’t start Kayte’s car up so,  inadvertently she had to walk home once again. But as she walked home she was attacked again by a man in a security uniform play by Shawn Burkett of course who started to rape her,  and this is where we see her transform entirely with yellow eyes and claws as she attacks her attacker and I believe killed him. which obviously someone who would want to rape anyone  at least In a horror film you care less about if they die and whether or not you realize this, this might actually be the first time set the director dies on screen in one of his own films.


Not only that but that dream I spoke of earlier, the one where Betsy’d slept the day away?    she’d ended up accidentally scratching her friend Kayte which plays apart later in the film, because now there is more than one of these creatures. I don’t want to tell everything that’s Going on in the film cuz I believe the rest is kind of left upper to the imagination, but in a sense this is part slasher film part monster film and it’s like Burkett took  lycanthropy end created a sort of monster apocalypse that is people just get bitten and turn As in a marble type sense leaves you thinking that he’s not done with the story because you have to watch after credits roll.


I have to think and say that the acting was really good all-around I enjoyed watching how the Transformations females took place and I think that this was a very different kind of werewolf film then I have seen. I certainly enjoyed the storyline and the fact that it wasn’t just your  regular proverbial  male  with fur in a suit. I enjoyed that it was more or less coming from a female perspective and I think Magel and Osborne work well off of each other and eventually making us think that they were indeed shapeshifters of the night.  

I don’t believe that I saw any CGI because if you rely on CGI it looks terrible, so I don’t believe that any computer technology was really relied upon except for maybe the noises of the Wolves but like I’ve said before I believe concept media has always been very good with their audio and how to control its ups and downs.   I also think The character development between Betsy and Sam was romantic I definitely thought that their relationship could have been possibly real so kudos for actor Josh Miller for being able to portray that.   I think that this was a  well-rounded Feature I believe that it was a favorite on the festival run and I believe if it was ever released to a different company entirely which I don’t believe it’s entirely been done yet except with “Don’t Fuck In The Woods” which I believe has Just been picked up for distribution by a company I’m not sure which I thought I remembered a very good distribution deal was made for it.   


But even if that film hadn’t gotten distribution I do believe that their company is very popular they haven’t entirely had problems getting rid of copies of their films so I definitely think that their titles and their subject matter are definitely marketable.  I recommend this film I certainly enjoyed I think it’s story was more developed  so I actually believe that every piece was kind of level had a little bit of  Gore a little bit of creature effects. I think that if you haven’t seen this film yet I think you should I mean it’s not entirely terrifying but this was a really solid werewolf film especially for in this day and age.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Marylee Osborne as Kayte, Kelci C. Magel as Betsy, Jack Norman as Bar Tender, Justin Beahm as Dusty, Cheyenne Gordon as Wolf, Josh Miller as Sam, Joe Kidd as Colin, Payton Krebs as Jill, Ryan Stacy as James, Mike Pleska as Kevin, Sam Rose as Hunter.

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