Movies Galore takes a look at director Ryan Stacy’s newest film “Failing Grace” from 2018!

written by David Strege

Failing Grace

I would say that director Ryan Stacy is actually the second director to have Started with   Concept Media Films which Shawn Burkett and Ryan run together as he has brought us such films as Midsummer Nightmares 1 & 2 along with contributing to anthologies such as Watch This And Season’s Greetings As well as short film Your Fault.


First of all before I say anything about the first scene, when I got to the title intro I loved how the title came about editing-wise in this film, being said the film starts in the rain as a woman is obviously being followed by a man and she is running from him in a gold dress they are fighting over the matter of her younger sister Grace.

Quite a few years later, Maggie Novak (Curtis) and her younger sister Grace (Vineyard) are living together after the incident that happened in the beginning with Maggie’s ex Jack (Miller who played previously in Burkett’s Betsy)  was assumed to be dead.   Maggie was invited to a therapy session to be told since she wasn’t really opening up to her therapist the right way he was letting her go as a patient. he honestly seemed really interested in her as in to get to know her personally. So as the film progressed Maggie ultimately invited her therapist Julian (Atherton) over for dinner.  They hit it off and ended up sleeping together and from what I gather Maggie’s older sister Joplan invited Julian along on a trip to what I think is the family’s property.


Meanwhile Grace Works as a waitress with her best friend Cara (Blanton) As Grace is looking to pick up a relationship  which  fails but where she runs into Jack but she doesn’t entirely know who this man is at the time as he is with this really bitchy girlfriend Leona (Osborne) which I was seemingly impressed with this time around with how in Betsy she was like this caring friend who also worked in a cafeteria, to this obnoxious looking Gothic S&M type of character with a cocky attitude, who had found Grace for Jack.


So when the three sisters Joplin, Maggie and Grace make their way to the family home out in the country Grace seems to hit it off with the stable hand Roger (Tarantino) little did they know that’s Jack had followed them there… I really didn’t know what to expect but I was glad that I put money into this phone I think it turned out really good. I love all the actors, I think that Adam Atherton was one of the actors that shined in this film I think though I haven’t seen him in anything else yet I really enjoyed what he brought.   The other thing I noticed is normally even in independent films there are not a lot of directors that seem to want to work with  actors and actresses that have just a little bit of weight put on, which doesn’t mean that that’s a bad thing (nor am I trying to insult any actors or actresses in any way). It means that there is a level of diversity and I like that.  I also think for being a first film for Sarah Curtis to play a lead role, as the film seem to somewhat center around her story, her side up until a certain point and then we saw how Grace’s friend Cara reacted to the total hot guy routine with such childish abandonment  which there’s always that female that is not used to be told no…


I also think that Josh Miller stepped up his game I think you really saw a digression Of a certain kind of mental state and not that I want to say everything but I love that this film doesn’t leave anyone happy…  I relatively enjoyed this film I think that it will be well-liked on the film circuit.   I do recommend that if you’re looking for a film to watch that’s playing in the festivals that’s you definitely check this film out.   the sound has always been great on every single one of Concept Media Films so I hope that people do seek the film out and enjoy it as much as I did.


Here is the trailer:

Starring Maria Olsen as Norma, The Babysitter (voice), Marylee Osborne as
Leona De Martino, Brittany Blanton as Cara Knoll, Adam Atherton as Julian Toller, Marc Jeffrey Schetter Grayson as The Slacker, Josh Miller as Jack Elligott, Austin Tarantino as Roger, The Caretaker, Jake Kopronica as Hugo, Cara’s Boyfriend, J.J. Philips as Suzanne Hawkins, Audery Lane as Patrice Hughes, Stacy Freeders as Joplin O’Toole, Mike Pleska as Fisherman, Caroline Vineyard as Grace Novak, Sarah Curtis as Maggie Novak.


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