Movies Galore takes a look at director Jeff Leroy’s “The Witches Sabath” from 2005!

Written by David Strege

Witches Sabath

Brought to us by Brain Damage Films and Sterling Entertainment is a film directed by Jeff Leroy called The Witches Sabbath from 2005.

From what I gather a young woman shows up at a house of some sort, Candles are lit, antlers hung on the wall, and pentagrams I went this young woman Turns around there is another woman move seems like her face is cracked and eyes black with what looks like some kind of glove with claws on her right hand. the young woman falls and the woman with the claw glove  rip’s the young woman’s spine completely out of her body and that’s where the credits roll in. I’ve seen other people’s review on this film and they are dead wrong about it being an entirely bad movie with bad acting, for I didn’t have a problem with anyone’s acting per say.  It took a little getting used to Auriana’s lower sounding voice. Sun DeVil almost sounds Masculine even though she’s very much female.


Meanwhile it appears that too young gentleman, Travis and Derrek, have been sent an invitation to the same house, Thomas the night that they would never forget. they are met at the door by a very odd looking Butler. as it  looks like he is wearing a crop dusters helmet something the Wright Brothers flying at Kitty Hawk would have worn you know the kind with goggles.The butler does seem rather old and slow But he leads them to set up dinner room takes their coats and throws them down a set of stairs and it looks like other coats are still sitting on the steps.


Very suddenly, three beautiful  women Rachon (Valona0, Meiko (Sparxxx) and Keaira (Betts), show up behind them and when Travis calls out the hostesses name Auriana (DeVil), She as well appears and explains that she thought first they would have dinner and then afterwards some fun in the master bedroom. So while the other three ladies dance around and play with Derrek, Auriana Begins to dance for Travis as she eventually ends up in his arms kissing him But rather strongly as she completely bites his tongue.   there is definitely nudity in this Scene at least topless nudity and Auriana  brings out that clock love again only this time we see it a little better it looks like there’s some kind of an eye around the outside of the who love itself.

In the next scene we see the three women chanting, I believe Meiko,the bustier of the three women while during the chanting Begins to checked on her top and play with her breasts, while Rachon does some kind of shaking motion and it almost sounds like they’re saying Kumbaya over and over.  Auriana as we find out is offering up the body pieces of the two men that they all have just killed along with their severed heads to whatever master it appears that they are serving and it seems like they have to fill the quota of 666 souls before the Halloween night ends for their lord and master..


Turns out this bevy of women somewhat controlled by Auriana runs a strip club that is kind of, and sort of a goth biker bar.    once again we see actor Jed Rowan  before I believe he played in Creepies and The Ghastly love of Johnny X Which normal he’s just a blip if you  blink you can see it, but here who plays the role of  and Undercover cop. It also doesn’t really surprise me that pornstar Legend Ron Jeremy shows up in here has a bible-thumping the salesman by the name of Craven Moorehead  thinking that he was going to bless the house as he felt it was so unholy.

On the other hand While all this is going on Eliza (Cowden) and her boyfriend Seth (James) are having a disagreement about this strip club. That he keeps frequenting so Seth  suggests  that they go to the strip club together  since there is a Halloween celebration that evening.  Seth’s friend Damien (Coffin) is a porn fanatic and unfortunately doesn’t exactly know how to talk to females the right way so automatically he sounds like a freak when they introduce him to a friend of Eliza’s Amber (Dale), which I think they’re meeting and reactions to eachother was kind of comicial. .

What I found interesting is that there is at least one clip in the memories of Eliza’s past that she seems to be remembering, it seems like there is a clip from Charlie’s Death Wish Of the drug dealer and his poodle I’m wondering the connection. but I thought the acting was Definitely decent enough,  the locations the specialty of the house  in which everyone seems to be invited to was definitely made up really well the painting,  the gothic attire the almost retro 70’s look. I also felt in the beginning when the storm was going on end Travis and Derrek had arrived at the house the lightning effect was kind of cool especially when the lights went off.   I thought the gore effects were definitely cool I mean yeah the heads were fake but it was certainly  a mind trip of what these ladies did to each of the victims. I thought that the claw on Auriana’s wrist  was cool,  I thought that how Eliza play that she was hypnotized by Rachon  was pretty neat sometimes it’s really hard to keep that hypnotic State as an actor or actress. Ultimately I do think that this is one of Jeff Leroy’s better features that he has directed.   I mean grant it  it does kind of turn out to be Marvis exploitation film mixed with Witchery but I thought that for it’s low budget it definitely had a decent production value.   I would definitely recommend this film for the Goron throws you out there I think this is a relatively decent party movie that you could show on a rainy evening for a dark night.  do you think that Eliza and her boyfriend Seth will survive?

Here is the trailer:

Starring Christine Cowden as Eliza, Eli James as Seth, Eric Coffin as Damian (as Erik J. Coffin), Rikki Dale as Amber (as Rikki Barry), Syn DeVil as Auriana, Gina Valona as Rachon, Lisa Sparxxx as Meiko, April Betts as Keaira, Randal Malone as
Guiles the Butler, Ron Jeremy as Craven Moorehead, Gregor Collins as Derrek, Lawrence Long as Travis, Annmarie Lynn Gracey as Roxy, Jed Rowen as Dave, Madelynn Spaseff as Young Eliza, Erin Spaseff as Mother, Jana Vandenburg as Witch, J.K. Baltazar as Bartender, Abbey Viarreal as Stripper, Lori the Gory as Stripper, Kiki Encina as Stripper, Mitch Toles as The Bouncer, Jason Johnson as Drunk Patron, Joseph Matthews as Drunk Patron, Robert L. Miller as Drunk Patron, Forrest Brown as Drunk Patron, Paul Gebeau as Drunk Patron (as Paul Brian), Patrick Burdine as Drunk Patron.


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