Movies Galore takes a look at director Wendy Keeling’s short film “Sarah’s Dream” from 2018!

Written by David Strege

Sarah's Dream

Brought To Us by 7 Mile Bridge Productions And 4 Man Band films is a short film directed by Wendy  Keeling  which I had reviewed her short films “Shades of Scarlet” and “The Unconventional Gourmet”  some time ago her films have been part of the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival at least The Unconventional Gourmet wasIn any respect and I see that the actor and comedian Wynn Reichert is the writing Talent behind this short film Which I am glad to see I’m fond of his acting rows so far that I have seen.


The film is about Sarah played by Bailey Ingersoll where she seems to be having a recurring dream. As we somewhat find out she is being haunted, by whom I will leave up to the viewer but the mother is played by Wendy only seems to think that the way she dresses plays a part, in the ways that her imagination is running wild.  her mother seems to think that sending her to a shrink by the name of Dr. Matthews played by Wynn Reichert will fix her problem…


I don’t want to say too much without giving them away as it is still running the festival the circuit,  I thought the ghostly apparitions were definitely comical And you can definitely see that Wynn  can have a pretty Twisted sense of humor.  I think that putting Wendy and Wynn together is a good thing as it seems both of them can pull off being funny while being serious relatively decently.   This film is like if you mixed prom night and Groundhog Day And they had a proverbial little love child and it’s made with a little love.  I enjoyed it so definitely check it out as it runs it’s circuit. Enjoy!

Starring Bailey Ingersoll as Sarah, Sam Brooks as Jimmy, Allison Shrum as Amber, Wendy Keeling as Claire, Wynn Reichert as Dr. Matthews.

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